Season Ending Message to Serious Football Bettors

Special Season Ending Message to Serious Football Bettors
By David A. Lane of

Well, friends, clients, and readers, here we are with one last ‘Super Big’ NFL game left on the schedule- not counting the Pro Bowl and I don’t- before another truly enjoyable season goes by the wayside. Hopefully it has been a fun and profitable year for all and that we were able to help with some guidance because honestly the staff here at works very hard each and every day, 365 days a year to help make winning possible. We totally appreciate our very football oriented clientele and thank you personally while also inviting you to stick around because we have College Hoops leading into March Madness, NBA Hoops entering the second half of its season, and the NHL race for the playoffs, all heating up before the ‘Boys of Summer take the diamond again in April.

As a gambler myself, nothing bothers me more than missing out on great opportunities to rake in more cash and enjoy more excitement from sports while doing so. Now you see, I used to bet football only as well with perhaps an occasional March Madness binge thrown in for the longest time because Vegas was fairly close-by to Phoenix and being young back then, it gave us reason to travel there which always seemed fun . Besides, if memory serves me correctly, the only other option at the time besides going to an actual book was meeting ‘Dirty Louie’ behind the Pub and Grub minutes prior to kickoff- a scribbled handwritten ticket your only proof of making a wager.

Major changes came thanks to technological improvements that gave everyone the ability to place wagers by computer online with ‘offshore books’. No longer was it true that a bettor had to be in Vegas to make sports wagers making the industry much more competitive as well as giving it much more exposure to a fast-growing betting public. Suddenly, a very special and somewhat expensive form of entertainment at the time- mainly because of travel, hotel, and the time off from work it took to fly to Vegas- became affordable and more importantly it could now be enjoyed by virtually anyone from the comfort and relative tranquility of the persons home, office, car, etc.

What is really most important to the ‘football only’ bettor here is that the offshore sportsbooks are much less expensive to operate so they often times can offer a more competitive betting line on events, lower minimum wagers on individual bets, action on every game going on, and there is never any line to wait in which might cause the player to be ‘shut out’ (though dialup can have the same effect!), all of which lead to more cashed electronic tickets. Low minimums are a terrific and inexpensive way to enjoy playing while still learning the ropes in a sport you may not know quite as well such as hockey (my personal favorite) until you’re confident enough to up the ante. If for nothing more than cheap entertainment, year round action certainly makes sports such as golf, tennis, car racing, baseball, hockey, etc, way much more fun with the possibility of also being profitable- what more can you ask for?

Now when it comes to reasons why not to bet during football’s off-season – Many say that they can’t afford to bet year-round, that they just don’t have enough time to follow other sports, and they don’t like gambling on anything but football- all are totally valid and who can argue with that? Just kind of hurts when Stephen Curry of Davidson- a team you heard about and like- hits a buzzer-beater to knock out UCLA in the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ with the money line paying 6 to 1 and you just know you would have taken it and smiled all the way to the bank. Or perhaps when Lebron James hits a buzzer-beater of his own to help his Cavs to a most important win over the defending champion Boston Celtics and they reach the Finals- and you knew that too but missed another golden opportunity because of your not considering wagering on these games an option. Now wouldn’t that be really sad?

Even worse, it’s a warm day in June as you hear your neighbor (me) hooting and hollering loudly from next door for you don’t know why because it’s only noon and that guy must be nuts (true). Later you find out that the yelling was because Alfonso Soriano hit a three-run bomb for the Chicago Cubs that won the game for them and the win nets him $500 which must have been fun as well because he won’t shut up about the game and he yelled so much all the dogs up and down the block are barking. Envious, you realize that the answer- besides pouring a strong shot of whiskey for yourself- is to open an account for a reasonable amount, because if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Now don’t think for a second that I receive any commission when anyone buys in on the site because honestly (and sadly) I don’t. However, with all of the improvements in reporting of information like key injuries, with all the different choices on the ‘card’ to choose from, all the many different ways with which to place the wager (i.e. parlay, teaser, margin of victory wagering), and low minimum wagers combined together, taking time out to ‘learn’ how to bet a new sport is well worth the fun thanks to the added importance it can bring to each game. Every time a game is on can be a new opportunity to win money and certainly there is no reason to wait all the way until football season starts anew to take another chance at winning. You might just find out like I did that college basketball- something I would have never guessed to be- actually is my strong suit and that by opening my mind enough to give it a try it has more than paid for itself in fun and profits. Whether or not you give it a try, thanks from everyone at for your business and for another great football season!