Baseball Betting Systems

If you’ve come here looking for winning baseball systems we’ve got some really bad news for you. There really are none. Anybody that tells you that they have a lock of a system is either pulling your leg or has latched onto something that is temporarily working but likely isn’t going to produce long term. When your using a system, that means you should pretty much be able to bet blindly. We don’t recommend betting blindly on anything in any facet of gambling. Disagree with us? Then please, by all means, send us your system!

We’re aware of systems out there that contain formula’s like play a home team in the middle game of a three game series if that team has gone better than 6-4 in their last ten games but c’mon people, this is pure coincidence and nothing of substance. That’s like saying it’s February in Wisconsin and the lake is melting, drive out on it and your car may or may not sink in the lake. Keep it real ya’ll.

There are however strategies that are similar to trends but that have actual substance behind them. Look for good teams that are slumping. Oddsmakers are often times slow to adjust their odds against a Yankee team (the best team in baseball at time of print) that is in the midst of a slump. Keep in mind a slump for a good team can be 3-3 in their last 6 games because it’s likely that the other team is playing at underdog odds which should turn a tidy profit. Even 2-2 over their last 4 games would be something to raise eyebrows about, especially if the opponents starting pitching and/or bullpen is suspect. Let’s face it, no matter how good of a team you are your going to go through slumps during the long 162 game season. Detecting losing streaks and playing against good teams laying fat odds is a winning proposition.

Another strategy we employ is betting on more American League underdogs than we do National League teams. Why you ask? The DH. The designated hitter lessens the pitching advantage. This is especially tasty in division rivalry games.

Ok, to contradict ourselves regarding what we noted above about not betting blindly, if we were forced to, we’d consider doing so with home underdogs in a division rivalry situation. We don’t recommend it because let’s face it, in some of those games the visiting team is going to send an ace to the hill that simply offers no betting value regardless of being a home division dog or not. One matchup that has been especially nasty in the past has been Roy Oswalt vs. the Cincinnati Reds. He’s something like 15-0 lifetime against them. Not real wise to make a blind bet against those sick numbers!

Thanks for stopping by. This article probably wasn’t what you expected to find when you landed here but we hope you learned SOMETHING that will help you in your quest to beat your bookie.

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