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Welcome to our preseason NFL football picks page where you will find winning selections on NFL pre-season games ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Many people will tell you that betting on preseason games is a crap shoot and has no value. They couldn’t be more wrong! Let us explain….

There’s a few very strong variables that make betting on the pre-season games more valuable than betting regular season games:

1: The coaches basically TELL you what the’re going to do in their pre-game interview.

2. SOME teams already have their starting lineups figured out. Others don’t. If you find a situation where a team has guys fighting for positions vs. an already established team, you’re in luck. The guys fighting for positions are going to give more effort and this is an advantage to you the bettor.

3. Even though it’s pre-season, SOME coaches make winning a priority. Others don’t. This too is a huge advantage when betting. How do you find out which coaches care? Previous years preseason records!

4. Quarterbacks! If a team has good veteran backup QB’s going 2 or 3 deep and is going vs. a team that’s 2nd and 3rd stringers are rookies or “not so good”, this can be a nice angle to play as well.

Preseason NFL Betting Tip: You might want to consider betting the first half only, as the result might be tad more predictable due to starters and second stringers usually getting all of the playing time during the first two quarters. For more NFL preseason betting strategies, check out Jeff’s article: How to Handicap Preseason NFL Games.

2017 NFL PRESEASON PICKS RECORD: 3-5-1 -3.40 Units

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Note 2: The best info comes out LATE so you’ll need to check in here up to ten minutes before gametime on gamedays for plays.

Full Schedule: 2017 NFL Preseason Schedule

Thursday, August 31st: NYG +2.5 (won 40-38)
Sunday, August 27th: Cinci +3 (lost 17-23)
Saturday, August 26th: Bal -4 (pushed 13-9)
Friday, August 25th: Sea -3 (won 26-13)
Monday, August 24th: Passing
Sunday, August 20th: Atl -3 (lost 13-17)
Saturday, August 19th: Wash -3 (lost 17-21)
Sunday, August 13th: No value; Passing.
Friday, August 11th: NYG on the money line -200 (lost 12-20)
Thursday, August 10th: Minnesota Vikings -3 (won 17-10)
Wednesday, August 9th: Houston Texans +1 (lost 17-27)

2016 NFL PRESEASON PICKS RECORD: 8-6-0 +1.40 Units

Note: The best info comes out LATE so you’ll need to check in here up to ten minutes before gametime on gamedays for plays.

9/1: SF 49ers +1 (won 31-21)
8/31: Wash +2.5 (won 20-13)
8/28: No value; Passing!
8/27: Eagles +1.5 (won 33-23)
8/26: SF -1.5 (lost 10-21)
8/25: Sea -6 (won 27-17)
8/20: Bal +2.5 (won 19-18) and Den -5.5 (lost 24-31)
8/19: Dolphins at a pick (lost 14-41)
8/18: Eagles +3 (won 17-0), Vikings +3.5 (won 18-11)
8/14 SF -3.5 (lost 13-24)
8/13: KC -4 (lost 16-17 on a last second hail mary! UGH!)
8/12: Vikings +2.5 (won 17-16)
8/11: Saints +3 (lost 22-34)
8/7: We couldn’t find any advantages so are passing.

Note: We didn’t do any preseason picks for the 2015 season as we were busy working on a large project. We’ll resume making plays for the 2016 season.

2014 NFL PRESEASON PICKS RECORD: 6-6-1 -0.75 Units

Sunday, August 24th: Arizona -2.5 (lost 13-19) and UNDER 42.5 (won 32 scored)
Saturday, August 23rd: Tennessee Titans +3 (win)
Friday, August 22nd: Jacksonville Jaguars +3 (win)
Thursday, August 21st: Pittsburgh Steelers +3.5 (loss)
Monday, August 18th: Cleveland Browns +2.5 (win)
Sunday, August 17th: SF -4 (loss)
Saturday, August 16th: NYG +1.5 (win)
Friday, August 15th: Philadelphia Eagles +3 (-125)(loss)
Saturday, August 9th: Cleveland Browns at a pick’em (loss)
Friday, August 8th: Buffalo Bills -2 (push)
Thursday, August 7th: Baltimore Ravens -2 (win)
Sunday, August 3rd: Buffalo Bills -3 (loss)