NBA Underdog of the Day Pick

Each day we post the NBA underdog pick of the day on this page. We scour the day’s card and determine which play we feel has the most value and then recommend that selection to our readers.

Every so often we may pass due to a short card that offers no value, a day where there are no pro basketball games or if we simply can’t find anything that we’d sign our name to (which does happen once a week or so.)

What you should expect from these selections is a good solid 57% record over the course of the NBA season as we have historically cashed in big with the pups.


2009/2010 NBA Underdog of the Day ATS Record: 29-32 -6.20

Sunday, February 7th: Passing
Saturday, February 6th: New Jersey +7.5 (win)
Friday, February 5th: Philadelphia +2.5 (win)
Thursday, February 4th: Passing
Wednesday, February 3rd: New Jersey Nets +11 (win)
Tuesday, February 2nd: New Jersey +2.5 (loss)
Monday, February 1st: Memphis +1.5 (win)
Sunday, January 31st: Passing
Saturday, January 30th: Passing
Friday, January 29th: Philadelphia +6.5 (loss)
Thursday, January 28th: Dallas Mavericks +2 (loss)
Wednesday, January 27th: New Jersey +6.5 (win)
Tuesday, January 26th: Milwaukee +6.5 (win)
Monday, January 25th: New Orleans +2.5 (win)
Sunday, January 24th: Passing
Saturday, January 23rd: Sacramento +7 (loss)
Friday, January 22nd: New York +6 (loss)
Thursday, January 21st: Passing.
Wednesday, January 20th: Chicago Bulls +3.5 (loss)
Tuesday, January 19th: Passing.
Monday, January 18th: Passing
Sunday, January 17th: Toronto +1.5 (win)
Saturday, January 16th: Passing.
Friday, January 15th: New Jersey +3 (loss)
Thursday, January 14th: Passing
Wednesday, January 13th: Milwaukee +6 (loss)
Tuesday, January 12th: Passing
Monday, January 11th: Detroit +5.5 (loss)
Sunday, January 10th: Portland +5.5 (loss)
Saturday, January 9th: Passing
Friday, January 8th: Washington +8 (win)
Thursday, January 7th: Passing
Wednesday, January 6th: Memphis +5.5 (loss)
Tuesday, January 5th: Sacramento +2.5 (loss)
Monday, January 4th: New Orleans +8 (win)
Sunday, January 3rd: Dallas +6.5 (loss)
Saturday, January 2nd: Toronto +3.5 (loss)
New Year’s Day: Minnesota +8 (loss)
Thursday, December 31st: Philadelphia +1 (loss)
Wednesday, December 30th: Clippers +6.5 (win)
Tuesday, Decmeber 29th: Minnesota +11 (loss)
Wednesday, December 23rd: Atlanta +3.5 (loss)
Tuesday, December 22nd: Portland +4.5 (win)
Monday, December 21st: Sacramento +4.5 (win)
Sunday, December 20th: Memphis +1.5 (win)
Saturday, December 19th: Chicago +4.5 (win)
Friday, December 18th: Passing.
Thursday, December 17th: Miami +4 (win)
Wednesday, December 16th: 76ers +6 (nasty one point loss)
Tuesday, December 15th: San Antonio +1.5 (loss)
Monday, December 14th: Memphis +8 (win)
Sunday, December 13th: Oklahoma City +3.5 (loss)
Saturday, December 12th: Minnesota +7.5 (loss)
Friday, December 11th: New Jersey +4 (loss)
Thursday, December 10th: Washington +7.5 (win)
Wednesday, December 9th: Minnesota +3 (win)
Tuesday, December 8th: New Jersey +6.5 (win)
Monday, December 7th: Passing.
Sunday, Decmeber 6th: Passing.
Saturday, December 5th: Passing: No value
Friday, December 4th: New Jersey +3.5 (win)
Thursday, December 3rd: Short card, no dog value.
Wednesday, December 2nd: Passing
Tuesday, December 1st: New York +7 (win)
Monday, November 30th: Memphis +9.5 (loss)
Sunday, November 29th: Houston +2.5 (win)
Saturday, November 28th: Milwaukee +6.5 (win)
Friday, November 27th: NJ Nets +4 (loss)
Wednesday, November 25th: Milwaukee +2.5 (loss)
Tuesday, November 24th: Passed.
Monday, November 23rd: Minnesota +5.5 (win)
Sunday, November 22nd: Passing
Saturday, November 21st: Passing.
Friday, November 20th: Indiana +4 (loss)
Thursday, November 19th: Passing
Wednesday, November 18th: Charlotte +3 (win)
Tuesday, November 17th: Passing
Monday, November 16th: Milwaukee +1.5 (loss)
Sunday, November 15th: LA Clippers +5.5 (win)
Saturday, November 14th: Golden State +7 (win)
Sunday, November 8th Through Friday, November 13th: PASSING
Saturday, November 7th: Charlotte +7.5 (win)
Friday, November 6th: LA Clippers +4.5 (win)
Thursday, November 5th Passing.
Wednesday, November 4th: Memphis +6 (loss)
Tuesday, November 3rd: 76ers +7 (loss)
Monday, November 2nd: Passing
Sunday, November 1st: Oklahoma City +3 (loss)
Saturday, October 31st: Passing
Friday, October 30th: Washington Wizards +6.5 (loss)