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Sportsbook Props for 2019-2020 Bowl Games

by | Last updated Apr 8, 2019 | cfb

College Football Bowl Game Prop Bets from 5Dimes for the 2019-20 Season

For the enterprising bettor, it’s never too early to pounce on good betting value. It takes a bit of a long-term vision to be looking toward the 2019-20 college bowl season before the regular season has even begun. But a lot of good prices can be locked in now, whereas they might not be quite as tasty down the road. In other words, in the world of sports betting, the best wagering value is to be found where no one else is really looking. With nobody really paying attention to college bowl season as of press time, we can really feast on some good prices here. In this article, we will be looking at some bowl season future bets, where you basically decide if something will happen or not, along with some over/under wagers. Take a look at these bowl bets, along with our picks on which side we feel it’s wise to go. *Keep in mind these bets pertain to the 2019-20 bowl season, excluding the National Championship BCS Game.

Any player 6+ TD passes +190 / No player 6+ TD passes -270

Analysis and Pick: This number used to be fairly unattainable in a bowl setting, but we’ve seen it with more frequency in recent seasons, with the game more pass-happy and the proliferation of more bowl games. It’s just seems like the most-prolific quarterbacks this season, guys like Gardner Minshew, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and others will be on pretty good teams. And pretty good teams play other good teams in bowl-season. I like “No player 6+ TD passes” at -270.

Any player 530+ passing yards +250 / No player 530+ passing yards -325

Analysis and Pick: There are any number of college quarterbacks that can surpass this number in the right spot. Again, the more-prolific guys will likely be pitted against stiff bowl-competition. While most of the people who surpassed this number have done so in recent bowl games, the fact remains that only a small handful have reached this number. We’ll say “No player 530+ passing yards” in this upcoming bowl season at -325.

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Any player 250+ pass receiving yards +240 / No player 250+ pass receiving yards -320

Analysis and Pick: There are certainly receivers who could pull this off, but the fact is that in the long history of bowl games, only a select few ball-catchers have eclipsed 250 yards passing in any single bowl game. If the price was right, one could justify it on some levels, but +240 falls a bit short of what one would call good value. We’ll take “No player 250+ receiving yards.”

Any player 253+ rushing yards +180 / No player 253+ rushing yards -260

Analysis and Pick: Again, not an easily-attainable stat, especially in a bowl-game setting. However, this is something you will at least see happen on a somewhat regular basis. There are some dynamic backs at all level of the FBS returning in 2019-20 who could do this. At +180, the value isn’t too bad. We’ll take “Any player 253+ rushing yards” in this one at the underdog price.

Any team wins by 43+ points -320 / No team wins by 43+ points +240

Analysis and Pick: The context makes it a bit tricky. After all, teams good enough to get into bowl games and the fact that teams on similar season trajectories of success typically face each other in bowl games makes it seem unlikely. But it happens more than one would think, with two bowl games last season sailing by the 43-point margin of victory and a handful of other games coming pretty close. I tend to side with “Any team wins by 43+ points” on this one at -320.

Any team scores 63+ points -280 / No team scores 63+ points +200

Analysis and Pick: On one hand, a point-output of 63 or more points is more typical in the regular season where more mismatches are seen, but you can still see massive one-sided beatings take place even in bowl-season. In last season’s bowl-period, we saw Army and Auburn both meet or exceed this point total in their respective bowl games and we see it happening again this season, as well. We will take “Any team scores 63+ points” at -280.

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Games going to overtime over 2½ +200 / Games going to overtime under 2½ -280

Analysis and Pick: Last season produced an exciting bowl-season, but not one that created a lot of overtime drama. Only two games went to overtime, which would generally be considered a low total. In this bet, we try to determine if there will be three or fewer overtime periods. At a +200 price, three or more bowl games going to OT seems to be the superior value here. We will take over 2.5 on this one.

Any game goes to double overtime +150 / No game goes to double overtime -190

Analysis and Pick: No games in last year’s bowl season went to double-overtime, though it was considered a bit on the low side as far as bowl OT action. The previous season there were two such games. This is the type of bet that can go either way. Therefore, at +150, we tend to side with the affirmative side of this bet. We will go with “Any game goes to double overtime” at +150 betting odds.

Any game goes to triple overtime +380 / No game goes to triple overtime -570

Analysis and Pick: In the previous four seasons, only six games on average have gone past two overtimes and that’s counting the vast regular season, where there are infinitely more games to see it happen. In a truncated bowl season, even if there are more and more bowl games each season, it’s harder to see happen. Granted, the competition is usually better, making such an eventuality generally more plausible. Despite the tasty odds, we’re going to say “No game goes to triple overtime” at -570 odds.

Any team shutout -265 / No team shutout +185

Analysis and Pick: Last season, there were two bowl games where an opponent got shut out, with San Diego State and South Carolina putting up goose-eggs in their respective bowl games. While one would think a team good enough to make a bowl could at least score, the fact is that certain teams are really sagging at the finish line of the season and just don’t have any fire left by the time bowl season comes around. We’ll take
“Any team shutout” at -265.

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