Early Season NFL Betting Strategy

by | Last updated Jul 26, 2022 | nfl

Early Season Approach To NFL Football Betting
by Vernon Croy, Sports Handicapper, VernonCroy.com

As soon as the NFL season begins, most bettors are already chomping at the bit to get in on the action for themselves. They have been waiting all spring and summer for this, after all. However, early season betting is a little bit more challenging than betting on games later in the season. With no existing track record of what a team is capable of on the year, what are you supposed to utilize in order to make wise decisions? Here’s a quick primer for good early season football betting strategy.

Before the season even begins, you should be well acquainted with the moves that each team has made. This means the free agents they have signed or released, the draft picks they have brought to the team, and so forth. Keep in mind not only if a draft pick is a big name, but whether or not he is “NFL ready”, and whether or not he is in a position where it’s likely he’d be able to have a big impact as a young player.

Even though the season is just getting underway, all teams will already be dealing with injuries. Injuries are sustained before the year even begins and also commonly take place in the first few weeks of the year. Keep a close eye on who is hurt and with what kind of injury to see what a team’s lineup is really looking like.


The past track record of a team is usually a good indicator of how they are going to perform. However, in many cases, it can also be misleading depending on how much change that team has gone through in the offseason. Keep in mind that each and every season in the NFL, surprising teams pop up that nobody thought would be good, and other teams fall back to the pack after having had high expectations.

It’s always a smart idea to find value in the right odds and point spreads, while keeping an eye out for under-the-radar teams. Which team has the young quarterback ready to take that next big leap? Which team with a new head coach really seems to have a different approach than they have had in the past? What is that coach’s previous record? Does he possess a winning or losing pedigree?

Don’t be afraid to fade the public and go the other way. We all know that certain stories and players are overhyped in the NFL. Once everybody is behind those, there are some great opportunities to be  on the other side of the equation, and capitalize on the disparity it has caused.

Of course, as with proper betting strategy at any other time of the year, research is your friend. Dive into those statistics and those track records, look at all of the transactions that a team has made, and check those depth charts and draft picks. With the right information on your side, there is ample opportunity for big wins with a sound early-season football betting strategy before the public at large learns what you have known all along.

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