Over/Under Bets in Boxing Explained

Over-Under Bets in Boxing
by Scotty L of Predictem.com

In an over-under bet, you are merely predicting if a fight will last shorter or longer than the number of rounds posted by the sportsbook. You are not picking the winner. Who wins the fight is irrelevant in over-under betting. Over-under bets are the second most popular boxing wagers next to picking a fighter to win. Here is an example of some odds you would see in an over-under bet:

Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield

Over 7.5 (+135)
Under 7.5 (-155)

In this situation, you are not picking who will win the fight, but rather if the bout will last more or less than 7 and a half rounds. 7.5 rounds will be completed at the 1:30 mark of the eighth round. That is the magic line. If you bet the over, and the bout lasts longer than 1:30 into the eighth round, you win the bet. If you bet the under, the bout must be finished before the 1:30 mark of the eighth round for you to be a winner.

The money line, also used when picking a fighter to win, is used with over-under wagers. Being that the (+) always denotes an underdog and the (-) indicates a favorite, we see that oddsmakers feel this bout will not go 7.5 rounds. If you bet $100 on the over at +135 and win, you will win $135 and receive your bet back for a total of $235. To win on the under, you would need to bet $155 to win $100. If you win, you receive your bet and winnings for a total of $255.

A great place to gamble on the over/under in boxing matches is Bovada Sportsbook.

Some Confusing Situations with Over-Under Betting

The number that an over-under is set at can be confusing to beginning bettors. Many might think that when the over-under is 7.5, for example, that this means the fight must last halfway trough the seventh round. 7.5 does not mean halfway through round 7, it means 7.5 completed rounds. In other words, 7.5 rounds are not completed until halfway through round 8.

What if the over-under is set at a round number, like 7 for example, and one of the fighters quits in his corner between the 7th and 8th round? The fight did not go over or under 7 rounds, but it went exactly 7 rounds. In this unfortunate scenario, all bets are losers, one of the reasons bettors prefer betting on over-unders with a half as opposed to a whole round figure.

Over/Under betting can be very profitable if you know which fighters
have stamina and can take a punch and likewise for guys that go out there
and blow out their energy with the mentality that they’re going to knock
the other guy out early or get knocked out themselves. If you’re looking
to bet fights online, you need to make sure that you’re gambling with a
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