2007 NFL Season Wins

If you crave some NFL betting action in the off-season, then you should
take a look at some the future bets available such as NFL team season win
totals. Sportsbook.com (Sportsbook.com Review) has posted under/over win totals for each pro football
team for the 2007/2008 season.

If you are not familiar with this wager, it’s quite simple. You can choose to lay your action on whether a team will win more or less than the wagering line that the sports betting shop has posted. For example at the time of writing, the Arizona Cardinals had a win total of 7. You then could choose under or over the 7 wins depending on what your handicapping research has determined.

So now that we’ve covered the bet type, let’s take a look at this year’s early lines. There is a couple that I have no clue what the bookmaker was thinking. How can you put the Broncos at 9.5. They only had 9 victories last season and lost 5 of their last 7 games of the season. There once mighty defense allowed 261 points in their last 10 games and sure Cutler has some promise, but I wouldn’t be placing any of my bankroll on him being a top flight QB in 2008. Another total that I like is the 6 win line posted on the Detroit Lions. The Lions had all kinds of injury issues on both sides of the line last season and hey this will be Martz’s second year running what in my opinion is a talented group.

Below are posted the win total lines on each NFL team.

Arizona Cardinals o7.0(-140)

Atlanta Falcons o7.5(-150)

Baltimore Ravens o9.0(-135)

Buffalo Bills o6.0(-120)

Carolina Panthers o9.0+(110)

Chicago Bears o10.0(-105)

Cincinnati Bengals o9.0(-130)

Cleveland Browns o5.5(-160)

Dallas Cowboys o9.0(-135)

Denver Broncos o9.5(-110)

Detroit Lions o6.0+(105)

Green Bay Packers o7.5+(120)

Houston Texans o6.5+(105)

Indianapolis Colts o10.5(-125)

Jacksonville Jaguars o8.5(-180)

Kansas City Chiefs o8.0+(130)

Miami Dolphins o7.0(-120)

Minnesota Vikings o6.5(-135)

New England Patriots o11.5(-110)

New Orleans Saints o9.0(-115)

New York Giants o8.0(-125)

New York Jets o8.0+(125)

Oakland Raiders o5.0(-130)

Philadelphia Eagles o9.0(-130)

Pittsburgh Steelers o9.0+(105)

San Diego Chargers o10.5(-140)

San Francisco 49ers o7.5(-125)

Seattle Seahawks o9.0+(110)

St Louis Rams o7.5(-110)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers o7.0(-115)

Tennessee Titans o7.0(even)

Washington Redskins o7.5+(120)

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