NBA Basketball Trends

When handicapping basketball games, SOME NBA basketball trends are a great asset.

in helping you decide which way your going to go on a game. There is an old saying “Let the trend be your friend” but we’re not really in agreement with it. It makes it sound like trends are worth more than they really are. The truth about trends is that their worth no more than the last line of defense when looking to make a pick. It shouldn’t influence you one way or another, just “help” form a decision.

Most trends are worthless, I mean who cares what happened 20 years ago. These aren’t the same teams playing each other today so the info is absolutely irrelevant. There are however trends over the past few years in which certain teams own others, ala Golden State Warriors absolutely owning the Dallas Mavericks in recent hisotry.

Each day of the NBA season, we’ll post what we believe to be the “relevant” trends of the day if we can find any. Enjoy!

NBA trends will return with in approximately Week 3 of the 2007/2008 NBA basketball season!