Nascar Betting Tips

If your looking for NASCAR betting tips you’ve come to the right place! We’ve shoulder tapped the best auto racing handicappers on the planet for the information they use to handicap races. Enjoy!

Watch the Races: Learn the drivers tendencies. Some are good at certain tracks, some are good at short vs. long and others are better in long races vs. short. Get a feel for how aggressive the drivers are as well. Converseley figure out who the passive ones are who play it safe and are happy to just “finish in the money.” Does Mark Martin come to mine?

Know the Drivers: Watch interviews, read magazines, read, participate in forums etc. Absorb as much possible info you can about the drivers because this will help you better understand the game inside the game. Many of these guys range from anywhere from being buddies to hating each other’s guts. A good NASCAR capper has to know all this information.

Know the Tracks: Each track has it’s own unique presence just like a ballpark does in baseball.

Play at Multiple Sportsbooks: Bet at multiple sportsbooks so you can shop for the best lines/odds. If your at the store, you price out tires, motor oil, oil filters etc, why not price out your bets and get the best value possible? While all sportsbooks offer betting, many have unique pricing on their odds.

Join a Forum: Did you know that there are discussion groups out there that meet daily/weekly to discuss the upcoming races? Many even have GOOD amateur handicappers that give away their weekly picks for free. Not only is this fun and educational, but it can be very profitable and offer some great comraderie as well. We have one of the better ones on the web right here! Check out our Nascar Forum!