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Free NBA Basketball Picks

Welcome to the NBA picks and predictions section! Here you will find FREE daily NBA selections against the point spread from games around the National Basketball Association. If you scroll down the left menu you'll also find a guide to help you learn how to bet games as well as oodles of tips, advice and strategies to help you with your pro hoops handicapping. Enjoy!


NBA Picks, News and Promotions

Thursday: Oklahoma City Thunder +2.5. - 12/18

Wednesday: We were unable to find any clear-cut advantages so we're going to pass again. - 12/17

Tuesday: Passing. - 12/16

Monday: San Antonio Spurs +5. - 12/15

Sunday: Passing. - 12/14

Saturday: Detroit Pistons +6.5. - 12/13

Friday Pro Hoops: Wizards +2.5, Knicks +6.5, and 76ers +7.5. For those who prefer to only bet on one game, we believe the Philly pick to be the strongest of the three. - 12/12

Thursday: Neither of tonight's games have any wagering value so we're passing. - 12/11

Wednesday NBA Pick: Orlando Magic +4.5. - 12/10

Tuesday: New York Knicks +6.5. - 12/9

Monday: Utah Jazz/Sacramento Kings OVER 198.5. - 12/8

Sunday: Passing. - 12/7

Saturday NBA Play: Minnesota Timberwolves/San Antonio Spurs UNDER 202.5 points. - 12/6

Friday: We got stuck in a business meeting that went way longer than we had figured, which left us without ample time to assess today's card so we have to pass. We're sorry! - 12/5

Thursday: We scoured today's short card and found the lines to be tight with no value so we're passing today. - 12/4

Wednesday: Charlotte 1ST QUARTER +1, Philadelphia 76ers +7 and Raptors/Jazz OVER 203 points. - 12/3

Tuesday: Indiana Pacers/Phoenix Suns OVER 197 points. - 12/2

Monday: We handicapped today's games from head to toe and not one game offered any clear advantages so yet again, we have to pass. - 12/1

Sunday: Passing. - 11/30

Saturday: We were unable to find any advantages in Saturday's lines so are passing. - 11/29

Friday: Orlando Magic/Indiana Pacers OVER 190 points. - 11/28

Wednesday: Los Angeles Lakers +6.5. - 11/26

Tuesday: Denver Nuggets on the Moneyline at -135. - 11/25

Monday: Utah Jazz +3. - 11/24

Saturday/Sunday: Due to all the football and college hoops going on, we didn't have much time to handicap NBA today. We spent about an hour and were unable to find anything that presented enough value to hop on so we're passing. - 11/22 and 11/23

Friday: Orlando Magic +4. - 11/21

Thursday: There are too many key players out in BOTH of today's games. This makes these games "uncappable" so we're forced to pass. - 11/20

Wednesday NBA Play: New York Knicks/Minnesota Timberwolves OVER 204 points. - 11/19

Sunday NBA Finals Pick: Miami Heat/San Antonio Spurs UNDER 196 points. - 6/15

Friday/Saturday: No games scheduled. - 6/13 and 6/14

Thursday Game 4 Prediction: Miami Heat -5. - 6/12

Tuesday NBA Finals Game 3 Pick: Miami Heat -4.5. - 6/10

Monday: No games scheduled. - 6/9

Sunday NBA Finals Game 2 Bet Prediction: San Antonio Spurs -4.5. - 6/8

Friday/Saturday: No games scheduled. - 6/6 and 6/7

Thursday NBA Finals Game 1 Pick: San Antonio Spurs -4.5. Our take on this series is that neither team can win on eachother's court. We expect the series to go 7 games and HOPEFULLY we'll have some big underdog opportunities! We believe tonight's line is too low and are expecting a double digit win by the Spurs. - 6/5

Food For Thought: The 2014 NBA Finals are projected to have some pretty tight margins/spreads. The best betting opportunities may come in the form of prop bets. In this article, we've compiled a list of props offered at Bovada Sportsbook. Check out what's being offered here: 2014 NBA Finals Prop Bets.

NBA Championship Odds: (To Win Series) Miami Heat +105/San Antonio Spurs -125. Bet it for free by signing up at Bovada using the link above in the yellow box and getting that sweet 50% bonus!

Sunday Through Wednesday: No games scheduled. - 6/1 through 6/4

Saturday Western Conference Finals Game 6 Play: S.A./OKC UNDER 206.5 points. - - 5/31

Friday Eastern Conference Finals Game 6 Pick: Indiana Pacers +7.5 - 5/30

Thursday Western Conference Finals Game 5 Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder +5. - 5/29

Wednesday Eastern Conference Finals Game 5 Prediction: Miami Heat/Indiana Pacers UNDER 184 points. - 5/28

Tuesday Western Conference Finals Game 4 Play: San Antonio Spurs/Oklahoma City Thunder UNDER 207 points. - 5/27

Monday Eastern Conference Finals Gm4 Pick: Indiana Pacers/Miami Heat UNDER 183 points. - 5/26

Sunday Western Conference Finals Game 3 Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder -2. - 5/25

Saturday Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 Pick: Indiana Pacers/Miami Heat UNDER 183 points. - 5/24

2014 NBA Draft: Who will be selected #1 Overall?
Andrew Wiggins 2/3
Joel Embiid 8/5
Jabari Parker 5/1
The Field 15/1
Find all of these wagering opportunities by clicking the Bovada link above!

Note: Paul George has suffered a concussion and his status for Saturday's game is unknown as of Thursday afternoon.

Thursday/Friday: No games scheduled. - 5/22 and 5/23

Wednesday Western Conference Finals Pick: We're expecting more of the same tonight with the Spurs pounding the ball inside, taking advantage of a weak interior defense. This will of course open up the perimeter for open jumpers. Coach Pop is a genius and will surely continue to exploit OKC's lack of D. We're surprised to see that 55% of the betting public is still siding with the Thunder. We like the Spurs to win by 8+ points tonight. Good luck! - 5/21

Tuesday: Indiana Pacers +2.5. - 5/20

Monday: We're passing today. We need to observe Game 1 of this series to see how the loss of Ibaka will affect the Thunder. OKC has dominated the Spurs this season so it's really a crapshoot to try to accurately predict the result of tonight's game against the spread. The public are siding with the Thunder in this one, yet the line has gone up a point in San Antonio's favor. It wouldn't surprise me if the final result was a win or loss by a half point here. No value, we're passing! - 5/19

Sunday: Indiana Pacers +2. - 5/18

Friday/Saturday: No games scheduled. - 5/16 and 5/17

Thursday: Los Angeles Clippers -5. - 5/15

Wednesday: Brooklyn Nets/Miami Heat UNDER 188.5 points. - 5/14

Tuesday Game 4: Indiana Pacers on the moneyline -215. - 5/13

Monday NBA Action: Brooklyn Nets +2. - 5/12

Sunday: Oklahoma City Thunder/Los Angeles Clippers UNDER 215 points. - 5/11

Saturday: Brooklyn Nets +1.5 and Portland Trailblazers +1. - 5/10

Friday: Indiana Pacers +4.5. - 5/9

Thursday: Portland Trailblazers/San Antonio Spurs UNDER 207.5 points. - 5/8

Wednesday: Boy did we look like @&$%! yesterday. Both of our picks didn't only lose, they got KILLED. We generally sit the first game of a series out to observe and assess. We LOVED both lines yesterday and couldn't have been more wrong. Our apologies! Today we like the Indiana Pacers to rebound and beat the Wizards by 10 or more. We're on Indiana at -4.5. - 5/7

Tuesday Playoffs Picks: Brooklyn Nets +8 and Portland Trailblazers +7. - 5/6

Wash/Indy Game 1: Indiana Pacers -4. - 5/5

Sunday: We can't find any value in either game today so we're passing. - 5/4

Saturday: Indiana Pacers -6. - 5/3

Friday: Tonight's point spreads and totals are very tight so we're going to roll with a 2 team 5 point teaser (-130 odds). We're moving the line on the Houston Rockets to +9 and the Dallas Mavericks to +8. - 5/2

Thursday NBA Playoffs: Indiana Pacers at a pick'em. - 5/1

Wednesday: Houston Rockets -5.5. - 4/30

Tuesday NBA Playoffs Pick: Warriors/Clippers UNDER 209 points. - 4/29

Monday: Indiana Pacers -6.5. - 4/28

Sunday NBA Playoffs Bet: Clippers/Warriors UNDER 209.5 points. - 4/27

Saturday Hoops Playoffs: Atlanta Hawks +2.5. - 4/26

Friday NBA Playoffs Pick: Washington Wizards on the moneyline at -150. - 4/25

Thursday NBA Playoffs Predictions: Listed in order of how much we like'em! Golden State Warriors +2, Memphis Grizzlies +2 and Atlanta Hawks +2.5. - 4/24

Wednesday Pro Hoops Playoffs Pick: Charlotte Bobcats +10.5. - 4/23

Tuesday NBA Playoffs Pick: Toronto Raptors on the moneyline at -190. - 4/22

Monday: LA Clippers -8. - 4/21

Sunday: Washington Wizards +4.5. - 4/20

Saturday NBA Playoffs Picks: Memphis Grizzlies +7 and Los Angeles Clippers -7. - 4/19

Thursday: Congrats on yesterday's two wins! The monkey is officially off our backs and we're ready to roll into the NBA playoffs! Games start Saturday, April 19th. Our NBA playoffs picks will be posted by early Saturday morning or sooner! - 4/17

Wednesday: Nice easy winner last night! Let's get two more today! We like the 76ers at +5 and Pistons at +13.5. - 4/16

Tuesday: We finally got the monkey off our backs! Today we like the New York Knicks getting +6 points! Good luck! - 4/15

Whoa! Going into Monday, the Milwaukee Bucks have not won back to back games all season. Interesting to say the least! - 4/14

Monday: Backdoor covered again! Today we're rolling with the Philadelphia 76ers at +2.5. - 4/14

Sunday: We crapped out again last night. Tough pill to swallow! Our 3 recent losses were all winners at half time. Kinda makes a guy start thinking about playing first half wagers but we're not that fickle. Sports betting (especially NBA) is a grind. We've got to stick with what's worked all season, despite a slight recent skid. Sunday we like the Detroit Pistons at +6.5. This play is based solely on the fact that I believe the Detroit Pistons are a better team with Josh Smith out of the lineup. Smith is a great athlete, but HORRIBLE for team chemistry. It wouldn't surprise me if the Pistosn won straight up here, so I'll be putting 10% on the Pistons moneyline as well. Good luck! - 4/13

Saturday: Another blown lead! Ugh! The Suns built a huge lead and then melted down in the 2nd half leaving us holding an empty bag. Today we like the Sacramento Kings at +10. Get it quick as the game goes off early (3:35PM EST) and the line is likely to drop another point. Good luck! - 4/12

Friday NBA: There's not much to say after Golden State got up on Denver 20 points and then got lazy and ended up losing straight up. The situation speaks for itself and those scenarios are pretty much unpredictable. Disgusting! You might want to pass on our Friday pick as we may be overthinking things here a bit. One would think that NBA brass/coaches were bright, but this has been disproven more than a few times this year! IF Popovich is bright, which I believe he is, he's going to tank this game vs. Phoenix to increase the odds that the Spurs play Dallas in the playoffs. Furthermore, we should see a max. effort out of the Suns tonight as it would help their case to end up facing OKC in the playoffs, a team they do really well against. Lastly, I fully expect Tim Duncan (and possibly more starters) to sit tonight. The line is fishy as well and has dropped a half point towards Phoenix, despite only 24% of the public backing them tonight. We're on the Suns at +2.5 and a 25% underdog moneyline play as well as I think they're going to win straight up. - 4/11

Thursday: Congrats to all as we got our unit back (Yes, I'm still bitter about losing the Lakers game Tuesday!) Thursday presents us with a nice opportunity with the Golden State Warriors. We're using some not-so-typical angles tonight, but they should suffice... A motivated NBA team is a thing of beauty. As much as I love a strong pair of legs in a skirt or a sizzling plate of fajitas coming towards me at a Mexican Restaurant, I do love me a motivated NBA team above all else! These athletes are artists, a pure thing of beauty when functioning at at the highest level and that is EXACTLY what the Golden State Warriors are doing right now. I fully expect them to blow the Nuggets out tonight. G.S. is motivated. Mark Jackson has publicly informed his troops that they're going to finish out the season strongly and they've responded, as evidenced by their two recent blowout wins by 31 and 28. Yes, those wins were against lowly Utah and Sacramento, but they were confidence and momentum builders that should carry over into tonight's game vs. a Denver team that will likely be missing their starting point guard and a Denver team that can't rebound for sh*t! We're not alone in our assessment either. The line opened at -10.5 and has gone up to -12, despite only 45% of the general betting public (mostly squares) backing Denver. Look for the Warriors to show up with a steamroller! - 4/10

Wednesday: I sure hope that you didn't watch the Lakers game last night. It was one of the most disgusting efforts (or lack thereof) I've ever seen in an NBA game. LA hung tough into the 3rd quarter and then, well, they flopped. Flopped is too nice of a word though... They absolutely gave up. No perimeter defense and even worse, they were allowing dribble drive dunks to almost every Rockets player. Mike D'Antoni may be one of the worst coaches the NBA has ever seen. One would think that he might call a timeout to advise one of his players to get a hand in the face of James Harden. After all, he is one of the best players in the NBA LOL. What a joke of a game. The Lakers are unbetable for the rest of the season. ZERO heart. It's a good thing that I wasn't at last nights game, otherwise I might have run down and taken a crap on the court. It was that bad... Now for Wednesday's take! The Indiana Pacers have dropped 7 of their last 9 games and these haven't been close losses either. The margins have been 19, 8, 26, 14, 13, 12 and 11. They've also dropped 6 straight on the road. The media is reporting that they're "tired", however, there's more going on here. I believe Coach Vogel has been too much of a player's coach and is being overrun by some of his players. When the caboose leads the engine the train has problems. When you spoil your kids, they get rotten. It's just the way psychology works. I fully expect the Pacers to snap out of it at some point, but don't think it's going to happen today, especially with George, West and Hibbert questionable tonight as one or more of them may "rest". The Pacers have great playoff position and really don't care about tonight's game. The Bucks are helter skelter and pretty weak, but could easily cover this game if they can shoot 45% and/or score 90 points which I believe they have a 60% chance or better of doing. We're on the Bucks at +5 tonight and taking a 10% stake in Milwaukee on the moneyline at +180 as well. Good luck! - 4/9

Tuesday NBA Pick: What an exciting college hoops championship game last night! I hope you guys all hit our UNDER play! For those not aware or that haven't thought about it, we cover all major sports, offering free picks daily! These aren't second rate plays either! These are our premium picks as we have nothing for sale here! Now on to Tuesday's action! We've discovered a killer play for tonight and you're not going to believe who it is! In fact, most probably tail it because it's going to take some MAJOR gonads! We like the Lakers getting 9 points! Here's why: When one thinks about the Houston Rockets, numbers like 120 and 125 come to mind. This team can flat out score. HOWEVER, when you look at their road games, you see a completely different story. Would you believe that their last 9 road game scores have only been 103, 96, 100, 118, 104, 87, 98, 101 and 93? Despite L.A. being weak, they would have likely covered tonight's +9 spread at an 8-1 clip. Conversely, the lowly Lakers score at home as evidenced by their recent home scores of 95, 112, 115, 127, 103, 107, 109, 114, 94, 125, 126, 102, 101, 108 and 103. In summary, it's very probable that they're going to score around 100 points which should be plenty to cover the +9 tonight. We also like that Dwight Howard isn't expected to play tonight. We have some positive lineup variables with the Lakers as well, as wildman Bazemore is out, Kaman is doubtful and Jordan Farmar, who always seems to bring it on the home court is probable. Lastly, the line opened at +9.5 and has been bet down to 9 at many sharp books, despite the public absolutely hammering the Rockets to the tune of 72%. The public being on one side of a game and the line moving the other way is almost always an indication of wiseguy action. We're forecasting that the Lakers are able to keep it within 5 points and it wouldn't surprise us at all if this game came down to the last possession. Good luck! - 4/8

Monday: Congratulations to all who tailed our Clippers play last night as it cashed easily! There are no games scheduled tonight due to the NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship game this evening. See you tomorrow with more winners! - 4/7

Sunday: Back on the winning track as we had a nice win with the Sixers last night. We're not trends guys, but one can't ignore the final score margins in the last 2 matchups between the Lakers/Clippers (48 and 36). In most cases, we'd be looking at a motivation/revenge angle here, however, the Lakers are pathetic. They're really a hapless squad without Gasol and Steve Nash. No flow, no chemistry, no nothing. We're laying the wood with the Clippers at -16 expecting a 20+ point win. Good luck! - 4/6

Saturday: Where was Miami yesterday? They sure weren't on the court! What a pathetic performance from a team who brought absolutely no effort to the court yesterday. We're back at it Saturday rolling with the Philadelphia 76ers as a +10.5 dog. They match up well with the Nets and we love that Brooklyn is playing their 4th game in the last 5 nights. Expect a much closer than anticipated final margin. Good luck! - 4/5

Friday: I spy a blowout! Tonight's play is based on a few very simple principles. For starters, the Heat are a very good home team (as evidenced by their 30-6 home record). That's no indication that they'll cover a spread, but it doesn't hurt that they take pride in playing well on their home court. More importantly, Minnesota's recent defense on the road has been extremely inefficient as they've allowed 114, 109, 129 and 122 in their last 4 away games. Conversely, Miami has been extremely stingy at home allowing only 77, 83, 91 and 86 at American Airlines Arena. We also like that Minny has struggled in recent games with the Heat. They've only managed to put up 82 and 81 points in their last 2 matchups with Miami. Both of these games were at Minnesota too! Lastly, the public are hammering the TWolves here as a big underdog. As a general rule of thumb, when the public sides with the dog, the fav. is usually a pretty solid play. We're calling for a 15+ win here and it wouldn't surprise us at all to see a final margin of 22 or more. We're picking Miami Heat at -9. Good luck! - 4/4

Thursday: It was a great ride! Unfortunately, our 10 game winning streak has come to an end. We'd pick the Bucks in that matchup 100x over, given the same opportunity. The play had a 65% chance of covering and that means it had a 35% chance of losing, which we got stuck with the crap end of the stick this go around. We'll get'em next time! We're passing Thursday. Neither game on tonight's card offers any clear cut value. Enjoy your Thursday! - 4/3

Wednesday: Congrats to everybody as we cashed in big with the Nets last night! Let's keep this heater rolling! Wednesday presents us with a great opportunity that we believe has a 65% chance of cashing. The first thing that comes to most people's minds when they hear Bucks vs. Heat is "Milwaukee is going to get killed", and rightfully so! Why wouldn't a guy think that after the Heat recently waxed them 88-67? A sixty seven point game is a fluke. Amost everything has to go wrong for a team to score this few points. In all candidness, the Heat could probably beat the Bucks by 20 (or more) every time they played, but they don't and they won't. There is no motivation for them to beat up a bad team like Milwaukee. I lost at betting for 15 years before I even got a sniff of winning. The major variable that turned me from a loser to a grinding winner was learning that good teams win and bad teams cover. I also had to grow a set of balls to stop taking favorites all the time and start focusing more on underdog opportunities such as tonight's game where the Bucks are getting +13.5 points. Let's take a look at a few numbers.... If you made the Bucks a 13.5 dog over their past 14 road games, they'd have gone 12-2 against the spread. Many of these games have been against formidable opponents as well. Conversely, if you made Miami a -13.5 home fav over their past 7 games, they'd have covered NONE of those games! We also like the fact that D-Wade is questionable tonight as is Ray Allen who has the flu. You should also find it odd that 70% of the betting public is siding with the Heat and the line hasn't budged. Take the Bucks tonight plus the points. It's going to be ugly but it's a high probability result! - 4/2

Tuesday NBA Action: 11.76. That is the number that signifies the average margin of victory by the Brooklyn Nets over opponents during their recent 13 game home winning streak. Even more impressive, they've held 12 of those 13 opponents to under 100 points during the streak. Houston is a big bully. The Rockets beat the tar out of bad teams making them look like world beaters. Even seasoned handicappers see scores like 120-95 and get duped into thinking that the team is an offensive powerhouse. It's not quite as impressive though, when you look deeper into the numbers and see Philly, Cleveland, Minny and Utah as their victims. The Rockets can and do struggle on the road against good teams, as evidenced by a recent 3 game road trip they had March 11th-16th where they lost handily to OKC, Chicago and Miami by 8, 24 and 9 points. As the commercials would say, but wait! There's more! Rockets C Dwight Howard is doubtful and expected to miss tonight and hustling F Terrence Jones is sick and questionable as well. Meanwhile, the general betting public are hammering the Rockets to the tune of 60%. The opening line on this game had the Nets at -1 and it's currently gone up to -3 despite the one sided action. The stars are aligned on this one as good as any we've seen in quite some time. Brooklyn probably wins this game by 7 points or more but to be safe, we're playing the moneyline at -155. Short favorites spook the heck out of us so we're going to lay some extra juice here to avoid the risk of the Nets winning, but not covering. It's not ideal, but we're playing with house money here so are rolling with the moneyline: Brooklyn Nets -155. Good luck! - 4/1

Monday NBA Pick: Wow! We were cruising yesterday to an EASY over and things got scary in the 4th quarter but we pulled it out! Congrats to all who cashed that one! My apologies to anybody who's underwear got wrecked from the stress of that 4th quarter! You weren't alone! Monday presents us with a nice wagering opportunity! At first glance, the Denver Nuggets appear to be going into a slump, but when you consider who they've lost to, it's not an issue for concern. Their 3 game skid consists of 2 losses to San Antonio and a blowout loss at Oklahoma City. Let's face it, any squad in the NBA is a likely victim to those two teams. If you look past their last 3 games and only focus on their recent home games, a different story is told. Looking deeper into the mix, we find some interesting variables in play here... Memphis doesn't win in Denver! Unbelievably, the Grizz are 3-30 in their last 33 games in Denver! Denver is 5-1 in their last 6 home games with an average margin of victory of 7 points in their 5 wins. Two of those wins include beating the Mavs and Clippers, two formidable opponents. I also like that Denver has been at home since Thursday and haven't had a game since Friday night, giving them a nice rest. They should be recharged and ready to roll tonight. Conversely, the Grizz are playing their 3rd game in 4 nights on the road in which they barely beat a horrible Jazz team and lost by 7 to both Golden State and Portland. My only concern here is Denver's defense. It's been weak lately. It's rare that all of the stars are ever aligned, but I feel this game has enough positive variables making the Nugs worth a play. I expect the Grizz to hang tough for the first 3 quarters and peter out in the 4th giving Denver a backdoor cover. I'm betting Denver at +4.5. Good luck! - 3/31

Sunday Pro Hoops Pick ATS: Congrats to those who sacked up and layed the wood with the Wiz on the ML at -235. As it turns out, we ended up needing the moneyline as expected, the Wiz played some low IQ basketball in the 4th quarter as they were up 10 with a couple minutes left and ended up barely winning the game. We're back Sunday with another solid play! We're in love with the OVER 211 in the Timberwolves/Nets game as we're forecasting the total score to run over 216 points. It wouldn't surprise us to see this one end up much higher as well. The 216 we're forecasting is on the low end as the base figure we came up with was each team scoring around 108. The upside here actually goes as high as 232. Minnesota's defense has been putrid on the road as of late. We expect them to allow around 52% from the field tonight. Conversely, Minny can score on Brooklyn, making this a rock solid play. Furthermore, both teams are rested and both shoot free throws extremely well which are always imperative variables when playing an OVER. All this is saying a lot, as you won't see us sitting on many OVER plays. We're on the OVER 211 points. Good luck! - 3/30

Saturday: Congrats to those who rode our 4 team 9 point teaser last night. The Kings gave us a scare but it ended up covering easily! The Atlanta Hawks have lost their last 5 games in a row and pretty badly, by margins of 15, 24, 7, 11 and 6. They've only shot 41% from the field in those games while allowing a robust 48% on the defensive end. This team has struggled all season since losing the heart of their team, Al Horford. To make matters worse, they've been tinkering with their lineup which is surely causing chemistry issues. Kyle Korver has missed recent games and is questionable tonight. Starting C Pero Antic is also questionable. Now, what I really like about this game... The Hawks have to be out of gas. Check this out... On 3/21, they played at home in Atlanta vs. the Pelicans. They then had to fly all the way to Toronto for their next game. Then they had to fly all the way home to play Phoenix. Then they had to fly up north to play Minnesota. Then they had to fly all the way back home to play Portland. Then they had to fly up to Washington to play the Wiz.. That is one NASTY travel schedule. It breaks down to 5 flights in around 8 days. You try that and see how motivated you are to lace'em up for an NBA game! The Wizards aren't exactly lighting it up but should be able to handle the Hawks at home tonight. For what it's worth, they've beaten the Hawks by 7 and 10 in their last 2 matchups @ Wash. The Wiz can be helter skeleter at times with their passing and shot selection, so I'm riding the Washington moneyline at -235. Good luck! - 3/29

Friday: We're on a nice little roll here! Congrats to those who hammered the Blazers/Hawks under last night! I hope you're bookie has to eat top ramen all next week! Today's games don't offer any glaring value, so we're going to move the lines a bit with a 4 team 9 point teaser. This bet can be found at BetOnline. We're moving the Celtics from +9.5 to +18.5, Nets from -8.5 to plus a half, the Kings from +12 to +21 and we'll complete this play with a college hoops pick, moving Tennessee from +2.5 to +11.5. Good luck today! - 3/28

Thursday NBA Action: Congrats to those who got down on yesterday's 3 team teaser! As it turns out, we needed those extra points to cover the bet! Today, the Portland Blazers get LaMarcus Aldrige back tonight, which may make a guy think that his return will give the offense a huge boost. The truth is, that the first couple games back it can actually create chemistry issues. We also like that Aldridge hasn't played well vs. ATL historically, including one recent game where he went 1-13 from the field. The Blazers have failed to break 100 points in 6 of their last 8 games and the Hawks have failed to break the century mark in 5 of their last 7. This is mostly due to poor shot selection/shooting as neither defense is good. The last 3 matchups between these teams have scored totals of 180, 197 and 182. Other variables that we like include the Blazers playing their 4th game in the last 6 nights, all on the road and the fact that ATL had to travel from Minnesota last night which may make them a bit sluggish. Unfortunately, we're late to the dance here as this line opened at 210 and dropped to 207.5. We still think there is value there as we see the final score to land in between 195 and 205 points. Good luck! - 3/27

Wednesday Pro Hoops: Congratulations to those who had the nads to side with the Orlando Magic yesterday! The win came easier than we thought! Wednesday, we "like" some games but are not in love with anything, so are getting a bit creative and going to roll with a 3 team 7 point teaser (-120). We're teasing Boston, Washington and the Phoenix Washington UNDER, making them Celtics +10.5, Wizards +9 and Suns/Wiz UNDER 217 points. We "like" Bos +3.5, Wash +2 and UNDER 210, however, feel much more comfortable with the extra points today. Good luck! - 3/26

Tuesday: Congrats on yesterday's win with the Pistons/Jazz landing in between 205-210 points as expected! Today we like the Orlando Magic at +6. The Blazers are definitely the better team here, but there are a bunch of variables in play that we really like. For starters, the Magic have lost 9 games in a row which gets them zero respect. Lack of respect creates line value. Second, 12 out of their last 17 games have been on the road. Yes, they're a bad team, BUT this creates somewhat of a false impression. They're bad, but not horrible. Especially at home as the team is actually fairly competitive at the Amway Center. I also like that Jameer Nelson is listed as doubtful tonight. Nelson is one of the worst point guards in the NBA that makes poor decisions and looks to score more than distribute, which creates chemistry issues. The future of the team is Victor Oladipo who's hustle and energy is 3x that of Nelson. On the Portland side of the ball, key Blazers F LaMarcus Aldridge is listed as doubtful which surely doesn't hurt our cause. Portland is vulnerable on the road as evidenced by their 1-6 away record in their last 7 road games. This will be a game that you probably shouldn't watch as the Magic absolutely disappear at times and will give you stroke symptoms lol. Turn it on with a minute left and enjoy a backdoor cover. Good luck! - 3/25

Monday: We like the Detroit Pistons/Utah Jazz OVER 202 today. If you look at recent Pistons road games, you'll see that 7 of 9 have been a combined total of 214 points or more. Many of these games have gone way over that number as well. Furthermore, the Jazz have allowed a robust 50.6% from the field over their last 5 games. My only concern here is that the Jazz can struggle offensively at times. I feel that we've got some play in the line though, and expect this game to land around the 205-210 mark. Good luck! - 3/24

Sunday: Congrats on yesterday's win! We can't find any value on today's card so we're passing. - 3/23

Saturday: Rough half point loss yesterday. Hopefully you got in on our March Madness picks that went 5-1. Today we like the Cleveland Cavaliers +8. Rockets C Dwight Howard is questionable for the game with an ankle issue. The Cavs have many players that are banged up, but this shouldn't be a problem as they've got some decent reserves. - 3/22

Friday: We kissed our sister going 1-1 yesterday. We won convincingly with the Bucks as huge dogs that only lost by 5 and got bit by the Wizards who scratched big man Marcin Gortat which hurt our chances at the cover. These situations are one of the downfalls of getting down on games early in the day. However, we feel that it washes out with the fact that we'll get better lines (make picks before they drop). We just like one game today: Memphis Grizzlies +4.5. The Grizz are playing good ball and the Heat appear to be vulnerable, playing medicore ball lately and not giving a full effort on the defensive end of the court as evidenced by their 48.4 field goal percentage they've given up from the field over their last 5 games. Good luck! - 3/21

Thursday: Congrats to all as we covered by 9 yesterday! We like two games today... We like Washington at +4.5 as the LaMarcus Aldrige is doubtful tonight which creates chemistry issues and more importantly the Blazers are giving up points in bunches over the past couple games. Despite Washington's fluke loss at Sacramento Wednesday night, the Wiz are playing pretty good ball. The second pick we like is the Bucks at +13. Milwaukee sucks, but this game should land around a 9-11 point margin. The Bucks always play the Warriors tough and match up well against them. Vegas Sharps like the bucks as well, as evidenced by the opening line of -14.5 which has been bet down to +13 despite only 35% of the general public (squares) backing MIL. Always remember that good teams win and bad teams cover. Betting on the Bucks can increase your potential for an ulcer 10 fold, but is a great value play. It is highly recommended that you only watch the last few minutes of the game because the stress of watching Milwaukee play could possibly take weeks off your life! LOL. Good luck! - 3/20

Wednesday: ROUGH game yesterday with the Wiz up 10 with 4 mins left and losing in overtime. John Wall misses 2 free throws in a row in the final minute. Improbable to say the least! Wednesday we like the OVER 198 in the Raptors/Pelicans game. The number is in line with both team's full season stats. Neither is playing any defense lately as the Raptors have given up 121 and 118 over their past 2 games and the Pelicans haven't fared much better allowing 111 and 120 over their L2 games. Good luck! - 3/19

Tuesday NBA Action: As expected, the Bobcats fell apart in the second half. They looked flat vs. a mediocre Atlanta team. Congrats to all that hit it! Tuesday we like the Wizards laying a point at Sacramento. The Kings are coming off of a long road trip which puts them in a spot where many teams come out flat in this situation. Kings big man Cousins missed the last game with a banged up knee. At time of print, he's listed as probable, but common sense says that's a pretty big body to be running around on an unhappy knee. Get this line quick as I expect it to go up prior to tip-off. Washington Wizards -1. - 3/18

Monday: Brutal loss yesterday as were looking good until the end until Spencer Hawes single handedly gave the game to the Clippers. I can't remember the last time I saw one player have such a negative impact on game! Monday we're rolling with the Atlanta Hawks who at +2.5 have shown complete domination over the Charlotte Bobcats having won 5 straight games in Charlotte. We also like that this is the Bobcat's 4th game in 6 nights and they had to fly out of Wisconsin last night. Jetlag is for real! - 3/17

Sunday: Cleveland Cavaliers +11. - 3/16

Saturday's Top Play: Picking ourselves up and brushing the dirt off after a brutal push yesterday where the Jazz were up 8 at the half and lost by 17 in the second half giving us an ugly push. I'd play that game 1000x over given the opportunity! Back to the grind! Saturday we like the Atlanta Hawks laying the wood at -6 against a Denver team that should be spent today. - 3/15

Friday Barking Dog: Utah Jazz +9 (2 unit play). - 3/14

Thursday: We can't find any distinct value on today's short card so we're passing. - 3/13

Wednesday Pro Hoops Play: Detroit Pistons/Toronto Raptors OVER 206 points. - 3/12

Tuesday NBA Bet Recommendation: Memphis Grizzlies -3. - 3/11

Monday: Phoenix Suns/Los Angeles Clippers UNDER 220 points. - 3/10

Sunday Basketball Predictions: Denver Nuggets +2, Detroit Pistons +1 and Toronto Raptors +4.5. - 3/9

Saturday: Philadelphia 76ers +6.5. - 3/8

Friday NBA Top Play: Milwaukee Bucks +7.5. The New Orleans Pelicans have allowed opponents to shoot 50% or better in four out of their last six games. The Bucks are no defensive stopper either, but to be laying 8 points in tihs spot is bordering ridiculous. The Bucks will probably lose this game, but we expect them to keep it within a 4-6 point margin. - 3/7

Thursday: We took a long hard look at the Phoenix Suns but were unable to pull the trigger. The team hasn't been playing any defense lately, which knocked them out as a potential play. The other two games tonight are absolutely uncappable, so we're passing tonight! - 3/6

Wednesday: Orlando Magic +6.5. - 3/5

Tuesday Hoopage: Golden State Warriors +5. - 3/4

Monday on the Hardwood: Utah Jazz/Milwaukee Bucks OVER 196 points. - 3/3

Sunday's Prediction: Toronto Raptors +2. - 3/2

Saturday Pro Hoops: Orlando Magic/Miami Heat UNDER 200.5 points. - 3/1

Friday NBA Wagers: Utah Jazz +4, Memphis Grizzlies +6 and Chicago Bulls +4. - 2/28

Thursday: Brooklyn Nets -1. - 2/27

Wednesday Pro Basketball: Utah Jazz +1. - 2/26

Tuesday: Sacramento Kings +4. - 2/25

Monday: Boston Celtics +3.5. - 2/24

Sunday's Top Play: Los Angeles Lakers +2.5. - 2/23

Saturday NBA Action: Milwaukee Bucks +12. - 2/22

Friday's Top Play: Memphis Grizzlies +1.5. - 2/21

Thursday NBA Play: Miami Heat +3. - 2/20

Tuesday/Wednesday: We're passing Tuesday and Wednesday to observe which NBA teams have come back motivated after the break. Many variables change during this much needed time off for the players, making games almost impossible to predict during this time. WE'll see you Friday once we've made some assessments! - 2/18 and 2/19

Thursday NBA Prediction: Brooklyn Nets +3.5. - 2/13

Wednesday's Top Play: Orlando Magic +2. - 2/12

Tuesday NBA Selection: Utah Jazz +2. - 2/11

Monday Pro Hoops Play: New Orleans Pelicans +7. - 2/10

Sunday NBA Action: New Orleans Pelicans +4.5. - 2/9

Saturday's Predictions: Detroit Pistons -2, Minnesota Timberwolves -1 and Milwaukee Bucks +11. - 2/8

Friday Pro Basketball Picks: Toronto Raptors +5, Denver Nuggets +1.5 and Detroit Pistons on the ML at -120. - 2/7

Thursday: Chicago Bulls +8.5. - 2/6

Wednesday NBA Pick: Milwaukee Bucks +12. - 2/5

Tuesday's Top Play: Atlanta Hawks +3. - 2/4

Monday NBA Action: Washington Wizards +1. - 2/3

Sunday: Passing! - 2/2

Saturday NBA Action: New York Knicks +5. - 2/1

Friday Pro Basketball: Toronto Raptors +2. - 1/31

Thursday: Congrats to all who banged our 3 unit best bet last night! It didn't come easy, but it looked like a homerun in the boxscore this morning! Thursday presents us with a nice wagering opportunity on the Indiana Pacers at -12. I'm not a big fan of laying this many points in the NBA, but there are some nice variables here including the Suns playing their 4th game in 5 nights, Suns PG Goran Dragic being banged up (he's questionable at time of print) and most of all the revenge factor. The Suns absolutely blasted Indiana in their last matchup, so the Pacers should have plenty of motivation in this one. Furthermore, the Pacers are 21-1 at home and more importantly, are outscoring opponents by 16 a game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. This game was very close to being a best bet, but we can't justify it due to the Suns good play as of late. - 1/30

Wednesday NBA Picks: Milwaukee Bucks +8.5 and Washington Wizards +8.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** - 1/29

Tuesday NBA Play: Houston Rockets -1.5. - 1/28

Monday: Hawks/Thunder UNDER 204. - 1/27

Sunday: We got absolutely waxed yesterday with the Bucks as they threw in the towel early. That's all part of the grind and happens from time to time. Good teams win, bad teams cover. We'll make profits long term. It's a bumpy road though! Today we like the Orlando Magic getting +6.5. Good luck! - 1/26

Saturday: Milwaukee Bucks +3. - 1/25

Friday Pro Basketball Picks: Philadelphia 76ers +6.5. - 1/24

Thursday Plays: Los Angeles Lakers +11.5 and Denver Nuggets +7. - 1/23

Wednesday: Orlando Magic +5.5. - 1/22

Tuesday NBA Wager Recommendation: Utah Jazz +4. - 1/21

Monday Hoops Action: Philadelphia 76ers +10 and New Orleans/Memphis UNDER 191 points. - 1/20

Sunday: Passing. - 1/19

Saturday Hoops Pick: Charlotte Bobcats +6.5. - 1/18

Friday Pro Hoops Pick: Golden State Warriors/Oklahoma City Thunder UNDER 206.5. - 1/17

Thursday: Brooklyn Nets +1. - 1/16

Wednesday NBA Action: Pau Gasol's garbage bucket at the buzzer (off an offensive rebound or two) wrecked out 3-1 night last night. Instead, we go 2-2, but hey, that's the way it goes. The longer you're around this game the less you'll be surprised by bad beats and buzzer beaters. We're not real thrilled with today's lines so are taking the Miami Heat on the moneyline at -235. Most books have these odds posted at -260. That is why you should be playing at 5Dimes where you can not only bet on moneylines at reduced/discounted odds, but sides and totals as well, where you only risk -105 odds instead of the -110 that your book is socking you! Good luck today!

Tuesday NBA Plays: Charlotte Bobcats -1, Sacramento Kings +10.5, Memphis Grizzlies +1.5, Cleveland Cavs -3. - 1/14

Monday's Wager Recommendation: Milwaukee Bucks +10.5. - 1/13

Sunday Pro Hoops Play: Atlanta Hawks +4.5. - 1/12

Saturday's Top Play: Toronto Raptors -9.5. - 1/11

Friday NBA Wager Recommendation: Boston Celtics +11.5. - 1/10

Thursday: New York Knicks +8 and Denver Nuggets +3.5.

Wednesday NBA Picks: Washington Wizards +3 and Dallas Mavericks +6.5. - 1/8

Tuesday NBA Pick: Philadelphia 76ers +5.5. - 1/7

Monday NBA Play: Philadelphia 76ers +7. - 1/6

Sunday on the Hardwood: Toronto Raptors +6. - 1/5

Saturday NBA Action: Minnesota Timberwolves -2. - 1/4

Friday Pro Hoops Pick: Memphis Grizzlies +3.5. - 1/3

Thursday Roundball Action: Cleveland Cavaliers -3. - 1/2

Wednesday Pro Hoops Play: Washington Wizards -2. - 1/1

Tuesday NBA Selection: Orlando Magic +6. - 12/31

Monday NBA Top Play: New Orleans Pelicans +2. ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***- 12/30

Sunday's Play: Sacramento Kings +12.5. - 12/29

Saturday NBA Action: Phoenix Suns -10.5. - 12/28

Friday Pro Hoops Predictions: Milwaukee Bucks +5 and Utah Jazz -3.5. - 12/27

Thursday NBA Action: Los Angeles Clippers +4. - 12/26

Wednesday: Passing! - 12/25

Tuesday: No games scheduled. Happy Holidays! - 12/24

Monday Pro Hoops Picks: Dallas Mavs +4.5 and New Orleans Pelicans at a pick'em. - 12/23

Sunday NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves/Los Angeles Clippers UNDER 209 points. - 12/22

Saturday NBA Bet Recommendation: San Antonio Spurs -2. - 12/21

Friday Pro Basketball Pick: Toronto Raptors +6. - 12/20

Thursday NBA Bet: Golden State Warriors -3. - 12/19

Wednesday NBA Wager: Los Angeles Clippers -10.5. - 12/18

Tuesday NBA Wager: Cleveland Cavaliers +4.5. - 12/17

Monday NBA Action: Boston Celtics +1.5. - 12/16

Sunday Pro Hoops Pick: Minnesota/Memphis OVER 196.5 points. - 12/15

Saturday NBA Picks: Milwaukee Bucks +11.5 and Charlotte Bobcats -2.5. - 12/14

Friday NBA Bet Selection: Milwaukee Bucks +3. - 12/13

Thursday Hoops Bet: Brooklyn Nets +1.5. - 12/12

Wednesday NBA Plays: Boston Celtics +5.5. - 12/11

Tuesday Pro Hoops Picks: Milwaukee Bucks +7.5. - 12/10

Monday's Top Play: Washington Wizards at +1. - 12/9

Sunday Pro Hoops Play: Detroit Pistons +3.5. - 12/8

Saturday NBA Pick: Dallas Mavericks +5. - 12/7

Friday: Toronto Raptors +4. - 12/6

Thursday Pro Hoops Pick: Memphis Grizzlies -1. - 12/5

Wednesday Pro Hoops Pick: Los Angeles Clippers/Atanta Hawks UNDER 202 points. - 12/4

Tuesday Roundball: Sacramento Kings +6.5. - 12/3

Monday: Utah Jazz +7.5. - 12/2

Sunday: Not enough time to handicap games with all the football going on today so we're passing! - 12/1

Saturday Pro Hoops Play: Minnesota T-Wolves -1.5. - 11/30

Friday NBA Action: Utah Jazz +2. - 11/29

Thursday: No games scheduled. Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/28

Wednesday Pro Hoops: Phoenix Suns +3.5. - 11/27

Tuesday on the Hardwood: We handicapped for hours and can't find any advantages in today's lines so we're passing. We tried to make a case for New Orleans but there just weren't enough variables in play. If you've got a hankering for hoops today, we do like Baylor at -3 in college basketball. - 11/26

Monday NBA Picks: Houston Rockets/Memphis Grizzlies UNDER 195 points. - 11/25

Note: We're sorry that we missed Sunday's picks! We had problems with a router and didn't have web access until well after the games started. - 11/24

Saturday Pro Hoops Pick: Sacramento Kings/Los Angeles Clippers UNDER 207.5. - 11/23

Friday NBA Plays: Utah Jazz +11.5. - 11/22

Thursday Pro Hoops Pick: Denver Nuggets +1. - 11/21

Wednesday NBA Picks: Charlotte Bobcats +2.5. - 11/20

Tuesday: New York Knicks/Detroit Pistons OVER 198.5 points. - 11/19

Monday Pro Hoops Pick: Utah Jazz +8. - 11/18

Sunday: Passing. - 11/17

Saturday NBA Pick: Charlotte Bobcats +7.5. - 11/16

Friday NBA Bet Recommendation: Chicago Bulls/Toronto Raptors OVER 183 points. - 11/15

Announcement! Check out our new and improved left menu! We now offer today's odds, game matchups, trends, a hot/cold report, stats database, each team's records against the spread, referee stats and more once you're inside those pages! Please feel free to give us feedback on these new features. We'd appreciate it!

Note: 2013 NBA picks will be posted daily starting in mid November around the 15th! See you then!

Thursday NBA Finals Game 7 Pick: Miami Heat -5.5. - 6/20

Tuesday NBA Finals Prediction ATS: Miami Heat -6.5. - 6/18

Sunday: Miami Heat -1.5. - 6/16

Friday/Saturday: No games scheduled. - 6/14 and 6/15

Thursday NBA Finals Game 4 Pick: Miami Heat -2. - 6/13

Wednesday: No games scheduled. - 6/12

Tuesday NBA Finals Game 3 Pick: Miami Heat +2. - 6/11

Monday: No games scheduled. - 6/10

NBA Finals Game 2 ATS Prediction: Miami Heat -6. - 6/9

NBA Finals Game 1 Pick: Miami Heat -5. - 6/6

Wednesday: No games scheduled. - 6/5

Tuesday: No games scheduled. - 6/4

Monday Eastern Conference Finals Game 7: This game has no wagering value whatsoever. The spread is a 50/50 proposition and the UNDER has slight value but with this being a game 7, we could see a slew of fouls at the end of the game easily making this game go over the number. We're passing! - 6/3

Sunday: No games scheduled. - 6/2

Saturday Eastern Conference Finals Pick: Indiana Pacers +2.5. - 6/1

Friday: No games scheduled. - 5/31

Thursday's Prediction: Miami Heat -7.5. - 5/30

Wednesday: No games scheduled. - 5/29

Tuesday NBA Playoffs: Indiana Pacers +2.5. - 5/28

Monday Western Conference Finals Prediction: Memphis Grizzlies -2.5. - 5/27

Sunday: Passing! - 5/26

Saturday Western Conference Finals Pick: (Spurs lead 2-0) Spurs/Grizzlies UNDER 179 points. - 5/25

Friday Eastern Conference Finals Game 2: Miami Heat -7. - 5/24

Thursday: No games scheduled. - 5/23

Wednesday Eastern Conference Finals Game 1 Pick ATS: Miami Heat -7.5. - 5/22

Tuesday Western Conference Finals Play: Memphis Grizzlies/San Antonio Spurs OVER 181.5 points. - 5/21

Monday: No games schedued. - 5/20

Sunday Western Conference Finals Game 1: Memphis Grizzlies/San Antonio Spurs OVER 181.5 points. - 5/19

Saturday: We can't find any value in this game at all. Our fist inclination is to take the over, which is really something because we generally don't like over plays, but we've gotten burned by it a few times already in this series so we're going to pass. - 5/18

Friday: No games scheduled. - 5/17

Thursday NBA Playoffs: Indiana Pacers/New York Knicks OVER 179 points. - 5/16

Wednesday Playoffs Picks: Miami Heat -14.5. - 5/15

Tuesday NBA Playoffs Prediction: New York Knicks/Indiana Pacers OVER 180 points. - 5/14

Monday NBA Playoffs Plays: Miami Heat -7.5. - 5/13

Sunday Hoops Playoffs: We're passing today because we're not sure what Curry's status is and how things will play out whether he plays or not. - 5/12

Saturday NBA Play: Knicks/Pacers OVER 183.5. - 5/11

Friday NBA Picks: Chicago Bulls +7 - 5/10

Thursday NBA Picks: No games scheduled. - 5/9

Wednesday Action: Golden State Warriors/San Antonio Spurs UNDER 205. - 5/8

Tuesday Pro Hoops Playoffs Picks: Indiana Pacers/New York Knicks UNDER 183. - 5/7

Monday NBA Playoffs: As we get deeper into the playoffs, games become tougher to pick. The reason for this is that you've got better teams facing each other, both of which are probably playing well. This removes the advantage that we as handicappers have in beating the line. While it may be frustrating, there will probably be some upcoming days where we pass because there's just no value. We don't make picks for the sake of having something to post on the site. This would equate to taking you down the wrong road. With that being said, we think that both Miami and San Antonio WIN today, but we really have no clue how either side or total will fare, so we're passing. - 5/6

Sunday NBA Picks: Memphis Grizzlies +3. - 5/5

Saturday NBA Action: Brooklyn Nets -7. - 5/4

Friday NBA Playoffs Predictions ATS: Houston Rockets -1.5. - 5/3

Thursday Roundball Picks: Golden St. Warriors -2. - 5/2

Wednesday NBA Playoffs Pick: Atlanta Hawks/Indiana Pacers OVER 188 points. - 5/1

Tuesday NBA Playoffs: We can't find any value in either side or total so we're passing. - 4/30

Monday Basketball Playoffs Pick: Indiana Pacers/Atlanta Hawks OVER 187 points. - 4/29

Sunday NBA Playoffs Prediction: Golden St. Warriors +1.5. - 4/28

Saturday NBA Play: Indiana Pacers/Atlanta Hawks OVER 190 points. - 4/27

Friday NBA Playoffs: Golden State Warriors at a pick'em. - 4/26

Thursday NBA Playoffs Pick: Brooklyn Nets +3.5. - 4/25

Wednesday NBA Selection: Atlanta Hawks +7. - 4/24

Tuesday NBA Playoffs Pick: New York Knicks -7. - 4/23

Monday NBA Playoffs Picks: Chicago Bulls +5.5. - 4/22

Sunday NBA Playoffs Picks: San Antonio Spurs -8.5 - 4/21

Saturday NBA Playoffs: We couldn't find any value so are passing. While this sucks, it's never a good thing to force a play, no matter what the circumstances are as this is a surefire way to erode your bankroll. - 4/20

Thursday: No games scheduled. - 4/18

Wednesday NBA Pick: Philadelphia 76ers +3. - 4/17

Tuesday Basketball Picks: Toronto Raptors +6. - 4/16

Monday Pro Hoops Pick: Charlotte Bobcats -1.5. - 4/15

Sunday NBA Pick: New Orleans Hornets +3. - 4/14

Saturday NBA Pick: Phoenix Suns +4.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** - 4/13

Friday NBA Plays: Memphis Grizzlies +2.5. - 4/12

Thursday NBA Picks: Golden State Warriors +4. - 4/11

Wednesday NBA Bets: Orlando Magic +5. We really wanted to pull the trigger on the Sixers at +2.5 as they usually play the Hawks really well but with them playing last night and coming off of a long road trip we're only going to put a lunch money bet on the game. Like five dollar footlong money lol. - 4/10

Tuesday Hoops Action: Toronto Raptors +4.5. - 4/9

Monday: No games scheduled. - 4/8

Sunday NBA Play: Detroit Pistons +4.5. - 4/7

Saturday NBA Action: Houston Rockets +5.5. - 4/6

Friday Professional Basketball Picks: Portland TrailBlazers +6. - 4/5

Thursday Pro Hoops Picks: Dallas Mavericks +7. - 4/4

Wednesday NBA Plays: Detroit Pistons +7 and Sacramento Kings +3.5. - 4/3

LOL: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has said that he'd consider drafting 6'8" female basketball player Brittney Griner if she was available in the second round. This is surely a publicity stunt of course. Thanks for the laugh Mark. - 4/3

Tuesday Pro Basketball Picks: Washington Wizards -1.5. - 4/2

Monday NBA Picks: Indiana Pacers +4. - 4/1

Sunday NBA: We couldn't find any value today so are passing. - 3/31

Saturday NBA Selection: Memphis Grizzlies -4. - 3/30

Friday's Top Play: Orlando Magic +4. - 3/29

Thursday NBA Bet Recommendation: Sacramento Kings/Phoenix Suns UNDER 205.5. - 3/28

Wednesday Pro Basketball Plays: Our top play today is Boston Celtics/Cleveland Cavaliers OVER 194.5. - 3/27

Tuesday NBA Wager: Minnesota T-Wolves -1. - 3/26

Monday NBA Bet: Washington Wizards +3. - 3/25

Sunday NBA Action: Atlanta Hawks +2.5. - 3/24

Saturday Pro Hoops Pick: Charlotte Bobcats -1.5. - 3/23

Friday NBA Bets: Atlanta Hawks -7.5. - 3/22

Thursday NBA Plays: Portland Trailblazers/Chicago Bulls OVER 189 points. - 3/21

Wednesday Pro Hoops: Charlotte Bobcats +6.5. - 3/20

Tuesday NBA: We handicapped all four games and couldn't find any sides or totals that had any value. If you don't have an edge your best play is to pass, which is exactly what we're doing. - 3/19

Monday NBA: Charlotte Bobcats +6.5. - 3/18

Sunday Pro Hoops Pick: Orlando Magic +9. - 3/17

Saturday NBA Pick: Utah Jazz -1 (-120). - 3/16

Friday Pro Hoops Bet Recommendation: Memphis Grizzlies +5. - 3/15

Thursday NBA Plays: We don't like either game on tonight's 2 game card so we're passing. - 3/14

Wednesday: Our NBA plays have stunk over the past week so we're taking a day off. - 3/13

Tuesday NBA Play: Dallas Mavericks/Milwaukee Bucks UNDER 208 points. - 3/12

Monday NBA Action: Phoenix Suns +9. - 3/11

Sunday's Play: Sacramento Kings on the moneyline at -123. - 3/10

Saturday NBA: Houston Rockets/Phoenix Suns UNDER 209. - 3/9

Friday Pro Hoops Plays: Phoenix Suns +7. - 3/8

Thursday: Los Angeles Clippers +4. - 3/7

Wednesday NBA Picks: Philadelphia 76ers +8.5. We're also recommending putting 10% of your normal wager size (lunch money bet) on the moneyline at +320 as we feel it has a shot here. - 3/6

Tuesday Pro Basketball Picks: We couldn't find any advantages in any of tonight's 3 games so we're passing. We will however have some good college basketball picks tonight though! - 3/5

Monday: Cleveland Cavaliers +3. - 3/4

Sunday NBA Plays: New York Knicks +4.5 and Atlanta Hawks +5.5. - 3/3

Saturday Pro Hoops Pick: Toronto/Milwaukee UNDER 201 points. - 3/2

Friday: Memphis Grizzlies/Miami Heat OVER 186 points. - 3/1

Thursday Pro Hoops Selections: Philadelphia 76ers +7. - 2/28

Wednesday NBA Plays: Orlando Magic -1 and Detroit Pistons +7. - 2/27

Tuesday Pro Basketball Bet Recommendation: Indiana Pacers -8. - 2/26

Monday: Atlanta Hawks -3. - 2/25

Sunday: Phoenix Suns +8.5. - 2/24

Saturday Pro Basketball Picks: We spent hours handicapping today's NBA card and can't find any advantages in today's lines so we're forced to pass. Sometimes a pass is your best play. There's no need to force the action as "there's always another game." Enjoy your Saturday! - 2/23

Friday NBA Picks: Washington Wizards +3. - 2/22

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: Passing. Unexpected things happen when players return from a long break. We're going to let the dust settle and see how the next few days play out. - 2/19

NBA ALL STAR BREAK - 2/15 through 2/18

Thursday NBA: Miami Heat +5.5. - 2/14

Wednesday NBA Plays: Our top play today is the Washington Wizards +2. We've got some leans as well which include Portland/New Orleans OVER 195, Chicago +2 and Charlotte +11. - 2/13

Tuesday NBA Plays: Toronto Raptors +2. - 2/12

Monday's Plays: Philadelphia 76ers +4.5, Washington Wizards and Hawks/Mavericks OVER 203. - 2/11

Sunday NBA Pick: Boston Celtics -2. - 2/10

Saturday Pro Hoops: Sacramento Kings -1. - 2/9

Rumor Mill: Word on the street is that the Bulls may be looking to ship F Carlos Boozer to Toronto for C Andrea Bargnani. This one leaves me scratching my head as Bargnani just doesn't seem to fit into that lineup. He's nothing more than a taller version of Marco Belenelli. - 2/8

Friday's Top Play: Washington Wizards -1.5. - 2/8

Thursday NBA: Chicago Bulls +5.5. - 2/7

Lakers Suffer Blow: L.A. big-man Pau Gasol partial has a tear in his plantar fascia and will miss 6-12 weeks. - 2/6

Wednesday Pro Basketball Predictions: Indiana/Philadelphia OVER 181 points. - 2/6

Tuesday NBA Plays: It doesn't get any sweeter than yesterday's games. The Bulls/Pacers game went way over and the Blazers/TWolves game didn't look like it had a chance early, but flew over the total as well. Today's play is the Atlanta Hawks at +6. - 2/5

Trade Rumor: Rumors are swirling that KG may be headed to Tinsel Town for Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler. - 2/4

Monday Pro Hoops: Portland/Minnesota OVER 194 and Chicago/Indiana OVER 176.5. - 2/4

Super Bowl Sunday: Boston Celtics -1. - 2/3

Saturday NBA Plays: New Orleans Hornets/Minnesota Timberwolves OVER 189 points and Orlando Magic +10. - 2/2

Friday NBA Plays: Milwaukee Bucks +5.5. - 2/1

Trade in Place: A 3 team trade is said to be probable between Memphis, Toronto and Detroit. The rumor suggests that the Grizz would trade F Rudy Gay to the Raptors in exchange for G Jose Calderon and F Ed Davis. Memphis is expected to then swap Calderon to the Pistons for long-time F Tayshaun Prince and F Austin Daye. Neither Piston played Wednesday night so this looks like it's going to go down. - 1/30

Laker Big Man Hurt: Los Angeles C Dwight Howard reinjured his shoulder Wednesday night. The Suns dumped the Lakers giving them their 8th straight road loss. - 1/30

Thursday Pro Hoops: We rebounded nicely by the hair of our chinny-chin-chin scoring on our over by one point. Phew! Neither of Thursday's games offer any value so we're passing. - 1/31

Wednesday Pro Hoops Plays: Rough game last night with the G.S. shooting 53% from the field and 68% from the 3 point line. We'd make that same play 100x over given the opportunity. Total fluke. Today we like the Bulls/Bucks game to go OVER 191 points. I believe this over/under is off by 10+ points. - 1/30

Tuesday NBA Plays: ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** Cleveland Cavaliers +2. - 1/29

Monday Pro Basketball Picks: Indiana/Denver OVER 192.5 points. - 1/28

Sunday Pro Hoops Pick: Dallas Mavericks -7. - 1/27

Beantown Injury: Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo tore his ACL and will miss the remainder of the season. Look for big changes to this team prior to the trade deadline. - 1/27

Saturday NBA Plays: Sacramento Kings/Denver Nuggets OVER 212 points. - 1/26

Friday Pro Hoops Picks: Brooklyn/Memphis UNDER 179 points. - 1/25

Thursday NBA Plays: Los Angeles Clippers/Phoenix Suns UNDER 191.5 points. - 1/24

Wednesday NBA Picks: Charlotte Bobcats +3.5 and Detroit Pistons +6.5. - 1/23

Tuesday: We couldn't find any value in the 8 combined sides and totals from tonight's games so we're passing. - 1/22

Monday NBA Play of the Day: Charlotte Bobcats +6.5. - 1/21

Sunday: Detroit Pistons +2. - 1/20

Saturday NBA Basketball Picks: Kings/Bobcats OVER 204.5. - 1/19

Friday's Plays: Washington Wizards +10.5. - 1/18

You're Fired! The Phoenix Suns have fired coach Alvin Gentry. The team said an interim coach will be named within the next couple days. - 1/18

Thursday Pro Basketball Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks -1. - 1/17

Wednesday Pro Basketball Selections: Cleveland Cavaliers +7. - 1/16

Tuesday NBA Plays: ***2 UNIT TOP PLAY ALERT*** New Orleans Hornets +3. - 1/15

Monday Pro Hoops Plays: Memphis Grizzlies -3. - 1/14

Sunday: New Orleans +7. - 1/13

Saturday NBA Plays: Our top play is the Bulls at -7.5. The Suns are playing their 4th game in 5 nights on the road which is brutal. We also like the Pistons -1 over the Jazz. Lastly, there is no line at time of print but keep an eye on the Wizards line as their going up against another 4th game in 5 nights team in the Atlanta Hawks. - 1/12

Friday NBA Plays: Chicago Bulls +4. - 1/11

Thursday Pro Hoops Plays: Miami Heat -3. - 1/10

Wednesday's Action: Orlando Magic/Denver Nuggets OVER 204.5. - 1/9

Star Coming Back: Washington Wizards PG John Wall is expecting to return to the court Saturday night. - 1/9

On the Move? The Maloof brothers are supposedly close to reaching an agreement that would sell the Sacramento Kings to a Seattle based group. - 1/9

Love out of Action: Kevin Love re-injured his hand which will require surgery. The big forward will miss 8-10 weeks. - 1/9

Fired: The Milwaukee Bucks have fired coach Scott Skiles. Jim Boylan will step in as interim coach. Boylan has already made changes including moving F Ersan Ilyasova into the starting lineup. - 1/8

Tuesday Pro Basketball Picks: Indiana Pacers +2.5. - 1/8

Monday NBA Basketball Plays: Orlando Magic/Portland Trailblazers OVER 191.5 points. - 1/7

Sunday Pro Hoops: Bobcats/Pistons OVER 193. - 1/6

Saturday NBA Plays: Orlando Magic +6. - 1/5

Friday: Indiana Pacers +2.5. - 1/4

Thursday NBA: Neither of today's two games have any wagering value so we're passing. - 1/3

New Year's Day: Without knowing who was out partying and who was up late, theres no way we can risk any money on NBA players on New Year's Day. We're passing. - 1/1

Tuesday Pro Hoops Play: Milwaukee Bucks +5.5. - 1/2

Monday: We're passing today. We tried to make a case for the Indiana Pacers but there just weren't enough positive variables to fit our paramters for making plays. We couldn't find any value in any of today's other games either. - 12/31

Sunday NBA Bet Recommendation: Detroit Pistons -3. - 12/30

Saturday Pro Hoops Plays: Phoenix Suns +8.5. - 12/29

Friday NBA Plays: Sacramento Kings +3, Orlando Magic -1.5 and Toronto Raptors +3. - 12/28

You're Fired! The NJ Nets have canned head coach Avery Johnson after a 14-14 start. P.J. Carlisemo has been named interim coach until a permanent hire has been made. - 12/27

Thursday NBA Play: Los Angeles Clippers -8.5. - 12/27

Wednesday NBA Picks: Toronto Raptors +13, Minnesota T-Wolves -5.5, Phoenix Suns +2.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***. - 12/26

Christmas Day: Passing. Happy Hoidays! - 12/25

Sunday: Passing. - 12/23

Saturday NBA: Washington Wizards +1.5. If this isn't a bounceback/revenge spot I don't know what is! - 12/22

Friday NBA: Orlando Magic +3.5. - 12/21

Thursday's NBA Pick of the Day: Denver Nuggets -6. - 12/20

Wednesday's Plays: Orlando Magic -7.5. - 12/19

Tuesday Hoops Plays: Denver Nuggets -2. - 12/18

Monday NBA Play: Orlando Magic +4. - 12/17

Sunday Pro Hoops: Rockets/Raptors UNDER 198 points. - 12/16

Saturday NBA: Orlando Magic at a pick'em. - 12/15

Friday NBA Plays: Orlando Magic +4. - 12/14

Thursday: San Antonio/Portland UNDER 201.5 points. - 12/13

Wednesday NBA Plays: Sacramento Kings +7.5. - 12/12

Tuesday Hoops: Chicago Bulls +2.5. - 12/11

Monday Roundball: Sacramento Kings +6. - 12/10

Sunday: PASSING. - 12/9

Saturday NBA Play: Portland Traiblazers -6. - 12/8

Friday: Washington Wizards +9 and Philadelphia 76ers +2. - 12/7

Thursday NBA Play: New York Knicks/Miami Heat UNDER 200.5 points. - 12/6

Wednesday NBA Plays: Detroit Pistons -1. - 12/5

Injury Note: The Lakers will rest F/C Pau Gasol with tendinitis. Antawn Jamison will start in his place. - 12/4

Tuesday: Washington Wizards +10. - 12/4

Monday Pro Hoops Plays: Utah Jazz +1.5. - 12/3

Sunday NBA Play: Phoenix Suns +10.5. - 12/2

Saturday NBA: PASSING. - 12/1


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