College Football Totals – Over/Unders

College Football Totals (Over/Unders)
by Staff

If you aren’t familiar with betting on college football totals you should definitely consider learning about it and applying it to your sports betting arsenal.

These bets, also known as “over/unders,” have a secret behind them that many aren’t aware of. Their easier to beat than their sister bet, the point spread.

Don’t believe us? Why do you think the limits on wagering on totals bets is lower than that of the point spread? You guessed it! Their easier to beat. Not only does the book spend less time on perfecting their craft of setting accurate totals because their time is mostly spent on paying attention to spreads, but the bets are literally easier to beat because statistics hold more true when handicapping the over/under bet.

When you take into consideration free throw percentage, field goal percentage, turnovers, recent performance and a few other variables, you are able to make a more informed choice than you are relative to betting on a point spread.

To our surprise, the bet still remains not as popular as the point spread, despite more and more books offering more totals than ever. It used to be that the over/under was only offered on televised games. Now, almost all books carry totals on almost all games played in all sports.

Before we end this article, we’ll show you an example of a over/under totals bet and how they work.

Let’s say the Ohio State Buckeyes are playing the Florida Gators and the total is 52. You have the choice of betting either over 52 or under 52 points combined by both teams. You will likely be laying -110 to win $100 in doing so, unless your playing at a sportsbook that has reduced vig.

In summary, if your not betting these, you need to learn how to handicap them and start doing it. It’s simply one of the best bets on the board.