Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Point Spread – Pick Against the Spread

Virginia Tech Hokies (3-1 SU, 0-2-2 ATS) vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-0 SU, 3-0 ATS)
College Football Week 5
Date and Time: Thursday September 26, 2013 7:30pm EST
Where: Bobby Dodd Stadium Atlanta, Georgia
by Tim, Football Handicapper,

Point Spread: Va. Tech +7/Ga. Tech -7
Over/Under Total: OFF

The Blacksburg, Virginia sun dulls into this evenings burnt-orange haze dangling like an old blanket over the Smoky Mountain landscape. An owl shrieks as Virginia Techs Head Football Coach Frank Beamer gingerly walks a young player through the nuances of punt defense using a series of deep blue blocking dummies as compasses indicating the most advantageous route for number 41. The Player, towering over Beamer in size, reflects the exacting toll precision requires competing on a Frank Beamer team. Beamer wont change; hes been teaching and winning the same exact way for 26 years at VaTech. Frank Beamer knows how to win. Beamer is currently the winningest active coach in the FBS Division 1. As the haze fades into night like rumors confronting truth, the Blacksburg humidity coalesces whats in the air mixing with the setting sun over Frank Beamers shoulder and fogging Beamers glasses. The player- number 41- is gathered in by Beamer with a gentle slap to the shoulder pads and sent off to the showers. Beamer wipes his glasses dry as crickets, a howling dog, and whispers concerning Beamers future echo throughout the Eastern Hemlocks settling upon a sparse Appalachian bald. Beamer is defensive this year as rumors of his replacement pop like champagne bottles from the seedy side of town. The rumor-cork has been popped in Blacksburg, and many drink it upbefore it loses its fizz!

Paul Johnson is a an over-achiever as Head Coach at Georgia Tech. Hes been at Tech since December 7, 2007the day he sank the Naval Academy with his resignation as Navys Head Coach. Johnson is a prototypical atypical coach like Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach; neither played football in college. Since 2002, Johnson has counted only 1 under .500 football team (2010). Since 1997, Johnson only has 2 under .500 seasons on his resume. Johnson guided the Navy Midshipman in his 1st year at the helm to a 2-10 season. Like Leach, Paul Johnson brings a new set of dishes to the offensive serving table. Spread-Flexbone with a couple dashes of Triple-Option flavor GTs serving platter. The quality of the meal makes Paul Johnson a Masterchef and his style is Haute cuisine par excellence! The Jackets serve up the 29th best offensive souffl in the nation baking up over 480 yards total offense in the process. Their main ingredientrushingproduces the 4th best entre in all of football led by sophomore QB Vad Lee. Paul Johnson keeps over-achieving and if he continues at the pace he is currently cooking-up at Georgia Tech, some might start calling Paul Johnson A pretty good college football coach.

Maalox meets Kimchi should be the headliner of this game! VaTech is 4th in the nation in soothing an offense with lots of flavor while Georgia Tech pricks the palate like fireworks in ones mouth. The question must be: Do you pick Beamer who is a meat and potatoes man (sans Mike Vick) or Paul Johnson who brings more pizzazz to the crowd than Robert Preston in the Music Man?! Georgia Tech has beaten some decent teams on their menu. VaTech lost to an incredibly talented Alabama team and held an explosive East Carolina team to 10 points. Maalox settles upset stomachs and Virginia Tech can add a couple of antacids to Georgia Techs ground-n-pound offense if Johnson gets conservative. But Paul Johnson leaning towards conservative is tougher than getting John Maynard Keynes or Lawrence Lessig to promote William F. Buckley Jr.s National Review magazine! Beamer needs a big win and understands the effort needed from his players to get that win against Georgia Tech. Johnson stands poised as a salacious Conductor producing an award-winning symphony of offensive heroics on his march towards greatness. Paul Johnson is our Hunter S. Thompson wielding a saber of systematic creativity to vanquish foes. Beamer remains Tolstoy locked into repetitions of fundamental practices rigidly fixed like masterpieces on a gallery wall. Who will win?

Frank Beamer is a great coach holding insufficient talent. Paul Johnson is a building contractor being paid extra if he gets the job done before a certain date. Georgia Tech will place VaTech in multiple unflattering snapshots exposing VaTechs cellulite, red-eye, and Deer in Headlights looks associated with unremarkable players. Georgia Tech has the Mojo and covers in a 2 TD win!

Tims Pick to Cover the Point Spread: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets -7

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