Predictem Historical NFL Archives

As a courtesy to our readers, we archive our old articles, picks, previews, postings and news clips from past run dates. Listed below you will find our NFL archives (newest to oldest) from the time the site initially went live until the last calender month. Enjoy!

Week 4 Through Week 16 (2016)

January 2016 Through September 2016 – Wildcard playoffs, conference championships and 2016 Super Bowl preview. Week 1 through 3 of the 2016/2017 NFL playoffs.

December 2013 Through September 2014 – Highlighted by the 2014 Super Bowl, tons of game previews and picks, injury news and more. In sad news, long-time Titans kicker Rob Bironas was killed in a car accident.

November 2013 – Week 10 through 12 game previews, picks and injury news from the 2013 NFL football season.

September 2013 Through October 2013 – Notes of interest include Week 1-9 NFL game previews, the Jonathan Martin and Miami Dolphins bullying debacle and a ton of news and notes from around the National Football League.

December 2012 Through August 2013 – Highlighted by Super Bowl XLVII (47) between the Baltimore Ravens/San Francisco 49ers, the start of the 2013 season as well as a ton of off-season NFL player news and notes.

October 2012 Through November 2012 – Highlighted by Week 4 through Week 12 NFL game previews and picks as well as news from around the league which includes but was not limited to the passing of Alex Karras, injuries to Willis McGahee (ACL), Rob Gronkowski (forearm), Ray Lewis (triceps) and the benching of Michael Vick in favor of Nick Foles.

March 2012 Through September 2012 – Highlighted by the start of the 2012 NFL football season, player news and tons of game previews/picks.

November 2011 Through February 2012 – Highlighted by the 2012 Super Bowl, Chuck Pagano being hired as the Colts new HC and lots of game previews and picks!

September 2011 Through October 2011 – Highlighted by the start of the 2011 NFL season, the return of Pac Man Jones, the emergence of Tim Tebow and Carson Palmer getting traded from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Oakland Raiders.

January 2011 Through August 2011 – Highlighted by Leslie Frazier becoming the Minnesota Vikings head coach, the firing of Browns HC Eric Mangini, the Broncos hiring John Fox as head coach, the 2011 NFL playoffs, the return of Plaxico Burress, the firing of Titans HC Jeff Fisher, Super Bowl XLV and more.

October 2010 Through December 2010 – Highlighted by Week 8 through Week 16 game previews and picks, the contract extension of Donovan McNabb, a slew of injury reports and more.

November 2011 Through February 2012 – Highlighted by the 2012 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and NYG, playoff previews and picks, the Colts naming Chuck Pagano head coach and more.

Week 4 Through Week 7 (2010) – Highlighted by (lowlighted actually) season ending injuries to Packers TE Jermichael Finley, Rams WR Mark Clayton and Colts TE Dallas Clark and the announcement that there would be no deal for Chargers holdout WR Vincent Jackson which would result in him not playing until at least week 12.

2010 Through September 2010
– Highlighted by the start of the 2010/2011 season, week’s 1, 2 and 3 game previews and picks, and the NFL says goodbye to 2 GREATS; George Blanda and Don “Air” Coryell”.

March Through June 2010 – Highlighted by the NFL’s new overtime rule and numerous free agent signings including Julius Peppers with the Bears, Thomas Jones with the Chiefs, Larry Johnson with the Skins, LaDanian Tomlinson with the Jets and more.

January Through February 2010 – Highlighted by the New Orleans Saints winning Super Bowl 44, the retirement of Kurt Warner, the release of long-time Charger RB LaDanian Tomlinson and more.

– Highlighted by the winding down of the 2009/2010 NFL regular
season and lowlighted by the death of Cincinnati Bengals WR Chris Henry
who died after falling out of a moving truck that his girlfriend was driving.

November 2009 – Archived previews, picks and player news including the season ending injuries to star NFL players Clinton Portis, Jamal Lewis, Ronnie Brown, Bob Sanders and Chris Cooley.

October 2009 – Highlights include previews and picks for games spanning from Week 4 through Week 7, the coming out party for Rashard Mendenhall taking over at RB for Willie Parker, Alex Smith for Shaun Hill and Josh Freeman for Josh Johnson. Other notes of interest include the suspended Marshawn Lynch coming back and re-taking his position from what seemed to be an effective Fred Jackson, Browns LB D’Qwell Jackson (the only guy on their D who was making tackles) being ruled out for the year with injury, the Redskins stripping coach Jim Zorn of playcalling duties and hiring Sherm Lewis as play caller, who was retired and calling out bingo numbers at a senior center, Niners WR Crabtee finally signing and last but not least the removal of Rush Limbaugh from the investment group looking to purchase the St. Louis Rams due to all the heat the public was making over his comments which were viewed by many to be racial.

September 2009 – Highlights include the start of the 2009 NFL season, a bunch of injury news (Frank Gore, Chad Pennington, Marc Bulger, Randy Thomas, Jerod May, Troy Polamalu, Donovan McNabb, Brian Urlacher, Anthony Gonzalez Kevin Jones), the Richard Seymour trade to Oakland, previews, picks and more.

2009 Through August 2009
– Highlighted by the start of the 2009 season, 2009 team previews, the signing of Brett Favre in Minnesota, the Plaxico Burress weapons charge saga, Michael Crabtree’s holdout and more.

December 2008 vs. March 2009 – Highlighted by the news of Donte Stallworth striking and killing somebody with his car, the Cowboys waiving Terrell Owens, Brett Favre announces retirement, Super Bowl XLII, Eric Mangini being announced as coach of the Browns, Peyton Manning being named MVP for the 3rd time and the Broncos firing long time coach Mike Shanahan.

October Through November 2008 – Highlighted by Week 5 through 13 point spreads, Pac Man Jones has issues, Roy Williams goes to the Dallas Cowboys along with weekly previews and picks.

August Through September 2008 – Week 1 through 4 point spreads, Scott Linehan gets fired, Shawne Merriman does the right thing and opts for surgery, Osi Umenyiora goes down for the season with an and injury and more.

May 2008 through July 2008 Archives – Highlights of this period include but are not limited to Brett Favre “unretiring” and joining the New York Yets, team previews, Jonathan Ogden retires and notation of sports handicapping contests.

February Through April 2008 – Highlights include the retirement of QB Steve McNair, Randy Moss re-signing with the Patriots after considering going elsewhere, the Vikings signing Bernard Berrian, the Eagles signing Asante Samuel away from N.E. and both a preview and review of Super Bowl XLII.

December 2007 Through January 2008 – Highlighted by the firing of Bill Belichick, the hiring of Tony Sparano and the death of Rams owner Georgia Frontiere.

November 2007 Archives – Notables include the SBG Global handicapping contest, the Redskins CB Sean Taylor shooting, Cedric Benson’s season ending injury, numerous game previews and picks and more.

NFL Archives: October 2007 – Highlights include lots of previews and picks as well as Tony Romo’s huge 6 year contract extension, Ronnie Browns’s torn ACL, Alex Smith’s shoulder separation and point spreads from each week.

NFL Archives: August through September 2007 – Highlights during this period include opening day of the 2007 season, the signing of #1 pick JaMarcus Russell by the Raiders and the Michael Vick pitbull scandal.

Start of Site Through July 2007 – Notables during this period include the passing of Bill Walsh, Pac Man Jones becoming a professional wrestler, Larry Johnson’s holdout announcement, a few articles and a bunch of player signings.