College Football Parlays – Payout Chart

Are you a sports gambler who likes to get lots of bang for you buck and is ok with assuming risk? Then parlays are for you!

Parlay bets (aka: Accumulators) are wagers in which you select 2 or more point spreads from the day’s card and make a bet that everything you picked will cover the spread.

Traditionally, parlays can be bet from 2-12 teams but some sportsbooks out there are starting to test the waters with parlays up to 15 or more teams.

The attraction to parlays that most bettors have is the ginormous payouts which can be achieved with a very small amount risked. Let’s take a look at a college football parlay payout chart:


Reduced Juice Odds
@ 5Dimes
Regular Parlay Odds
2 Teams 2.8/1 13/5
3 Teams 6.4/1 6/1
4 Teams 13.5/1 10/1
5 Teams 27/1 25/1
6 Teams 54/1 40/1
7 Teams 107/1 75/1
8 Teams 210/1 150/1
9 Teams 411/1 300/1
10 Teams 804/1 700/1
11 Teams 1,570/1 1,100/1
12 Teams 3,066/1 1,800/1

Now let’s take a look at an example of a parlay bet:

Let’s say you pick 5 teams and bet them in a $2 parlay. Let’s say they all win. You have won a $2 wager that pays 25-1 odds which means you have won $50. ($25 for each $1 you bet)

If one of your spreads had not covered, your whole bet would be a loser.

That brings us to another point. A new bet out there is called a progressive parlay. This new wager allows you to bet a parlay and have some losses but the bet still pays out at lesser odds. To read more about them, click here: Progressive Parlays.

Note: In the event of a tie in a parlay wager, the bet reverts to one team lesser. If a two team parlay has a push in it, it reverts to a straight wager at -110 odds.