Free UFL Football Picks

Free UFL Football Picks
by Staff

Welcome to the Predictem UFL Picks page. Here you will find point spread predictions made on United Football League games. The league consists of four teams (Las Vegas Locomotives, New York Sentinels, Orlando Tuskers and San Francisco Rockfish) and will expand in the future.

You will see some familiar faces in UFL uniforms as a few players have opted to play in this league instead of the NFL. Some of the more familiar names include: JP Losman, Brooks Bollinger, Koren Robinson, Chris Perry and Larry Tripplett.

While not officially attached, some are viewing the new UFL league as a “minor league” for the NFL.

The league will play their games on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. The first game starts in October and the UFL’s championship game will play on Thanksgiving weekend. We are expecting “most” online bookies to carry sides/totals on these games.

One cool thing we like about this new league is that should a game go to overtime, both teams get a shot to have the ball rather than the sudden death scenario that plays out in the NFL.

Ok, on to the picks!


We’re currently looking for a UFL handicapper. Once we find a good one, we’ll start reposting picks here. Please bookmark this page and check back soon!