Tour Championship Picks

Tournament: The Tour Championship by Coca Cola
Date: Thurs.-Sun. September 19-22nd, 2013
Course: East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, Georgia
by Tim, PGA Golf Handicapper,

Wellit has all come down to this! The Tour Championship at East Lake GC in Atlanta, although I thought we already had a Players Championship at Sawgrass? Anyway, when you pay the big bucks you can have just about anything you want (except for dignity!) and that is what FedEx and Coca Cola has precisely doneIts for the children! Furyk threw up a 59 at the BMW last week AND LOST!! to Zach Johnson as Tiger vaulted over Henrik Stenson to take the FedEx,Coca Cola presented by Office Solutions and assorted other sponsors points lead. Adam Scott sits in 3rd place followed closely by Zach Johnson. The table is set for a spectacular finish to this virtually never-ending Golf year. Lets take a quick look inside the field to try and pick out a winner this week! p>

Henrik Stenson collapsed at the BMW firing a final round 74 and I was shocked. Henrik seemed too busy planning his 24 days of sunshine this winter than painting flagsticks. Stenson is done for the last event. Kuchar looked like a parent of 3 children after a case of whopping cough went around the house! He looked completely tired—except for the 61 he fired on Friday! Kuchar is done. Ryan Moore was outfitted in his best Fidel Castro Bay of Pigs ensemble firing a final round Camp David 70 while proving 10 pounds of stuff can go into a 5 pound bag. Hes got no heart. Johnson, of course, gave a huge effort to win and if the putts fall right, Johnson has a great chance of finishing the deal in Atlanta. Furyk is cookedhow do you fire a 59 and not win??? I guess it must be the final round 71 when Furyks hot air balloon crashed after doing so many How great thou art interviews filled with every single clich known to man! Furykjust like at the Ryder Cup, is donea word to Furyk; Davis Love III is not around to put you on the team or in the Winners Circle this time; You must play all 4 rounds! Hunter Mahan looks good after a 3rd round 65 and a 4th round 67. Adam Scott even got it it going in the final round throwing in a final round 67 after an embarrassing 75 on Saturday. Steve Stricker is poised for 4th Place in Atlanta after carding a No Heart 72 on Sunday. Lets take a little closer look to find out who might come out on top in this years Pepsi-Co/Coca Cola/FedEx/UPS/Dicks Sporting Goods/Hail to the Victors Points Challenge/Championship Tournament thingy!

Jason All Day-Every Day is such a rock solid Player and hes sitting 14th in points. Speith is crazy-good and filled with confidence after smashing through on the PGA Tour with hugely impressive wins and finishes in 2013. I believe Justin Rose has his 2nd wind and will bring a massive effort (like usual) to Atlanta for the season finale. Dustin Johnson is entirely too busy playing Mirror Mirror On The Wall to compete for this prizeJohnson has a TON of vanity and an ounce of what matters (Heart)! Johnsondone. Nich Watney is translating his early season form into a late season surprise! Watney has a chance in Atlanta. Phil Mickelson doesnt have any personal Sponsors as headliners in Atlanta so he wont be obligated to Posehe might have a chance. Bandt Sbedecker? No. Hunter Mahanwithout a goofy excuse to get out of playing, Mahan has a chance. Keegan Bradleys a good pick; hes a maybe. Lets take a closer look and start picking winners!

Why is the Tour having the Championship at East Lake GC? Because Tom Kite hasnt touch it! Conway Farms proved to be a horrible choice offering free darts at any player bold enough to take a shot at the flags! Cog Hill was destroyed and the Greater Chicago Well make the golfing decisions because we control everything around here Golfing Guys took Cog Hill and placed it into the hands of a Demolitions Expert Rees Jones. East Lake? East Lakes most famous Member is John Heisman so we know Reggie Bush wont be in attendance. Rees Jones did chop up East Lake in 1994 but that was before Jones was introduced to the hatchet and chainsaw! The course isokaybut it isnt Augusta, Merion, or Bethpage Black! Why they have it in Atlanta? Probably because Bobby Jones yada, yada, yada, Southern Amateur in 1465. This Who Knows Who and Favoritism is pretty common in golf. Here are your Winners right after I addressfor a secondMr. Tiger Woods.

Tiger got caughtuhhhummmmisaligning the rules again at the BMW has to be the top story for this week and the year! One quick word about this: Im sure to weekenders and club hacks that a ball moving 1/10th of a rotation is No big deal. Believe it or not, most Players on the PGA Tour and most good amateurs have an ENORMOUS amount of respect for the rules of Golf. Yes, it does seem a little stogy and stoic to a weekend player to call a penalty on themselves, but we are speaking of the Greatest Players on the Planet playing for Millions of Dollars and the prestige that goes along with the money. Tiger egregiously and knowingly broke the rules at the Masters which should have been quite enough to have him DQed from the tournament. A few other instances shadowed Tiger before this latest gaff at the BMW. Tiger CLEARLY saw the ball move from the original ball position and then, when confronted with the video evidence, still claimed he didnt see the ball move. Perhaps that is why his ex-wife smashed a 3-iron through the car windows of his Escalade: To remove ALL AMBIGUITY! Tiger seems to be caught in this Alter-Reality much like a politician promotes. We know what they (and he) say is untrue, but they (and Tiger) are so convincing and demonstrative in their (Tigers) appraisal of the evidence, we simply shake our heads and usually say Okay, I guess the sky is yellowish-green?! Tiger will probably win this weeknot because he is the best golfer of all time. Tiger will win because he is aided by the culture that says Who cares if the ball moves a little, it is still a tough shot! That is exactly what the PGA Tour has accomplished this year. The PGA Tour hasnt promoted Winners. The PGA Tour has turned a blind eye to Losers. The 2013 PGA Tour has demoted golf from a harsh game of intense inner conflict with extreme athleticism to the much easier game of chasing the money without regard for consequences. But the Tour isnt to blamethe Tour is a reflection of our culture.

Short Favorite: Jason Day (20 Odds to 1 to Win)
Tough hombre who has the work ethic, ability, and heart to get the job done!.

Middle of the Road: Jordan Speith (28 Odds to 1 to Win)
Incredibly talented player convinced hes the best Player on Tour.

Longshot: Boo Weakly (125 Odds to 1 to Win)
Close to Alabama and in his own element, Boo might be comfy enough to sneak one in at the last second.

Head to Head Matches *Picks to win based on final score after all four rounds. Check out your favorite online betting site for single round matches and a variety of prop bets.

Henrik Stenson vs. Justin Rose (our pick to win: Justin Rose)
One is planning his vacation the other will be competing for a title. Rose is still playing this yearStenson cashed-in 2 weeks ago

Tiger Woods vs. Adam Scott (our pick to win: Adam Scott)
Hugh Hefner vs Any Michelangelo Sculpture. Ill take Michelangelo for the sake of humanity!