Greenbrier Classic Picks

Tournament: The Greenbrier Classic
Date: July 4th-7th 2013
Course: The Old White TPC, Whit Sulpher Springs, WVA
TV: Golf Channel Thurs-Fri, CBS Sat-Sun
by Tim, PGA Golf Handicapper,

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The Tour is in West Ginny this weekend for the Greenbrier Classic; Sam Sneeds ole stompin grounds. Yep, barefoot Sammy started playing golf in this here hay-field hitting balls with a pick-axe using pork lard for sunscreen and getting 2 on every hole (the only number Sammy knew). Today, The Greenbrier boasts a new design of immaculate bunkers to challenge the Players replacing the broken down Chevys, non-working farm equipment, and the egg-suckin dogs of Sammys day. The flavor of this here culture has been preserved by the Tour as fans are greeted in the parking lot with the sound of Dueling Banjos piped over loudspeakers, cipherin lessons for the children are given in the Pro Shop, and a shuttle service in the back of 25 year-old rusted out Pick-ups are offered for everyones enjoyment (Amuricun only—NO TieOtas!!). Lets see who has a chance of survivingI mean, who has a chance of winning this weekend!

Ted Potter Jr. won here last year but his name is goofy so Im not picking him. Delaet is playing good, but hes Canadian and the locals will not allow a ferener or New Yorker to win (Yes, Stuart Appleby—Australian—did win the Greenbrier but the locals didnt realize Australia wasnt a state until too late!) so Delaet is probably Top 25. Speith is very close to winning and should be there at the end, Tigers not playing, Michelsons getting a huge Personal Services fee and will stroll down Greenbriers fairways in search of more fortune. One question: Is it easier for Michelsons caddy to carry his clubs for 72 holesor is it easier for Michelson to carry his own fake-o persona for one single round? Hmmm? Tom Watson is playing and prospects dont look good for him; Watson No-Likey the White Lightning and might shake a couple of bolts loose around 3 pm Friday. Rory Sabbatini is in the field to miss another cut. DiMarco, Allenby, Woody Austin, Justin Leanard, Verplank, and Bob Estes are all here meaning the AARP Convention must be in town. Hey! Guys! R-E-T-I-R-E Goydos, Thank the Lord, has put the Big Comeback on hold after he shot 3,189 last time out and hes taking a 2nd look at boring viewers to tears in the Love Seat at the Golf Channel. Winners? Not Furyk; not entered and will not winagain! Next up; Players.

Luke Guthrie is playing pretty good (I thought he was a Folk Singer?), Billy Horschels getting close to winning, and Jason Kokrak showed me a Ton last week! If Kokrack can keep his swing from getting too loose, he can be around for a very LONG time; that dude is absolutely unique. Ryan Palmer might have a 2nd wind after playing nominally the last few weeks. Bubba Watson needs to get his head and heart in the Game or hes looking at becoming Neil Lancaster—or Burt Lancaster! Kevin Chappel and K.J. Choi look great but Im thinking Webb Simpson (although I think hes kinda Fakey like Michelson) is your winner at the Greenbrier.

Short Favorite: Webb Simpson (14 Odds to 1 to Win)
Hes steady, hes ready, and not an ounce heavy. I dont really like Simpson but this course fits his game and picking him means a lot (coming from me!).

Middle of the Road: Billy Horschel (25 Odds to 1 to Win)
Horschel is starting to remind of Lanny Wadkins—tough, unafraid, and enormously talented with a Lions heart.

Longshot: Jason Kokrack (80 Odds to 1 to Win)
Im not sure, but Kokrack is really a different kind of Player? He looks to be the kind of Player that could win 50 tournaments or be off the Tour in 12 months. I think hes a winner and Im banking him the rest of the year.

Head to Head Matches *Picks to win based on final score after all four rounds. Check out your favorite online betting site for single round matches and a variety of prop bets.

Jordan Speith vs. Louis Oosthuizen (our pick to win: Speith)
Shrecks appeal (Oosty) and personal story has worn thin. Speith is a charger and probably angry he lost a limb in the final round last weekend. SpeithAll Day Long!

Carl Petterson vs. Jeff Overton (our pick to win: Petterson)
Petterson is a real competitor with a great game. Overtonplays golf sometimes on Thursday and Friday. Get the hint?