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Predictem is blessed to have professional horse race handicapper Kenneth Strong on board and from time to time when he’s not busy making picks, he writes some great horse racing articles related to betting and handicapping the races. We decided to post them here all in one spot for our readers as we think they’re informative, educational and most of all, enjoyable! The articles have strategically been placed in the order that you should read them. Bookmark this page and check back every few months for new articles! Happy reading!

Horse Betting Tips and Strategy

Betting Horses for Profit – Ken stresses that if you can bring self discipline to the track, you’ll immediately have a betting edge. He also notes that knowing betting percentages and a bit about the jockeys are variables that aren’t rocket science to learn, yet will give you a 90% edge on others at the racetrack.

The Secret to Scooping Superfecta Pools – Let’s face it! A Superfecta bet is similar to a lottery ticket! However! There are techniques you can apply to increase your odds of winning! Ken Strong has hit over 50 superfecta’s in his betting career and shares his strategy with us!

Horse Handicapping Tips, Strategy and Advice

How to Understand Beyer Speed Figures – Kenneth explains how the BSF (Beyer Speed Figures) are the most accurate measure of how fast a horse ran in it’s previous races and they are an absolutely essential tool in any handicapper’s arsenal. Beyer speed figures allow you to compare performances at different distances and from different tracks and are often used to quickly separate contenders from pretenders. Important stuff!

How to Find the Speed of a Race by Using Quirin Speed Points – Conversations at the track often revolve around “Who is the speed?” After all, if you know who the speed is, you’ll have an idea of how the race will unfold before it begins! Ken gives tips on how to apply “QSP” to sprints, route races and more!

10 Winning Horse Racing Handicapping Angles – Kenneth Strong gives tips relative to handicapping horse racing angles including maiden claiming, dropping speed, lone speed, jockey changes, running style changes, Lasix, Layoff Specialists, Surface Switches, Blinkers and Trouble Lines! One of the best horse handicapping tips articles you’ll ever read and one that will surely increase your odds of winning at the track!

The Importance of Early Speed – Horses with early speed – those that can get the lead at the first call in a race, regardless of class, field size or odds – win far more than their fair share of races and produce a positive ROI (Return on Investment). There are handicappers and professional bettors who make their living off this handicapping factor alone. This is super important to know like the back of your hand and one of the most important horse handicapping articles you’ll ever read!

Handicapping Past Performances – Ken breaks down how to read past performanes line by line and gives a couple tips at the end of the article.

Using Replays to Handicap Horse Races – Kenneth recaps a race at La Jolla and uses it as an example of how he found a winning horse just from watching replays. As with anything in wagering, the more familiar you are with the topic, the better you’ll fare!

Handicapping Workouts – While workouts may not be as important as some bettors think they are; they do have their place in the handicapper’s arsenal. Ken explains how to read them line by line.

Understanding Trainer Patterns and Stats – The bottom section of the past performances contains two solid pieces of information – trainer pattern statistics and workouts. This article gives an overview of the trainer pattern statistics – you should never bet a race without checking them!

Using Horse Racing Results Charts to Get a Betting Edge – Result charts contain a bunch of gold nuggets that can give you a serious edge at the betting window. While nothing can take the place of watching the live races, replays and taking notes, result charts can provide you with invaluable information not easily extracted from the traditional past performances.

Handicapping the Stretch Drive – Ken points out that most horse bettors only seem to pay attention to the horse they’ve bet on (at least until the stretch). But if their horse is in contention or making a move, they’ll watch their investment all the way to the wire. But once a horse starts to fade, many bettors not only quit watching not only their own horse, but also the entire stretch drive, which is a huge mistake!

Trouble on the Turns – Kenneth Strong points out how trouble on the turns may be the sign of an incompetent jockey and more.

In-Season Tracks

How to Bet on Horses

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