NFL Futures Betting

by Staff

We have many takes on betting NFL futures. Before we get into the pros and con’s, we’ll explain what they are…

NFL futures are proposition bets that offer a wide range of choices, having nothing to do with point spreads or regular football betting. These are bets that come out before the season starts in which your selecting which team you think will win there division, or conference or superbowl. Stuff like that.

Other wager offerings you may see in the NFL futures sections of sportsbooks are teams to go over or under a certain amount of wins for the season, quarterback to throw for the most yards during the season, running back to have the most touchdowns, that sort of stuff.


If your picking a team to win the Super Bowl, some really nice odds can be found. I can’t imagine what it felt like for Rams bettors years ago when Kurt Warner unexpectedly lead his team to the Super Bowl. I heard there were some fat payoffs and some very happy bettors, most of which were vacationing in Vegas from St. Louis I imagine.

What we like about these types of wagers is that there’s some easy pickin’s if you know what your doing. It’s also a great way to “be in the action” and have something to root for all season long while laying out small money with the potential of a big payoff.

What we don’t like about prop bets is that you have to tie your money up from late August or early September until around Super Bowl time which spans approximately 5 months. During that five months, you could feasibly be taking those same dollars your risking and multply them many times over by picking sides/totals/teasers/parlays etc. during the regular NFL season.

If your laying small loot it’s really not that big of a deal, but who want’s to lay out a dime ($1000) and have that locked up for five months? Furthermore, it’s not likely, but what if the online sportsbook your playing at goes under? Again, highly unlikely, but it is a business and it’s surely something to consider before placing large bets on futures. (I wouldn’t worry about this so much if the bet were being placed at a Las Vegas Sportsbook.)

Tip: When betting over/under on team wins, keep in mind that bad teams always seem to get better as they’ve worked hard in the offseason to bring in more talent and/or have grabbed some nice draft picks. Often times, a novice bettor’s memory stems back to the previous season not taking these things into consideration. Many bad teams have their win totals set very low and these can act as low hanging fruit that you can pick off. It’s very tasty!

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