2008 NFL MVP Odds

Odds to win 2008-2009 Regular Season NFL MVP
By Jason Green at Predictem.com

The best odds for the NFL MVP this season is not for a player, but for the QB Field (+200), which is any QB that wins the award that is not posted on Sportsbook.com That may not be a bad bet, as Kurt Warner is putting up MVP numbers (3155 yds 20 TD 7 INT) for the, probable, playoff bound Cardinals. The only other QB not posted at Sportsbook.com that has a chance is Brett Favre, but even though he has 18 TD his yards are not among QB leaders.

Both Drew Brees and Jay Cutler have +350 odds to win the MVP. The next couple of weeks will determine if either comes out and solidifies their position.

Cutler has legit stats (2832 yds 19 TD 11 INT) and he has carried the Broncos this year and has them in first place in the AFC West. He has a great chance to put up some sick numbers in the next few weeks, as the Broncos play 3 teams with weak defenses in Oakland, NY Jets, and Kansas City.

Brees has great numbers (3251 yds 18 TD 11 TD) and has the most passing yards of any QB in the NFL. However, the Saints are only 5-5 and have an uphill battle to make the playoffs. Brees has a little advantage, as the Saints will be fighting to make the playoffs and the only way they can do so is by putting up a lot of points on the scoreboard, since the Saints only have the league’s 24th ranked defense.

Adrian Peterson (+500) leads the NFL in rushing yards (1100) and is the main reason the Vikings are still in the playoff picture. The Vikings are 5-5 and in a 3 way tie in the NFC North, as the Packers and Bears are also 5-5. If the Vikings make a push to make the post season and Peterson keeps putting up good numbers, he has a legit shot to win the MVP.

Both Eli Manning and Clinton Portis have +1200 odds to win the MVP this season. Eli Manning does not have the numbers that Warner, Brees, or Cutler have (2079 yds 15 TD 7 TD), but he has led the Giants to the best record in the NFC and he does not have to carry the G-men to victory, meaning he does not need to pick up a ton of yards for them to win. Still, the numbers aren’t there and he is currently the 14th rated QB in the league.

Portis may have been a front-runner a few weeks ago, but he has a banged up knee and in the Skins last 2 games, both losses, he has failed to gain 70 yards in each game. Still, Portis is the 2nd leading rusher in the NFL and if the Skins can make a playoff push and Portis is the main reason, he will be considered for the MVP.

The WR Field (any other WR or TE) is at +1200, but that is a long shot even though Andre Johnson (71 rec 955 yds 3 TD) and Roddy White (58 rec 903 yds 6 TD) are having great years they are not having MVP years. I mean, if you are going to take this bet you may want to bet on Larry Fitzgerald at +5000, who may be having the best year of any WR with 67 rec 939 yds 6 TD.

RB Field (any other RB) is at +1500 and the only real threat to win the award that is not listed at Sportsbook.com is Atlanta RB Michael Turner (971 yds 9 TD), but in the last 5 games Turner has only cracked the 100-yard barrier once.

The 4 QB’s of Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, Phillip Rivers, and Tony Romo are all at +2000 odds.

Rivers and Manning may have a legit chance, but not McNabb or Romo. Rivers is currently the 2nd rated QB in the league and has good numbers (2518 yds 21 TD 10 INT), but the Chargers are currently under .500. Manning has good but not Manning-like numbers (2568 yds 17 TD 9 INT) and he has started to look like his old MVP self in the past few games. Still, he has fewer yards that several QB’s and is currently only the 16th rated QB in the league. McNabb is only the 17th rated QB in the league and the Eagles are slumping and Romo missed a few games due to injury.

Here are the current odds at Sportsbook.com to win 2008-2009 Regular Season NFL MVP.

QB Field (any other QB) +200
Drew Brees +350
Jay Cutler +350
Adrian Peterson +500
Eli Manning +1200
Clinton Portis +1200
WR Field (any other WR or TE) +1200
RB Field (any other RB) +1500
Tony Romo +2000
Philip Rivers +2000
Donovan McNabb +2000
Peyton Manning +2000
LaDainian Tomlinson +2500
Reggie Wayne +4000
Ben Roethlisberger +4000
Andre Johnson +4000
Larry Fitzgerald +5000
Brandon Jacobs +5000
Brian Westbrook +5000
Terrell Owens +5000
Willie Parker +5000
David Garrard +6000
Steven Jackson +6000
Marshawn Lynch +7500
Randy Moss +7500
Frank Gore +10000
Jamal Lewis +10000
Willis McGahee +10000
Marvin Harrison +10000
Torry Holt +10000
TJ Houshmandzadeh +10000
Chad Johnson +20000
Rudi Johnson +20000
Matt Hasselbeck +20000
Edgerrin James +20000
Vince Young +20000