Stafon Johnson Injury

Stafon Johnson Injury
by Preston Gallagher of

Unfortunate news out of the USC campus; Trojans running back Stafon Johnson was injured Monday in an apparent weight lifting accident in which he was reportedly bench pressing 275 lbs when the right side of the bar slipped out of his hand landing on his throat.

Witnesses reported that Johnson was coughing up blood. He was rushed to California Hospital Medical Center where doctors performed emergency surgery on his throat.

USC coach Pete Carroll was quoted as saying “It hit him with a lot of force, and it hurt him,”

The exact diagnosis of the injury was not determined as of the start of the surgery and wasn’t expected to be figured out until the medical staff did some exploring around the star rb’s throat and neck area.

The surgery supposedly started around 2PM EST and lasted until around midnight.

For those of you wondering where the spotter was, early reports indicate that the assistant strength and conditioning coach was standing over him when it happened, so it must have been a very quick occurence.

The 5’11” 210 back leads the team’s rushing attack with 5 touchdowns and is averaging around 5 yards per carry.

The injury is said to be serious and it is likely that Johnson will miss time on the field.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Johnson for a speedy recovery.