Jeremiah Masoli Kicked Off Oregon Ducks Football Team

Jeremiah Masoli OUT at Oregon
by Staff

Oregon Ducks starting QB Jeremiah Masoli had shown great promise and leadership. He was promising to say the least. Now all that has been thrown away as he was already on a short leash with the theft allegations against him, but now he’s facing another issue, one that has gotten him kicked off the team.

Wednesday, the UofO made a statement that Masoli failed to adhere to obligations. That’s a polite way of saying that he was stopped a couple days ago by a police officer who discovered him being in possession of Marijuana, not to mention various driving infractions.

Many of us would be hypocrites for being upset with the young QB for acting improperly behind the wheel and having a little “smoke” in his possession.

It did however force the University of Oregon’s hand though in deciding that they had had enough negative behavior from the kid. We can’t really blame them either. There is indeed a certain standard that needs to be met, and it just wasn’t happening.

The actual charges against Masoli are for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, driving while suspended and failure to stop when entering a roadway.

The QB was already slated to miss the 2010 season due to a suspension for a burglary he committed where he was accused of stealing laptops and a guitar from a frat house. He did however remain on scholarship and was practicing with the team in hopes of returning for the 2011 college football season. He does have one year of eligibility left, but it won’t be with the quack attack.