Predictem NFL Archives: April 2009 Through August 2009

2009 AFC Predictions by David A. Lane – 8/31

Injury News: Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel is OUT 2-4 weeks with a sprained MCL in his left knee. – 8/31

NFLX Picks: On Saturday we like the Browns at -2. Get it quick, because it is very likely to move to -3. Sunday we like the Broncos at -2.5 Good luck!

Team Preview: San Francisco 49ers Team Preview

Suspended: The Denver Broncos have suspended WR Brandon Marshall for behavioral reasons. Looks like the new coach there already has his hands full and the season hasn’t even started yet. – 8/28

QB’s: The NYJ have named Matt Sanchez their starter in Week 1. The Bucs are saying that Byron Leftwich is their man. Two VERY questionable moves! – 8/26

Monday: Passing. We can’t find any value on today’s MLB card. – 8/24

It’s Official: The Oakland Raiders have named JaMarcus Russell the starting quarterback. – 8/23

2009 NFL Predictions by David A. Lane – 8/23

Guilty: Plaxico Burress has pleaded guilty to weapons charges. He received a 2 year prison term with a minimum of 20 months served. – 8/20

Seattle Seahawks Suffer Huge Losses: LT Walter Jones and CB Marcus Trufant are both out indefinitely with injuries and neither is expected to be ready by Week 1. – 8/19

an Francisco 49ers Team Preview – 8/28

It’s Official: The Minnesota Vikings have signed QB Brett Favre to a two year contract. In other news…The word is that Chiefs QB Brodie Croyle is outplaying Matt Cassel. Cassel has struggled which may be the sign of the Chiefs having a bad offensive line this year. Something to note for a “Week 1 Chiefs Fade”. – 8/18

BREAKING NEWS: Unnamed sources (including players) are saying that Brett Favre is going to sign with the Vikings. Unbelievable. – 8/17

Rumors: Word is that if Plaxico Burress signs with a team that he will likely be suspended a minimum of 8 games. – 8/16

Article: Top Flight Quarterbacks: There Are Only a Handful. – 8/14

Eagles Bite: Michael Vick has signed a one year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles with an option for a 2nd year. In other news, Eli Manning has signed a 6 year 97.5 million dollar contract. We don’t usually list salaries in our reports but this was so freakin’ ridiculous we had to post it. What a JOKE. – 8/14

2009 Washington Redskins Team Preview – 8/13

Thursday Pick: Oakland Raiders -2. – 8/13

2009 New Orleans Saints Team Preview – 8/13

News: The NFL has suspended Browns WR Donte Stallworth for the 2009 season (Felony Manslaughter Charge). The Colts have announced that RB’s Joseph Addai and Donald Brown will “rotate” and share the load in Indianapolis. The NYJ coach came out and said the Thomas Jones rumomrs are not true and that he’s a staple in the Jets offense this season. More later on! – 8/13

2009 Carolina Panthers Team Preview – 8/12

2009 Cleveland Browns Team Preview – 8/12

Rumor Mill: The Jets are supposedly shopping RB Thomas Jones who is unhappy with his contract. The rumor is that the Seattle Seahawks may be interested. – 8/11

2009 Kansas City Chiefs Team Preview – 8/9

2009 Denver Broncos Team Preview – 8/9

2009 Dallas Cowboys Team Preview – 8/9

2009 Philadelphia Eagles Team Preview – 8/9

2009 Cincinnati Bengals Team Preview – 8/9

2009 Jacksonville Jaguars Team Preview – 8/9

NFL Preseason: 2009 NFL Hall of Fame Game Preview and Pick – 8/9

2009 New York Giants Team Preview – 8/9

2009 Houston Texans Team Preview – 8/6

2009 Atlanta Falcons Team Preview – 8/4

2009 Chicago Bears Team Preview – 8/4

Busted: Plaxico Burress was indicted on weapons charges. Antonio Pierce was not. The common consensus is that Burress will spend at least a year in jail for the crime. 8/3

2009 Baltimore Ravens Team Preview – 8/3

2009 New York Jets Team Preview – 8/2

2009 Miami Dolphins Team Preview – 8/1

Saturday News: Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson has sprained his MCL. The extent of the injury is unkown at this point. In other news, Ravens WR Derrick Mason has had a change of heart and will be returning to play in 2009 after announcing that he was going to retire. – 8/1

2009 Tennessee Titans Team Preview – 7/31

Vick Watch: It’s looking like recently reinstated QB Mike Vick is going to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars and back up David Garrard. This is still speculation of course, but it’s swirling strong. – 7/29

2009 San Diego Chargers Team Preview – 7/29

News: The NFL has reinstated QB Michael Vick and it’s said that depending on “how things go” he could be playing as early as week 1. Expect more than a few teams to call Vick’s agent regarding his services despite the fact that he is in the negative spotlight. In other news, Browns KR Josh Cribbs has stated that he’ll sit out the entire season if he doesn’t get paid more. Our take? You signed the contract, play it out! Add 49er WR Michael Crabtree to the list of greedos. He’s demanding more loot than the Niners are willing to pay and is holding out. – 7/27

2009 Oakland Raiders Team Preview – 7/27

Retirement Notice: Ravens WR Drew Bennett has retired due to a bad knee. He had just recently signed with the team. – 7/27

2009 New England Patriots Team Schedule – 7/24

2009 Green Bay Packers Team Preview – 7/24

2009 Minnesota Vikings Team Preview – 7/24

A Look Ahead: David A. Lane talks about the upcoming football in his most recent article titled Here’s To Football – 7/21

Vick to Return? ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that QB Michael Vick will seek reinstatement to the NFL within the next couple days. – 7/20

2009 Indianapolis Colts Team Preview – 7/17

2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Team Preview – 7/17

Favre Watch: Latest news out of Mississippi is that Brett Favre will give the Vikings an answer by July 30th. – 7/15

2009 Seattle Seahawks Team Preview – 7/15

Hanging’em Up: Ravens WR Derrick Mason has announced his retirement. The two-time pro bowler shuts it down with 790 career catches to his credit. – 7/13

Chargers RB Shot: SD Chargers rookie RB Curtis Brinkley (formerly of Syracuse U) was shot while in his car north of Philadelphia. He is expected to make a full recovery. – 7/10

Plaxico to Stay in NY? Rumors out of the Big Apple are that WR Plaxico Burress may sign with the Jets. – 6/24

Happy to be a Packer: WR Greg Jennings signed a 3-year contract extension with the Pack today. – 6/24

QB News: 15 year veteran QB Trent Green has hung up his spikes and called it a career. The Atlanta Falcons have officially released QB Michael Vick ending his tenure there. In other news, the Houston Texans have signed QB Rex Grossman. – 6/13

No Lives Left for Pac-Man? Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones was quoted as saying he has no plans on brining Adam Jones back next season. – 6/8

The Saga Continues: News out of Minnesota says QB Brett Favre is likely to have biceps surgery to repair a tear in his muscle. If successful, word is he will sign with the Vikings who have plenty of cap-space to sign him. – 5/18

Favre’orama: Minnesota Vikings President Mark Wilf has confirmed that the team is definitely interested in Brett Favre. Here we go again! – 5/11

NFL Notes: Denver released RB Selvin Young. The Patriots traded an undisclosed draft pick to the Bucs for TE Alex Smith. The NYJ released Brett Favre which allows him to become a free agent. Favre maintains that he is staying retired, but who really knows what’s going on inside that guys head! – 4/30

Falcons Going Gonzo: TE Tony Gonzalez was traded to the Atlanta Falcons today for a 2nd round draft pick. Great addition for the Falcons. Huge loss for KC. – 4/24

Surprise to Many: As a surprise to many OUTSIDE of the Carolina area, the team signed QB Jake Delhomme through the 2014 season. In other QB news, Cleveland has made a statement than Brady Quinn is NOT available. – 4/24

Holt Signs:

After many years with the St. Louis Rams, WR Torry Holt has signed
with the Jacksonville Jaguars for 3 years. – 4/20

Where Will Torry Holt Land? Word is the Jaguars are close to signing the All-Pro WR however Tennessee has made mention that they’re not out of the running either. In other NFL news, the Bills have signed RB Dominic Rhodes to a 2 year deal. – 4/20

Sad Day: John Madden Retires – 4/19

Big Interest: The price tag for WR Anquan Boldin is a 1st and 3rd round draft pick say the Arizona Cardinals. Interested teams include Eagles, Giants, Jets, and Ravens. – 4/17

Texans Bolster Defense: The Houston Texans have signed defenseive stud Cato June to a one year deal. – 4/6

Cutler Saga: The Washington Redskins are said to be in hot pursuit of the disgruntled play caller. So much so, that there’s even rumors swirling that they’ve made it public that they’d like 2 draft picks in compensation for Campbell. – 4/2