College Football Pleasers – Payout Chart

College Football Pleasers – Payout Chart
by Staff

One of the most fun but daring bets in sports betting is the pleaser wager.

In a college football pleaser, you are placing a wager that is part parlay, part teaser.

It’s like a parlay in that you have to bet 2 or more teams and they both have to win. Oh, and it pays well!

It’s like a teaser in that your moving the spread x amount of points, but the difference is that instead of “getting” points, your “giving” points. This means instead of the point spread moving in your favor, it’s moving away from your favor. Since this is the case, you are rewarded with payouts if you hit the bet.

Let’s take a look at some college football pleaser odds courtesy of 5Dimes. (Review: 5Dimes)

Pleasers (Giving away points)
# of Teams 6 Points 6 Points 7 Points 7 Points
2 6/1 13/2 7/1 8/1
3 17/1 19/1 21/1 26/1
4 45/1 55/1 63/1 80/1
5 120/1 150/1 180/1 240/1
6 300/1 400/1 500/1 700/1

Note: If a two-team pleaser has a tie and a winner, then the pleaser pays even money. If a two-team pleaser has two ties, then the wager is a push.

Let’s take a look at an example of a college football teaser:

Let’s say you want to place a 2 team 7 point teaser on Oregon and Oklahoma using the following lines from each matchup:

Washington +14
Oregon -14


Boise State +7
Oklahoma -7

Oregon would move to -21 and Oklahoma would move to -14. In essence, you are moving the spread 7 points away from you making the bet harder to win, hence the hefty 7-1 payout.

Sportsbooks offering this crazy wager include: 5Dimes.