PGA Golf Props

Golf props are bets such as a player to win by x amount of strokes or even longer term bets such as player to win over/under x amount of tournaments during the current PGA season. In all actuality, a prop can be any type of proposition bet involving any number of possibilities and outcomes. It really all depends on your sportsbook and with that being said some are more creative in others in creating matchups and wagering options to lure in the betting public to give them some action.

Props are fun bets. They can also be sucker bets. We’ve seen wagering options that were absurd but then the heavy favorite loses badly. If you ever seen a prop bet that looks too good to be true, it probably is! Either pass on it or bet on the underdog because golf bookies often use these bets to sucker in a player knowing that they have good information on the bet and that the player likely doesn’t. On the flip side, it’d be asinine for us to suggest you place a bet blindly, so we’d like to recommend that you always do your homework when it comes to this type of betting. If you see a player getting good odds and he’s a better golfer, it’s likely that the player in question struggles on that particular course. Just some food for thought.

Each week, we’ll list the best props from around the web as well as where you can bet them. Enjoy!

This week’s golf props courtesy of Bodog Sportsbook. Simply click on any of the odds on this page and you will be taken to the Bodoog website where you can sign up for a golf wagering account and be betting within minutes!