College Basketball Underdog of the Day

Welcome to the college basketball underdog of the day pick page! Each day during the NCAA basketball season we’ll select what we feel is the most valuable underdog play on the board. Being selective about playing underdogs “should” yield the biggest return of any college basketball selections we make so this is surely a page that you’ll want to bookmark and check back daily.

We also advise to not let streaks nor us selecting “bad teams” deter you from coat-tailing these plays. We are streaky at times and we do make selections on bad teams because good teams win and bad teams cover and it’s all about the point spread here at! Furthermore, streaks do suck at times but it’s all about the number being positive at season’s end which we do believe will be the case here on this page! Enjoy!

YTD ATS Records 19-28-1 -11.80 Units

Sunday, February 7th: Cincinnati +4.5 (pending)
Saturday, February 6th: Colorado +4 (loss)
Friday, February 5th: Yale +21 (win)
Thursday, February 4th: New Orleans +4.5 (loss)
Wednesday, February 3rd: Umass +7.5 (Nasty 1/2 pt loss)
Tuesday, February 2nd: Miami +6 (loss)
Monday, February 1st: Oklahoma State +2.5 (loss)
Sunday, January 31st: Passed.
Saturday, January 30th: LSU +12.5 (loss)
Friday, January 29th: We don’t like any of today’s underdogs.
Thursday, January 28th: Pepperdine +12 (loss) and bonus play: UL Lafayette +2 (push)
Wednesday, January 27th: Umass +3.5 (win)
Tuesday, January 26th: Boston College +3 (win)
Monday, January 25th: Passing
Sunday, January 24th: Passing
Saturday, January 23rd: Boston College +6.5 (win)
Friday, January 22nd: Wofford +1.5 (loss)
Thursday, January 21st: Fresno State +2.5 (loss)
Wednesday, January 20th: St. Bonaventure +2 (win)
Tuesday, January 19th: Clemson +1.5 (loss)
Monday, January 18th: Note Dame +3 (loss)
Sunday, January 17th: Michigan +1 (win)
Saturday, January 16th: Passing
Friday, January 15th: Northern Arizona +2 (win)
Thursday, January 14th: Boise State +1 (loss)
Wednesday, January 13th: Central Florida +2 (loss)
Tuesday, January 12th: Maryland +3.5 (win)
Monday, January 11th: Boise State +3 (loss)
Sunday, January 10th: Virginia Tech +8.5 (loss)
Saturday, January 9th: Passing
Friday, January 8th: Santa Clara +3 (loss)
Thursday, January 7th: UC Irvine +5 (win)
Wednesday, January 6th: Seton Hall +6 (loss)
Tuesday, January 5th: Miami-Ohio +8 (win)
Monday, January 4th: Canisius +1 (win)
Sunday, January 3rd: Xavier +3 (loss)
Saturday, January 2nd: St. Louis +1 (loss)
New Year’s Day: Southern Illinois +1 (win)
Thursday, December 31st: Richmond +6.5 (win)
Wednesday, December 30th: Northern Illinois +12.5 (win)
December 24 through December 29: Passing
Wednesday, December 23rd: Hawaii
+6.5 (loss)
Tuesday, December 22nd: Murray State +1 (loss)
Monday, December 21st: Davidson +2 (win)
Sunday, December 20th: Florida State +6 (win)
Saturday, December 19th: Wofford +2 (win)
Friday, December 18th: Passing
Thursday, December 17th: Eastern Washington +17 (win)
Wednesday, December 16th: UAB +1.5 (win).
Monday, December 14th: Portland State +14 (loss).
Sunday, December 13th: Passed.
Saturday, December 12th: Denver +9 (loss)
Friday, December 11th: Old Dominion +3.5 (loss)
Thursday, December 10th: Passing
Wednesday, December 9th: Louisiana Tech +5.5 (loss)
Tuesday, December 8th: Butler +2.5 (loss)
Monday, December 7th: Passing.
Sunday, December 6th: Portland +1 (loss)
Saturday, December 5th: Passing
Friday, December 4th: Colorado +2 (loss)

Previous Year’s Stats

YTD ATS Records: 9-6 +2.40 Units

Tuesday, February 24th: St. John’s +4 (pending)
Monday, February 23rd: Kansas +2.5 (win)
Sunday, February 22nd: Illinois +2 (win)
Saturday, February 21st: Baylor +4.5 (loss)
Friday, February 20th: Yale +4.5 (winner)
Thursday, February 19th: Oregon +6 (loss)
Wednesday, February 18th: Texas Tech +1 (loss)
Tuesday, February 17th: Seton Hall +12.5 (winner)
Monday, February 16th: Passing
Sunday, February 15th: Boston College +8 (winner)
Saturday, February 14th: Iowa +5 (winner)
Friday, February 13th: Iona +1 (winner)
Thursday, February 12th: Northwestern +2 (winner)
Wednesday, February 11th: St. Johns +8.5 (loss)
Tuesday, February 10th: Loyola Chicago +3.5 (loss)
Monday, February 9th: West Virginia +8 (loss)
Sunday, February 8th: Maryland +2.5 (winner)