Betting NBA Totals – Over/Under

Betting NBA totals is one of the better wagers to make when wagering on hoops. Astute handicappers track how the team has been scoring as of late, free throw percentages and turnovers to help determine if the over or the under is the play to make. We also watch line moves and try to determine if those moves are caused by public or sharp action.

If your here to learn what NBA totals are, let us explain:

Totals wagers are based on both teams total points scored after the game is over. The bettor selects whether he/she thinks the total points scored will go over or under the posted odds made by the bookmaker.

Let’s say the Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Boston Celtics and the total is 184. You would select whether you think the total points scored by both teams is going to go over or under that number. If it goes over, your a winner! If it goes under, you lose. If it ties, you push and receive your stake back.

You may also see totals like 184.5. In this case, 184 wins for the under and 185 wins for the over. There is no chance of a tie when a half point is present.

It should be noted that totals are easier to beat than sides (point spreads.) This is evidenced by the sportsbooks offering lower limits on such bets.

Another neat thing about betting totals is that instead of pulling for one team, your involving both teams in your wager. The point of betting on games is to make money, however we all have the need for a little action now don’t we?

Something to think about when betting totals is playing them in teasers. While we’re not a huge advocate of the teaser bet, this is a great spot to apply that type of wager to a bet.