The College Basketball Moneyline

College Basketball Moneylines
by Staff

Betting on college basketball moneylines is another way of betting on one team or another without taking the point spread into account. The moneyline basically wipes the point spread out and turns the wager into one that uses odds.

Since the pointspread is now gone, the odds are used to make up for the difference in talent between the two teams. This means that you will end up betting more on the favorite to win less and conversely, you will bet less on the underdog to win more.

The NCAA basketball moneyline is a great bet in more ways than one. If you like a favorite to win, but feel that they aren’t going to cover the spread you may want to consider taking the “moneyline favorite.” If you like an underdog and don’t feel that they even need the point spread and that they’ll win straight up (SU), then you can grab some great value by betting less to win more. (Wiping out the vigorish you would usually lay.)


If your confused, don’t sweat it, here’s an example of what moneyline odds look like at the sportsbooks:

Louisville Cardinals +210
Memphis Tigers -270

The team listed with a + in front of their odds are always the underdog. The team with the – in front of their odds are always the favorite. Pay attention here, because this is where most people get confused. If a team is a (+), the number that follows which in this case is Louisville 210, is the number you would WIN/PROFIT if you risked $100.

On the flip side, a team listed with a (-) shows the number that you would need to RISK/LAY to WIN/PROFIT $100.

If you bet $100 on Louisville at +210 and it wins, you would PROFIT $210 plus get your original stake of $100 back for a total payout of $310.

If you gamble on Memphis at -270 and it wins, you would RISK $270 to WIN/PROFIT $100, which would mean you’d get the $100 plus your risked/lay amount of $270 back.

You do not pay the house commission as long as your bet wins. If you have a bookie that keeps any part of your risked amount on a tie or a win then you need to get the hell out of there and find a better bookie.

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