Each NFL football season we offer free to enter football handicapping contests! These contests are held in our sports betting forums near the top of the forums.

In the past, we’ve run such contests as pick five against the spread each week, pick the board, last man standing, over/under contests, moneyline contests and more.

You will need to register for a forum username and password which is a free process.

Once you have a username and password, you’ll need to check back each week to enter your picks.

Prizes usually consist of a $100 weekly sports wagering account from one of our recommended sportsbooks which will be announced as sponsor prior to the start of the contest.

Please note that all prizes are likely to be subject to a “rollover” which will be noted in the rules. We highly recommend that you read all the rules to prevent from being disqualified. Predictem.com reserves the right to DQ any user for any reason at any time.

Winners are likely only to be allowed one free betting account during the season. Some contests allow for a second time winner but require a matching deposit of the prize as well as a rollover that will be listed in the rules.

These contests are meant to be for fun and to add enjoyment to your football season. Please do not bend the rules and ruin it for others.

Please also consider signing up at the sponsoring sportsbooks’s website through our links as this is what ultimately keeps us in business as well as keeps the sportsbook’s interest in coming back the following year and offering us a free contest. Thanks and enjoy!

See each contests specific rules and regulations as they can and will vary.

2016 NFL Football Handicapping Contests