Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Giants Point Spread – Pick Against the Spread

Minnesota Vikings (1-4 SU, 2-3 ATS) vs. New York Giants (0-6 SU, 1-5 ATS)
NFL Week 7
Date and Time: MNF, October 21, 2013 8:25 EST
Where: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford NJ
by Tim, Football Handicapper, Predictem.com

Point Spread: Min. +3/NYG -3
Over/Under Total: 46.5

Minnesota is chilly in October. The Vikings travel to New Jersey battling a cold so fierce it threatens to shatter mens teeth and crack their bones like kindling wood. It isnt the weather the Vikings battle; it is the acrid flavor of a 0-6 New York Giants football team. Remorseful is the mood around Manhattan Island turning apples to lemons and heroes to villains. Reporters can be seen keeping a 24-hour vigil outside the Quest Diagnostics Training Facility (formerly known as the Timex) expecting eager Giants fans wishing for their money back. Quest is good at payouts; to the tune of $302 million good! For the Vikings? At 1-4, Garrison Keillor pays no attention to home game dates any longer when scheduling the Fitzgerald Theater in Downtown St. Paul. The Vikings have put chicken wing eating Minnesota-ans firmly beside family in church pews on Sunday. A revival or funeral is taking place in both parts of the country. Monday Night is back in East Rutherford and it couldnt come at a worse time for both teams!

Giants RB David Wilson’s health is being watched in earnest. Why? Theres really no apparent reasona fully healthy and playing David Wilson has netted the Giants 5 losses! Giants RB Brandon Jacobs had what Giants brass called a rebirth against the Bears. Jacobs rebirth at RB was parallel to Wilsons health; the Giants lost during Jacobs rebirthing process. In footballespecially football—1 single half-step or immeasurable hesitation is the difference between winning and losing. Case(s)-in-point: The sensational sideline catch by Mario Manningham in Super Bowl XLVI and David Tyrees Helmet sticker catch in Super Bowl XLII. The Giants 2007 Super Bowl season with Tyree saw the Giants 14th in the NFL in scoring and 17th in points allowed. In that same year, the Giants were 26th in Giveaway/Takeaway and Eli Manning threw 23 TDs and 20 INTs while averaging 208 yards of passing per game. In the 2011-2012 Super Bowl winning year, the Giants were 9th in scoring and 25th in points allowed while being 7th in Giveaway/Takeaway margin. In 2013, the Giants are 30th in scoring, 32nd in points allowed, and stand dead last in Giveaway/Takeaway margin. But the facts of the apparent Giants demise in 2013 become crystal clear comparing the 2007, 2011, and 2013 seasons thru the first part of the season. In 2007 thru 6 games, the Giants were 4-2, rushed for 773 yards, with 12 turnovers and 9 takeaways. In 2011 thru 6 games, the Giants were 6-0 carrying 753 yards rushing, 9 Turnovers, and 13 Takeaways. This year (2013), the Giants—of course—stand 0-6 with 16 turnovers, 7 takeaways, and 407 yards rushing. Lets take a quick look at the Vikings stats before coming to a conclusion.

A reversal of misfortune has hit Minnesota having more shoreline than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined; 90,000 miles! The Vikings have acquired Barry Sanders Disease with Adrian Peterson pulling the offensive load most games. Peterson is immensely talented. In the NFL, immensely talented RBs without a slightly talented QB spells 8-8 faster than sticking Josh Freeman in as a starter after picking Freeman up on October 6th. Even suggesting Freeman, as the Vikings QB against the Giants, says 2 very distinct things to everyone; 1) The Vikings Offensive Playbook is a coloring book on roids and a VERY LARGE reason why the Vikings arent winning 2) Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier has lost his mind. Two weeks after being signed, sealed, and delivered to the Vikings and Freeman knows the offense, has adjusted to the offensive timing, particular Vikings reads and checkdowns etc.?? Is that possible? Dont be deceived; it wasnt just Schiano who wanted Freeman gone in Tampa Bay. ALL Bucs Management wanted Freeman gonenot at the end of the year; Right Now! Freeman may be a run-of-the-mill Nutcase to have ALL Management desperately trying to get rid of him. Fraziers got him nowand the slapstick of rushing the Great Hype Hope (Freeman) into a NFL Monday Night game will become all too apparent >>>> the 1st time (of many) Freeman pirouettes the wrong way doing the Tango with Peterson in the backfield and killing a drive. No, this Mondays coming catastrophe is not going to be about Freeman. This catastrophe will expose Fraziers astonishing ineptness as a coach for all to see on Monday Night. Couple Freemans Minnesota plunge with the worst slot corner in professional footballVikings CB Josh Robinson—and Elis eyes will be popping from their sockets Monday Night. CB Robinson is far and away the worst corner in the NFL allowing over a 92% completion rate when hes targeted. 92% might be the worst cover completion rate since the NFL was founded!!

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The Giants are obviously pressing to win resulting in a huge jump with turnovers this year. The Giants cannot run the ballalthough, Brandon Jacobs did rush for over 100 yards last and 2 TDs against the Bears. The Vikings are using water to put out a grease fire by bringing in Freeman. If Freeman starts and/or plays a significant amount time, the Vikings will lose this game by approximately 28 to 77,800 points. You cannot learn a NFL offensive Playbook with sufficient confidence to play in a gameon Monday NightAWAYin New York! If Frazier puts in Freeman and the Vikings lose, Leslie Frazier should be fired before he shakes Coughlins hand after the game. Brandon Jacobs will get his carries and produce over 50+ yards on the ground. The Giants wont need the help in the running game. Look for number 21 in Vikings away jersey (Josh Robinson) for Eli to pick on; early and often! If Freeman enters the game for any stretch of time, the Giants will blow out the Vikings.

Tims Pick to Cover the Point Spread: New York Giants -3