3M Performance 400 Picks

3M Performance 400 Picks
by Yomonte of Predictem.com

Coverage for the 3M Performance 400 begins at 1:00 EST on ESPN.

Yo’s Pick: Mark Martin over Casey Mears.

Olympic Sportsbook had Mark matched up last night against Jeff Burton in their “odds we
plan on carrying but are not up yet”. I studied that one only to find Mark
is matched up against Casey Mears when the lines finally came out.

looking at this last night, I found that Mark has one good finish out of
the two events here at Michigan every year.

No matter how he does in the
first race, good or bad, he will have one good finish.

He finished 29th at
the Citizens Bank 400 back in July of this year.

One thing I have learned
is that a mediocre driver will have a good finish every now and again. Casey
finished fourth here in July and was matched up the next week against
Martin only to fail miserably.

Martin was an underdog in that match up and paid fairly well to those that seen past a one race wonderment.

Casey has never
finished better than 22nd in the points and only has one win since his
start in the Cup Races in 2003. I have sent some feelers out to some of the
elite Nascar cappers I’m associated with to see if maybe Mark changed an engine and is starting at the
rear of the field because there is no info online.

But in my honest
opinion, Mark would have to get into trouble to lose this one even if he
started from the back. Not to take anything away from Casey as I like him as
a driver, but I feel this is a mismatch and at -125 at Oly, it has a lot of

I don’t understand why Casey is matched up against such an elite
driver, but I can’t pass this one up win or lose!

Olympic Sportsbook has Martin at -125 and Casey at even odds.

Make sure to shop around at other Nascar Sportsbooks for the best possible line available. I’m sure this is a matchup that
most books are carrying.