Nascar Weekly – Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Nascar Weeklyby Virginia Vroom of The season may be over until February, but the battles continue as we see the tempers flare over not only over the championship points but also within the top 35 rankings. Just to briefly describe the top 35 rule, I will...

Nascar News and Notes (11/25/07)

Nascar Weekly News and Notesby Virginia Vroom Although the Chase is over for the year, I think it's important that we go back and look behind the scenes, specifically at Jimmie Johnson and why he was so dominating over the course of the Chase. With someone who came...

This Week in NASCAR

This Week in NASCARby Virginia Vroom of Another weekend, another win for Jimmie Johnson. So what's the deal here? Four wins in a row don't seem to be enough for this overly-dominant team. With the Championship on the line, it's more about defending his...

2008 Lenox Industrial Tools 301 Preview and Picks

Race: LENOX Industrial Tools 301 Date: Sunday June 29, 2006 Track: New Hampshire Motor Speedway Time: 12:30 pm ET Channel: TNT This weekend, we are headed to New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Although it's an intermediate track, Roush drivers do not own this one. In fact,...

Best Parlays

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2.74 to 1 6.24 to 1 13.01 to 1
2.64 to 1 6 to 1 12.28 to 1
2.64 to 1 6 to 1 12 to 1