Answers to Many Baseball Questions Starting With What is the….?

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What is the….

What is the best baseball sportsbook? 5Dimes

What is the weight of a baseball? 5 to 5.25 ounces.

What is the circumference of a baseball? 9 to 9.25 inches.

What is “Whip” in baseball? Walks + Hits divided by innings pitched.

What’s the diamater of a baseball? 2.875 to 3 inches.

What are wood bats made out of? Maple or Ash.

What is a balk? When a pitcher interrupts the NORMAL pitching motion
with men on base. A balk results in all runners advancing one base

What is the average life span of a major league baseball? 5 to 7 pitches.

What is a baseball made of? Cork encased in rubber, yarn, white cowhide
and 108 double stitches of red thread

What is an at bat? A plate appearance in which the hitter hits and grounds
out, flies out or gets a base hit. A walk does NOT count as an at bat

What is slugging percentage and how is it calculated? It’s a statistical
measure of a hitter’s effectiveness in making extra-base hits. A single
is worth one base, a double worth two a triple three and a home run, four.
Slugging percentage is calculated by total bases divided by at bats.

What is the wildcard race in MLB? Playoff spots that go to teams that
didn’t win their divisions

What is ERA? Earned run average. The amount of runs a pitcher allows
per nine innings pitched without errors factored in

What is OPS? on-base percentage plus slugging average .

What is a 5 tool baseball player? One that steals bases, hits for power,
has a gun for an arm, fields his position well and hits for a high batting

What is bat speed? How quickly a hitter moves the bat through the strike
zone on a swing

What was the longest homerun ever? There are conflicting reports. One report has Mickey Mantle as a New York Yankee belting one 634 feet at Briggs Stadium in Detroit, Michigan on September 10, 1960. Another report has the Mick smashing one 656 feet at Washington’s Griffith Stadium off Senator’s pitcher Chuck Stobbs. Yet another report tells a tale of Mickey hitting one in an exhibition game at USC in spring training his rookie year (1951) which was a titanic 656 foot shot while batting left-handed that left Bovard Field and crossed an adjacent football field. One thing can be said for sure. The Mick could mash!

What is the shape of home plate? An irregular pentagon.

Did Pete Rose bet on baseball? Yes, however he claims that he never bet against his beloved Reds team.

What is the amount of innings in a baseball game? Nine.

Is a sacrafice fly counted as an official at bet? No, it is not. (nor is a walk.)

What’s a short hop? A short hop or shorthop is a ball that comes to a fielder and bounces on the ground very close to the fielders glove or body.

I’ve seen fielders listed as numbers in a baseball score book. What number is each fielder? (Position) 1. Pitcher (P) 2. Catcher (C) 3. First Base (1B) 4. Second Base (2B) 5. Third Base (3B) 6. Shortstop (SS) 7. Left Field (LF) 8. Center Field (CF) 9. Right Field (RF).

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