Peyton Manning Torn Plantar Fascia – Bears on Deck for Week 11

Peyton Manning: Partially Torn Plantar Fascia in Right Foot

News out of Denver is that Manning has been battling plantar fasciitis for multiple weeks and had trouble walking as late as last week. This would explain his morbid Week 10 performance (5/20 for 35 yards and a fumble – The worst single game QB rating in 10 years) as anybody who viewed the game would have questioned why it appeared that he was purposely throwing the ball to Chiefs defenders. As you can imagine, a quarterback greatly depends on his lower body to generate power to throw the ball downfield.

Manning was pulled in the 3rd quarter and replaced by Brock Osweiler after throwing his 4th interception.

The move had much irony as earlier in the game, the contest had been stopped to honor the Broncos signal caller who had just passed Brett Favre as the NFL’s all time leading passing (yards). Manning being benched after achieving this great feat was mind boggling to say the least.

Plantar Fasciitis is the thickening of the plantar fascia which is a band of tissue runningunderneath the sole of thefoot. The thickening can be due to recent damage or injury, or can be because of an accumulation of smaller injuries over the years. As a young basketball player back in the 90’s, I suffered this injury on and off and lemme tell ya, it hurts like hell!

As of Monday morning, there has been no word on how long (if any) time Peyton Manning will miss. What was said, is that Kubiak still has confidence in Manning and that he’ll remain the team’s starting QB when he’s healthy enough to do so.

In the postgame interview, Manning noted that he didn’t feel right at halftime but tried to play anyway. He also noted that this was a bad call on his part and that he regretted the decision, as his intent to “help the team” ended up “hurting the team”.

The prudent thing to do would be to sit him for a couple weeks, allowing for some healing time. Manning is banged up to say the least. He’s been popping up on injury reports with a right shoulder injury, ribs and a bad foot. At age 39, the years are starting to pile up on him.

The Broncos are 7-2 and are pretty much a lock to win the AFC West (Next best team are the Chiefs at 4-5). I expect the team to sit him for a few weeks so he’ll be full steam ahead for a playoff run. Then again, this guy is a competitor so nothing would surprise me.

Final Thoughts: The Broncos travel to the Chicago
to take on the Bears next week. The line opened as a pick’em and has quickly
moved to Denver -2. I’m circling the Bears as a LIVE underdog IF Peyton
is named starter.

Tuesday Morning Update: Manning is expected to miss multiple weeks. Brock Osweiler will start in his place.

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