San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders Point Spread – Pick Against the Spread – 30793

San Diego Chargers (2-2 SU, 3-1 ATS) vs. Oakland Raiders (1-3 SU, 3-0-1ATS)
NFL Week 5
Date and Time: Sunday, October 6, 2013 11:30pm EST
Where: Oakland County Coliseum, Oakland CA
TV: NFL Network
by Tim, Football Handicapper,

Point Spread: SD -4.5/Oak. +4.5
Over/Under Total: 45

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In my mind, Im a blind man doin time Tupacs lyrics float freely between glances of potential Raiders free-agents. Lately, being a Raider means Hard-Time under maximum security lockdown having membership in the notorious gang called Silver and Black. It seems like every time you come up something happens to bring you back down , Raider nation pumped I-V for future players today falls to the locker room floordrip-drip-dripevaporating just before the game-time gunshot. Todays Raiders are a costume party of make-believe Wishers, Hope-ers, and Posers; real Raiders live in memories.

The Chargers used to be missiles, fighter jets, and high flying salesmen with a pocketful of cash. In comes Tomlinson bringing flair grounding Coryell forever in favor of the great tap-dancer Tomlinson collecting hash marks like pick-up sticks dodging enemies confused by what froze them in place. Out goes Brees like Napoleon-vanquished to Elba-reenacting Waterloo with a Cajun twist and re-writing both historically. At the precipice, the Chargers feel Rivers running through them and down their cheeks wiped clean from the bottom-line like fat corporate philanthropy from an accounts pen.

Theres a tinge of hope in San Diego. The milk toast Norv days have been tossed away like crumbs from yesterdays brunch. Flirting with an up-tempo style has dressed Rivers up ready to collect keys to the city. Good news for the Chargers: Darren McFadden has come down again with a mild case of the Cant Play which is virtually malaria in scope; once you have ityou have it for life! The Chargers are changing the 2-minute offense into a full-fledged 60 minute adrenaline rush using a snap and go rhythm. The chorusthose ever patient ticket buyers—are coming out from their bunkers and squinting at the new Charger light. Up is the pace and production lifting potential to probable turning heads and gathering momentum. Antonio Gates looks to have dropped about 5 years from his waistline and rookies practice their TD celebrations in the parking lot. Office Staff have assigned Fridays as Charger Gear Day and there is a real feeling among San Diegos populace that the new architect Mike McCoy might just be Frank Lloyd Wright resurrected!


The Raiders surprised most predictors this year. The Raiderspredictablyhave lost, but not by the margins most expected. This team is a wee bit different inclined to carry the fight on rather than grab their keys and set the alarm on their way out the door; so far. Terrelle Pryor might not be the answer to the Raiders problems. But Pryor surprised many (including myself) with his competitive spirit and certain something separating the mortal from the Greats. Through the first 4 games, snapshots of brilliance, tight spirals, and a winning lan have given the Raiders a new and formidable look. The forever free-agent in waiting Matt Flynn is clearly warm ice cream waiting to be refrigerated—once again—collecting checks and discussing entries from his sideline clipboard. Pryor is healthy to lead the Raiders after sitting-out with a concussion. McFadden, predictably, is again the child in the backseat screaming to pee as the vacation van is ready to leave the driveway. The Raider defense is much different when Pryor is at the helm. This Double Down Sunday night affair should be a great showdown between 2 teams headed towards the same star system.

Home field advantage cowers over NFL games like a judge over framed defendant. The Home field value is beyond any measurable speculation other than to say, A home team motivated to win is extremely difficult to beat especially at night with fans filled with the winning spirit. The Raiders enjoy 3 types of winning elements; a home field advantage, a motivated team (with Pryor back), and hope filled fans. This game will be a tough call because both teams sit at the junction of Fulfillment Rd. and Keep Trying Pkwy. Whoever turns the ball over least or doesnt collapse on special teams will be the winner. For my money, the Raiders hold every card in the deck! The Raiders should be favored here and will surely cover the Chargers perceived advantages.

Tims Pick to Cover the Point Spread: Oakland Raiders +4.5