2009 NBA 3 Point Shooting Contest – Preview, Picks and Betting Odds

3-Point Shooting Contest – Preview, Picks and Betting Odds
By Jason Green at Predictem.com

In this years 3-Point Shooting competition Jason Kapono looks to become only the third player to win the event 3 straight times, as Craig Hodges (1990-1992) and a decent shooter in Larry Bird (1986-1988) are the other two. The other competitors in the event are Danny Granger (Indiana Pacers), Rashard Lewis (Orlando Magic) Mike Bibby (Atlanta Hawks), Roger Mason (San Antonio Spurs) and Daequan Cook (Miami Heat).

The 3-Point Shooting contest is a 2-round competition where the top 3 finishers will advance to the finals. There are 5 ball racks around the 3-point line with four regular balls and one “money-ball”, which is worth 2 points while the regular ball is worth 1 point. These sharpshooters will each have a minute to shoot as many balls as they can.

Kapono is, once again the odds on favorite, as Sportsbook.com (Sportsbook.com Review) has him at +200 followed by Mike Bibby (+350), Danny Granger (+350), Rashard Lewis (+350), Daequan Cook (+550), and Roger Mason (+550).

Jason Kapono (+200)

Kapono is the favorite again because this competition is perfectly suited to his shooting style. He is a spot-up shooter and does not create his own shot. He waits behind the line for the kick-out pass and during this season is hitting on 42.2% of his 3-point shots.

Mike Bibby (+350)

Bibby is not only a 3 point shooter (41.3%), but an assist man and a slasher averaging 15.8 ppg. Many times Bibby creates his 3-point shots by breaking down the opposing guard off the dribble and creating space. The grab and shoot style of the 3 Point Shooting contest is not really his style, but he can knock them down from downtown with the best of them.

Danny Granger (+350)

Granger can really knock down the 3-pointer (39.8%), but he has been dealing with a knee injury and when you shoot from deep you need to have your legs, so he may be at a disadvantage in this competition. He is also playing in his first All-Star game and may have that on his mind. He, much like Bibby, creates his own 3-point opportunities and is not a spot up shooter like Kapono. Granger is the only competitor in the event that is shooting less than 40% from downtown.

Rashard Lewis (+350)

Lewis is the tallest competitor in the event at 6’10” and can really knock the 3 down at a clip of 41.5%. He is a decent bet in this event, as he is good at spotting-up from behind the arc because Magic PG Jameer Nelson is great at penetrating and then finding Lewis wide open allowing him to have open looks at the hoop from deep. This event suits his shooting style better than Bibby or Granger.

Daequan Cook +550

Much like Granger, Cook is dealing with a thigh injury, which may hurt his shooting stroke. Cook has a 3-point FG% of 40.5%. He can spot-up and create his own shot with his quickness, but the first time competitor will have to learn how to grab and shoot, rather than create and shoot or catch and shoot.

Roger Mason (+550)

Mason has the best 3-point shooting percentage (44.9%) of all the competitors, but he has a nagging sore shoulder, which is never good for a shooter. However, this competition is a good fit for his style, as he is used to Tony Parker penetrating and dishing out to him, which gives him open looks from downtown.

Here are the odds at Sportsbook.com to win the 2009 3 Point Shooting contest:

Jason Kapono +200
Mike Bibby +350
Danny Granger +350
Rashard Lewis +350
Daequan Cook +550
Roger Mason +550

Our picks to win the 2009 NBA 3 point shootout: Take both Granger and Mason. Granger’s shot is effortless. Roger Mason is one of the best if not “the” best shooter under pressure in the NBA. One of the two are going to win this contest!