Mid-Season Super Bowl 56 Futures – Odds & Picks

by | Nov 8, 2021 | nfl

With the benefit of a half-season now in the rearview, we can sit and make our Super Bowl picks with a little more solid standing. At the beginning of the season, we thought we knew, but after a half-season, we should have a better idea. For some of us, this is a chance to amend our preseason futures bets that might not be in the best of shape while also providing the opportunity to take some of the teams we liked at maybe a better price than what they were leading into the season.

When the light becomes visible at the end of the tunnel, there can be some extra clarity. We’re going to break down several teams from each conference, with a long-shot that maybe people aren’t paying attention to, as well. Let’s break it down! (Odds courtesy of Betanysports - A sportsbook where you can bet on games at -105 odds on sides and totals instead of -110! Check them out! It’ll save you TONS of cash!)

AFC Selections

Buffalo Bills (+500):

Last week was a disaster, a 9-6 loss to the Jaguars of all teams. And we’ve seen Josh Allen and the offense hit some flat notes this season. But it’s still an offense that should be vital moving forward. At only 5-3, there is still work to be done, and they need to get on a little roll to secure a premier playoff slot. But they still hold onto first in the AFC East. With an attacking defense that features stoutness against the run and the pass, this is a team built to succeed deep into the playoffs. And with former conference kingpin Kansas City in a bit of peril, perhaps the road to that spot isn’t as problematic as it’s been the last few seasons.

Baltimore Ravens (+1000):

At 6-2 and winners of 6 of 7, the Ravens are starting to command respect. A lot of adversity has been overcome to get to this spot, as the Ravens are a contender with character. An inordinate number of injuries and roster reshuffling threatened their season, but they continue to cultivate mass success with the stellar play of Lamar Jackson. Time and again this season, they have thrived in close-game situations, and that’s the kind of thing you want to see from your conference contender.

Kansas City Chiefs (+1000):

For those who felt the Chiefs’ price was too short entering the season, you can now have at nearly three times the value. The problem is that the Chiefs’ stock has dropped in light of their struggles, making them look anything but a Super Bowl team. Their run game has suffered, Mahomes seems out of sorts, Kelce looks old, and they’re not getting the same automatic production on offense. Take a god-awful defense, and it paints an unflattering image. Still, winning their last two games suggests they’re not in a state of total freefall, perhaps, so righting the ship might not be out of the question. And if they do, having them at +1000 would certainly feel good.

New England Patriots (+3000):

Our conference long-shot, the Pats have looked good recently after a rough start. Three wins in a row, including their last two on the road, has the Pats at 5-4, just behind the Bills. Throw in one-score losses to Dallas and Tampa, perhaps they’re not as far off as some might think. Youngsters are getting their feet wet, the defense has gotten its act together, and there are some easy spots that lie ahead on their schedule. Not bad for +3000.


NFC Selections

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+550):

Some strong regular season showings suggest Brady and the Bucs aren’t resting on last season’s laurels. And we know Brady isn’t playing at this advanced stage just to have a pretty good season. From a strictly football point of view, it’s hard to argue with this pick. They can run the ball, their pass-catching crew is an embarrassment of riches, their defense is a top group overall, and they’re one of the better coached teams in the league. And with the strange texture of the conference, there aren’t numerous landmines, but rather just a team or two that would seem to be a real threat to the Bucs.

Arizona Cardinals (+800):

Sporting the best record at 8-1, a Cardinals team that can keep the wheels on for another few months should be a factor in this postseason. Sure, even if they book home field throughout, the road to the Bowl is ridden with landmines in the form of their longtime tormentor LA Rams, and of course, the defending champion Bucs. But maybe it’s better to be a little early to the party on a team that has seen a formula they’ve been working on for several years finally take hold in a big way.

Los Angeles Rams (+800):

Recent impressions aside, with an ugly loss to the Titans last week, the addition of Matthew Stafford to the recipe has gone over even better than expected. When clicking, the offense is elite with vital production on the ground and through the air. A still-solid defense that boasts a large playmaking component makes them the kind of all-around threat that could have them back in the big game before long. Being 7-2 and still in second place in their division is problematic, as their road to the big dance could mean having to score road wins over the other heavy-hitters in the NFC. But if you’re just talking about teams that have been most impressive through the first half of the season, you can’t leave out the Rams.

New Orleans Saints (+4000):

Well, they’re a long-shot for a reason. At 40-1 on any bet, there are going to be numerous issues that make the bet look problematic, but that’s the nature of long-shots. They’re 5-3 and one game behind Tampa. An 11-point win over Tampa and a 38-3 win over Green Bay would appear to give them some credentials that exceed their public opinion. And a mish-mosh at the QB position just makes them that much easier to low-rate. But with an effectiveness that is hard to explain, Alvin Kamara, and a defense that is excellent against the run, maybe they’re worth a whirl at this number. 

Good luck with your Super Bowl futures bets! And don’t forget to check out this week’s NFL best bets!