Ever looked at an NFL football boxscore and seen an abbreviation or acronym and wondered what it meant? Your not the only one! Whatever you may be looking for having to do with NFL acronyms should be found here. If not, email us at Predictem at Hotmail.com and let us know what your looking for and we’ll find you the answer! *New! Team names added!

+: Plus the points (underdog)
: Minus the points (favorite)
-20: Punts inside the 20 yard line
AFC: American Football Conference
AST: Assisted tackles
ATS: Against the Spread
ATT: Attempts
AVG: Average
BLK: Punts or field goals blocked
C: Completion
CAR: Carries
DL: Defensive Lineman
DPOY: Defensive Player of the Year
F: Fumble or could be used for “final”
FFUM: Forced fumbles
FG: Field goal
FGA: Field goals attempted
FGM: Field goals made
FUM: Fumble
FUMR: Fumble recoveries
INT: Interceptions
INTTD: Interceptions returned for touchdowns
K: Kicker
KR: Kick Return or Kick Returner
LG: Long or longest
LOST: Lost fumbles
ML: Moneyline
NFC: National Football Conference
NO: Number
OL: Offensive Lineman
PCT: Percent
PD: Passes deflected
PR: Punt Return
R: Rushes
RUSH: Rushing attempts
RB: Running Back
POSS: Time of possession
QB: Quarterback
QTR: Quarter
S: Safety
SACK: Sacks
SOLO: Solo tackes
SU: Straight Up (No point spread involved)
T: Tackles
Tack: Tackles
TB: Touchback
TD: Touchdown
TGTS: Targets (As in how many times the receiver was thrown to)
TP: Total plays
TOT: Total
XPA: Extra points attempted
XP: Extra point
XPM: Extra points made
Y/A: Yards per attempt
YDS: Yards

NFL Team Name Abbreviations:

ARI: Arizona Cardinals
ATL: Atlanta Falcons
BAL: Baltimore Ravens
BUF: Buffalo Bills
CAR: Carolina Panthers
CHI: Chicago Bears
CIN: Cincinnati Bengals
CLE: Cleveland Browns
DAL: Dallas Cowboys
DEN: Denver Broncos
DET: Detroit Lions
GB: Green Bay Packers
HOU: Houston Texans
IND: Indianapolis Colts
JAX: Jacksonville Jaguars
KC: Kansas City Chiefs
MIA: Miami Dolphins
MIN: Minnesota Vikings
NE: New England Patriots
NO: New Orleans Saints
NYG: New York Giants
NYJ: New York Jets
OAK: Oakland Raiders
PHI: Philadelphia Eagles
PIT: Pittsburgh Steelers
SD: San Diego Chargers
SEA: Seattle Seahawks
SF: San Francisco 49ers
STL: Saint Louis Rams
TB: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
TEN Tennessee Titans
WAS: Washington Redskins