NBA Basketball Acronyms – Abbreviations

Ever been reading a boxscore and come along an abbreviation or acronym that you couldn’t figure out? Your not alone!

Listed below, you will find a full in depth list of all acronyms related to the world of hoops. Enjoy!

3PT: Three point field goal
3PA: 3 pointers attempted
AST: Assist
BLK: Blocks
BS: Blocked shots
C: Center
CBA: Contenental Basketball Association
CONF: Conference
DIV: Division
DNP: Did not play
FG: Field Goal
FGP: Field goal percentage
FT: Free Throw
FT-FTA: Free throws made-Total free throws attempted
G: Games
GB: Games back
L: Lost
L10: Last 10 games
MIN: Minutes
MPG: Minutes per game
NBA: National Basketball Association
NBDL: National Basketball Developmental League
OFF: Offensive rebounds
OT: Overtime
PCT: Percent
PF: Personal fouls or Power Forward
PG: Point Guard
PTS: Points
REB: Total rebounds
RPG: Rebounds per game
SF: Small Forward
SG: Shooting Guard
STL: Steals
TO: Turnover
W: Won