John Deere Classic Picks

Tournament: John Deere Classic
Date: Thursday July 11 through Sunday July 14, 2013
Course: TPC Deere Run, Silvis Illinois
TV: Thurs-Fri Golf Channel, Sat-Sun CBS
by Tim, PGA Golf Handicapper,

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The PGA TOUR! With Potholes finally filled, gravel raked, beer cans smashed and ready for recycling around Buster Clements White Sulphur Springs Motel 6 parking lot, The PGA fellas are heading west. Buster smiles as the Youngins hit the gas and spin those Goodyear retreads up the entrance ramp disappearing across I-64 towards the next Tour Stop: The John Deere Classic in Silvis, Illinois! Hell, the HOOOEEEY BOYZ! wont miss a beat as Tractor Capital USA becomes the third, 4th of July, in 3 weeks! And you thought the world was coming apart at the seams?? HA! Everybody wins again this weeklike greased pigs at a pork chop Convention! John Deere??? Does it get any more American? Its almost like jumping from Cronyism to Who knows who, and finally Favoritism. Theyre all different: Theyre all the same. Lets check out who survived not getting Blowed Up in West By-God Virginia!!

The John Deere Classic has been won, the last 3 out of 4 years, by Steve Stricker. Hmmm, pretty good track record? Lets mark Stricker down. The year Stricker didnt win2012—, he bogeyed 14, 15, and 17 in the final round to finish T5th. Hmmm, lets etch Striker into our arm. Lets rehash now: Last 4 finishesWin, Win, Win, T5th. Donald Constable is entered this year. Yes, the same Donald Constable who played, remarkably well Darren on I Dream of Jeannie (never an acting lesson for him!!). Alistair Presnell is also entered in this tournament. Yes the same Alistair Presnell who performed as a warm-up act for Cirque du Soliel, River Dance, and Celtic Thunder Voyage II an escape routine from an oversized pickle jar in a dachshund brown wrestling singlet while doing his taxes, shaving with an oversized razor, chanting over and over At the end of the dayNot drinking the Kool-AidTo be honest with you and searching for meaning in Georgia OKeeffes The Barn painting. Thats a pretty good routinebut Im kinda likin that—Win, Win, Win, T5th Track Record of Stricker the last 4 outingsLets look at who might finish 2nd

Nick Watney woke up last week and Ryan Moore is coming right along; bringing his un-sightly, god-awful, clothing line with him. Moore looks like a Preppie Fidel Castro on shore leave in New Hampshire! Charlie Hoffman, My Main Man, could be a contender here. Zack Attack Johnson has won here, had a 5th Place, and is completely enamored with the John Deere (The tourneynot the tractor). Zacks from this area, went to college around the area, and is a pretty much Roots to Heart kind of guy. Stallings could bust out of his funk at this one. Speith IS going to win sometime this year, and Furyk is not entered and will not winagain. Notable Geriatrics entered are: Scott Whens the Pro-Am? McCarron, Robert I have no pride left Allenby, Todd I did win the British Open; right? In the Coolidge era? Hamilton, Scott Im not getting better Verplank, Neil Burt Lancaster, and Yul Brynner. Theres going to be the King and I, tractor-pulls, tractor cider, tractor muffins, and tractor worship this weekend. Moore and Speith are a Maybe this weekend, but Ill bank one of them as a medium risk to succeed. Stricker, Johnson, then HoffmanSo let it be written; So let it be done!

Short Favorite to Win: Steve Stricker (13/2 Odds to 1 to Win)
Win, Win, Win, and 5th the last four years here; say no more!

Middle of the Road: Jordan Speith (33 Odds to 1 to Win)
Hes going to win this year, hes going to win this year, Area 51 is just a broken down air force hanger, hes going to win here…

Longshot: Charley Hoffman (40 Odds to 1 to Win)
If Charleys head is in correct working order, he will be in the hunt. I dont fault his game, his intellect, or his talent. I do fault his desire from time-to-time.

Head to Head Matches *Picks to win based on final score after all four rounds. Check out your favorite online betting site for single round matches and a variety of prop bets.

Charley Hoffman vs. Morgan Hoffman (our pick to win: Charley Hoffman)
Cutesy pick here with almost twins. One plays golf, the other plays driving rangeHoffman in a laugher >> Charley; that is.

John Senden vs. Boo Weekly (our pick to win: Boo Weekly)
I dont like Weekly; I believe his Aww Shucks persona has worn very, very thin. I think hes an arrogant Hick and I like Senden a lot. But the Aww Shucks guy has been really strong this year. Im taking himeven though it feels like a suppository!