Baseball Overnight Lines

If your serious about betting on baseball games you should be using sportsbooks that offer overnight lines. The term overnight lines means just as it sounds, baseball odds put out the night before the games are played. These are often times called “virgin” lines as well.

The benefit of betting into overnights is that often times you’ll get an opportunity to lock into odds that haven’t been molested by the sharps or betting syndicates yet. In summary, your getting first dibs on value.

There is a downside to betting the overnight odds though: A late breaking injury or a key player taking a day off can really put a wrench into your plans. I guess sharps figure that over the course of a season the tasty odds their able to grab outweight the occasional bad news that may happen on game day.

Ok, now that we’ve established the importance of being able to bet into a line before the value gets sucked out of it, where can you find these sportsbooks? We’ve got you covered! Check out the list below and be rest assured that we’ve done the homework for you and these are the best online sportsbooks out there that offer this feature.

5Dimes – Not only are they one of the first to post baseball odds, they offer them at nickel odds! A must have in your baseball wagering arsenal!

Sportsbooks that Don’t Accept Americans

Pinnacle Sportsbook – (Doesn’t offer service to American Players) – If your non American this is the best place to find overnight lines. They offer the best baseball odds to be found on the planet as well. Not to mention they pay the fastest of any book out there.