NCAA Football Handicapping Tips

NCAA Football Handicapping Tips
by Jerald of

There are many aspects to consider when handicapping a NCAA football game. Each person has there own opinion on what is important and needs to be considered. Here are some handicapping tips that can help you determine winners:

– Returning Starters Early in the season this is a great indicator of which teams will show poise in close games. This information is widely available in a number of publications and is certainly worth considering before making a wager.

– Experienced Starting Quarterback Like the previous tip, this is a huge factor in the the early season games. You dont want to be backing a QB who has never had to lead his team in big situations before because you dont know how he will handle the pressure.

– Know the Schedule This is very important in college football as many teams will look ahead to a big game or have an emotional letdown following a big game. You must keep track of who your team has just played and who is on deck for next week.

– Know the Coaches There are many things to consider when talking about coaches. Do they like to run up the score? Do they motivate their team well after a loss? Can they keep a team motivated after a big win? Study the coaches and the teams past performance to determine how they will perform in the future.

– Study the history of the teams involved. – This is especially true when you get to the conference season. There are many matchups that have great historical trends that you can use to help determine a winner.

– Rivalry games These games generate a huge amount of motivation and are usually good spots for an underdog play. Because of the huge amount of motivation expended these can also provide for great plays before and after the rivalry game as noted above.

– Injuries Make sure you know if there are significant injuries that may affect your wager. There is nothing more discouraging than making a wager and then realizing that the team you are rooting for is being led by an inexperienced backup QB.

– Statistics There are a number of statistics that can be used to determine a teams success. Find out what you think is important and use this information to your advantage.

– Home Field There are many teams that have a huge home field advantage. Remember to take this into account when making your wager. Typically, the home field is considered worth 3.5 points but in many cases it can be worth more than that, especially if the game is being played at night.

There are many other things that go into making a successful handicapper but the above tips can help you get started. It is important to remember that the more information you have the better equipped you are to make a sound wagering decision.