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Free NBA Basketball Picks

Welcome to the NBA picks and predictions section! Here you will find FREE daily NBA selections against the point spread from games around the National Basketball Association. If you scroll down the left menu you'll also find a guide to help you learn how to bet games as well as oodles of tips, advice and strategies to help you with your pro hoops handicapping. Enjoy!


NBA Picks, News and Promotions

Monday: Today's lines are pretty tight! We couldn't find any value so we're going to pass. We initially liked the under in the Bucks/Bulls game but it's dropped 2 points which sucked the value out of the play. - 4/20

Sunday NBA Playoffs: Boston Celtics +11.5. - 4/19

Friday: Washington Wizards +4. - 4/18

Thursday/Friday: No games scheduled. - 4/16 and 4/17

Wednesday: Passing. - 4/15

Tuesday: Los Angeles Clippers/Phoenix Suns UNDER 207.5. - 4/14

Monday: Utah Jazz -11. - 4/13

Sunday: Washington Wizards -2.5. - 4/12

Saturday: Utah Jazz +6. - 4/11

Friday: Orlando Magic +6. - 4/10

Thursday: Golden State Warriors -10. - 4/9

Wednesday: Philadelphia 76ers +4.5. - 4/8

Tuesday: Phoenix Suns +7.5. - 4/7

Sunday: No value; Passing. - 4/5

Saturday: Philadelphia 76ers +7. - 4/4

Friday: Orlando Magic -3. It is our opinion that the T-Wolves are tanking games in an effort to get the number 1 pick in this summer's NBA draft. - 4/3

Thursday: Dallas Mavericks -2 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** - 4/2

Wednesday: Orlando Magic +10.5. - 4/1

Tuesday: Los Angeles Clippers on the moneyline at -150. - 3/31

Monday: Toronto Raptors -2. - 3/30

Sunday: Phoenix Suns -1.5. - 3/29

Saturday: Atlanta Hawks/Charlotte Hornets UNDER 191 points. - 3/28

Friday: Utah Jazz +2.5 and Sacramento Kings +6.5. - 3/27

Thursday: We can't find any value in the Indiana/Milwaukee game so are passing. - 3/26

Wednesday: New York Knicks +14.5 and Atlanta/Orlando OVER 200.5. - 3/25

Tuesday: Milwaukee Bucks +1. - 3/24

Monday: Charlotte Hornets +6.5. - 3/23

Sunday: San Antonio Spurs +1.5. - 3/22

Saturday: Utah Jazz +8.5. - 3/21

Friday: Washington Wizards +7. - 3/20

Thursday: Passing. - 3/19

Wednesday: Brutal 4th quarter last night in which the Magic were outscored 30-16. Sick! Back at'em tonight with the Boston Celtics at +7. - 3/18

Tuesday: Orlando Magic +11. - 3/17

Monday: Indiana Pacers -5. - 3/16

Sunday: New York Knicks +11.5. - 3/15

Saturday: Indiana Pacers -8.5. - 3/14

Friday: Denver Nuggets -2. - 3/13

Thursday: Washington Wizards -2. - 3/12

Wednesday: Philadelphia 76ers +6.5. - 3/11

Tuesday: New Orleans/Brooklyn OVER 193 points and Los Angeles Lakers +2.5. - 3/10

Monday: Minnesota Timberwolves +7. - 3/9

Sunday: Utah Jazz +1.5. - 3/8

Saturday: Minnesota Timberwolves +4.5. - 3/7

Friday: Charlotte Hornets on the moneyline at -105. This game features 2 teams going in opposite directions (temporarily at least). The Raptors are 1-6 in their last 7 games and have allowed 48% or higher from the field to their opponents in 5 of their last 6 including 51% and 52% in their last 2 games, one of which was to the lowly 76ers! The Hornets on the other hand have been playing some pretty decent ball, winning 4 of their last 5 (3 in a row). They've also shot 49% or better in their last 3 games. Raptors point guard Kyle Lowery has missed the last 3 games and is questionable tonight. This is a sandwich game for the Raps as they're coming off a game vs. Cleveland and might be looking ahead to their next game with OKC on Sunday. We don't expect a blowout here by any means. In fact, it wouldn't surprise us if the Hornets only won by 2-3 points. For whatever reason, Charlotte doesn't play that well at home but we still believe they win this game vs. a Raptors team stuck in a rut. Toronto doesn't play well at Charlotte either as they're 1-9 straight up and 2-8 ATS over the last 10 games # Charlotte. We don't put much weight into trends, but 1-9 is one that can't be ignored. - 3/6

Thursday: Rough night last night with both plays blowing up in the final seconds of the game. Orlando G Willie Green inbounds the ball right to a Suns player who gets fouled and busts our cover in the final seconds and Tyler Zeller makes a miracle buzzer beat to force a push vs. Utah. This kind of stuff happens over the course of a long NBA season but tough pills to swallow on the same night! The line closed at +1.5 so hopefully some of you that bet it late got a win out of that. Tonight we're back at'em with the UNDER 199.5 in the Thunder/Bulls game. We believe this total is set 5-10 points (or more) too high as OKC played last night and had to travel and Chicago is floundering on offense since the loss of Jimmy Butler. Look for the Bulls to slow the tempo down tonight. 3/5

Wednesday: Orlando Magic +4 and Utah Jazz +1. - 3/4

Tuesday NBA Hoops: Utah +8.5. The Jazz have played outstanding defense in 7 of their last 8 games and the oddsmakers haven't taken notice yet. Great value play! Get it quick because the line is likely to drop throughout the day. - 3/3

Monday: Brooklyn Nets +6. - 3/2

Sunday: Los Angeles Lakers +3.5. - 3/1

Saturday: Brooklyn Nets +9. - 2/28

Friday: Orlando Magic +11 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** - 2/27

Thursday NBA Action: Golden St./Cleveland UNDER 214.5 points. - 2/26

Wednesday Picks: Minnesota Timberwolves -2 and Sacramento Kings +7. - 2/25

Tuesday: Indiana Pacers +6.5. - 2/24

Monday: Milwaukee Bucks/Chicago Bulls UNDER 193 points. - 2/23

Sunday: Indiana Pacers +6.5. - 2/22

Saturday: Toronto Raptors +2.5. - 2/21

Friday: Minnesota Timberwolves -1.5. - 2/20

Thursday: Dallas Mavericks +5. - 2/19

NBA All Star Break: There are no regular season games scheduled until Thursday, February 19th as we've now entered the NBA All Star break. We'll see you when play resumes on the 19th!

Saturday NBA 3 Point Shootout: 2015 NBA 3 Point Contest Predictions. - 2/14

Saturday Sprite Slam Dunk Contest: Check out Adam's take on how he thinks this year's contest will play out: 2015 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Predictions. - 2/14

Thursday: Cleveland Cavs/Chicago Bulls UNDER 199 points. - 2/12

Wednesday NBA Plays: Detroit Pistons +6.5 and Indiana Pacers +3. - 2/11

Tuesday Pro Hoops Pick: Brooklyn Nets +12. - 2/10

Monday NBA Action: Indiana Pacers +4.5, Utah Jazz +5, Brooklyn Nets +5. - 2/9

Sunday: Memphis Grizzlies on the moneyline at -140. - 2/8

Saturday: Chicago -2.5. - 2/7

Friday NBA Plays: Philadelphia 76ers +8 and Utah Jazz +5.5. - 2/6

Thursday NBA Action: Charlotte Hornets +1. - 2/5

Wednesday: Brooklyn Nets/Toronto Raptors OVER 201 points. - 2/4

Tuesday: Miami Heat/Detroit Pistons OVER 184 points. - 2/3

Monday: New Orleans Pelicans +3.5. - 2/2

Sunday: Passing. - 2/1

Saturday: Orlando Magic +7. - 1/31

Friday: New Orleans Pelicans +6. - 1/30

Thursday: Orlando Magic +4.5. - 1/29

Wednesday: New York Knicks +9. - 1/28

Tuesday's Top Play: Dallas Mavericks -5.5. - 1/27

Monday: Orlando Magic +12 (3 UNIT BEST BET) - 1/26

Sunday: Indiana Pacers/Orlando Magic OVER 207 points. - 1/25

Saturday: We couldn't find any value on today's short card so we're passing. - 1/24

Friday: Phoenix Suns -2.5. - 1/23

Thursday: Suns up 20 and end up getting edged at the end. Sickening! We're taking today off. - 1/22

Wednesday: Phoenix Suns -6.5. - 1/21

Tuesday: We got bit by circumstance yesterday in the Minnesota/Charlotte game with Al Jefferson unexpectedly returning after being listed as doubtful. This is the second time this week that a player listed as OUT/doubtful or not listed to be out (Demarcus Cousins) has come back to haunt us. These types of situations are the pitfalls of making picks early rather than late in the day. On the flip side of that equation, making picks early locks in line value as we're often sitting on the plus side of a line move that usually goes in our favor. NBA betting is a grind. These things are going to happen. It all balances out though. Today's play is the Miami Heat at +7.5. - 1/20

Monday: Minnnesota Timberwolves +4.5 and Detroit Pistons +8. - 1/19

Sunday: We got a raw deal yesterday with Demarcus Cousins being a late scratch. We hope that you caught wind of his status and passed on this play. We're passing today. - 1/18

Saturday's Top Play: Sacramento Kings +6.5. - 1/17

Friday: What a horrible beat last night with Wes Johnson fouling with 3 seconds left and the Lakers down 6 points. Sickening! Let's get those back and then some tonight with the Sixers +7 and Jazz -7.5. - 1/16

Thursday's Top Play: L.A. Lakers +6. - 1/15

Wednesday NBA POD: Orlando Magic +8.5. - 1/14

Tuesday NBA Action: Sacramento Kings +4.5. - 1/13

Monday: None of today's games have any value so we're passing. Brooklyn was tempting but they just don't score enough. The Pistons were on our radar as they've been hot and playing as a team since Josh Smith left. However, we can't pull the trigger because Detroit just doesn't win in that building. Sometimes it's better to pass.... There's always another game. - 1/12

Sunday: Miami Heat +10. - 1/11

Saturday: Milwaukee Bucks +7.5. - 1/10

Friday: Orlando Magic +3. - 1/9

Thursday NBA Play of the Day: New York Knicks +12. - 1/8

Wednesday Pro Hoops: Utah Jazz +10.5. - 1/7

Tuesday: Detroit Pistons +7.5. - 1/6

Monday: Oklahoma City Thunder +2.5. - 1/5

Sunday: Indiana Pacers/Los Angeles Lakers OVER 202 points. - 1/4

Saturday: Miami Heat +7.5 and Denver Nuggets -1. - 1/3

Friday: Utah Jazz +4.5. - 1/2

New Year's Day: No value; Passing! Happy New Year! - 1/1

Wednesday: Houston Rockets -12. - 12/31

Tuesday: Detroit Pistons -1. - 12/30

Monday: Indiana Pacers +5. - 12/29

Sunday: Detroit Pistons +7.5. - 12/28

Saturday: Chicago Bulls -9.5 and Milwaukee Bucks +4.5. - 12/27

Friday: We're passing due to too many unknown variables. Guys traveling home to see their families, eating God knows what, etc. With the holiday here, players can tend to have more focus on other things and less on basketball, making games the day after Christmas somewhat unpredictable. Better to take a pass today and get back at it tomorrow. Happy Holidays! - 12/26

Wednesday: No games scheduled. Happy Holidays! - 12/24

Tuesday: Phoenis Suns -1. - 12/23

Monday: Atlanta Hawks +5. - 12/22

Sunday: Passing. - 12/21

Saturday: New Orleans Pelicans on the moneyline at -230. - 12/20

Friday: Los Angeles Lakers +7. - 12/19

Thursday: Oklahoma City Thunder +2.5. - 12/18

Wednesday: We were unable to find any clear-cut advantages so we're going to pass again. - 12/17

Tuesday: Passing. - 12/16

Monday: San Antonio Spurs +5. - 12/15

Sunday: Passing. - 12/14

Saturday: Detroit Pistons +6.5. - 12/13

Friday Pro Hoops: Wizards +2.5, Knicks +6.5, and 76ers +7.5. For those who prefer to only bet on one game, we believe the Philly pick to be the strongest of the three. - 12/12

Thursday: Neither of tonight's games have any wagering value so we're passing. - 12/11

Wednesday NBA Pick: Orlando Magic +4.5. - 12/10

Tuesday: New York Knicks +6.5. - 12/9

Monday: Utah Jazz/Sacramento Kings OVER 198.5. - 12/8

Sunday: Passing. - 12/7

Saturday NBA Play: Minnesota Timberwolves/San Antonio Spurs UNDER 202.5 points. - 12/6

Friday: We got stuck in a business meeting that went way longer than we had figured, which left us without ample time to assess today's card so we have to pass. We're sorry! - 12/5

Thursday: We scoured today's short card and found the lines to be tight with no value so we're passing today. - 12/4

Wednesday: Charlotte 1ST QUARTER +1, Philadelphia 76ers +7 and Raptors/Jazz OVER 203 points. - 12/3

Tuesday: Indiana Pacers/Phoenix Suns OVER 197 points. - 12/2

Monday: We handicapped today's games from head to toe and not one game offered any clear advantages so yet again, we have to pass. - 12/1

Sunday: Passing. - 11/30

Saturday: We were unable to find any advantages in Saturday's lines so are passing. - 11/29

Friday: Orlando Magic/Indiana Pacers OVER 190 points. - 11/28


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Pleasers - The opposite of a teaser. You're "giving" points away, making this bet a much tougher proposition to win.

Prop Bets - Wagers not having to do with which team wins the game or by how many. These usually pertain to wagers on individual players points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, etc.

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