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Free NBA Basketball Picks

Welcome to the NBA picks and predictions section! Here you will find FREE daily NBA selections against the point spread each day from games around the National Basketball Association. If you scroll down the left menu you'll also find a guide to help you learn how to bet games as well as oodles of tips, advice and strategies to help you with your pro hoops handicapping. Enjoy!


NBA Picks, News and Promotions

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Thursday: Chicago Bulls -1. - 2/16

Wednesday: Indiana Pacers +6. - 2/15

Tuesday: Los Angeles Lakers -2. - 2/14

Monday: Charlotte Hornets -8, Atlanta Hawks +1.5. - 2/13

Sunday: Sacramento Kings -3. - 2/12

Saturday: Charlotte Hornets -3. - 2/11

Friday: Brooklyn Nets +6. - 2/10

Thursday: Charlotte Hornets +3. - 2/9

Wednesday Indiana Pacers +3.5. - 2/8

Tuesday: Brooklyn/Charlotte OVER 219. - 2/7

Monday: Indiana Pacers -3.5. - 2/6

Sunday: Portland Trail Blazers +4.5. - 2/5

Saturday: Miami Heat -8.5. - 2/4

Friday: Chicago Bulls +6.5. - 2/3

Thursday: LA Lakers/Washington UNDER 219. - 2/2

Wednesday: Miami Heat -1. - 2/1

Tuesday: New Orleans/Toronto UNDER 215. - 1/31

Monday: Detroit Pistons +5.5. - 1/30

Sunday: Chicago Bulls -7. - 1/29

Saturday: Phoenix Suns on the money line at -150. - 1/28

Friday: Philadelphia 76ers +6.5. - 1/27

Thursday: Indiana Pacers +3. - 1/26

Wednesday: Milwaukee Bucks -10.5. - 1/25

Tuesday: Denver Nuggets on the money line at -140. - 1/24

Monday: Miami Heat +12. - 1/23

Sunday: Denver Nuggets +3.5. - 1/22

Saturday: Atlanta Hawks -10. - 1/21

Friday: Dallas Mavericks +6. - 1/20

Thursday: Phoenix Suns +12.5. - 1/19

Wednesday: Orlando Magic +5. - 1/18

Tuesday: Miami Heat +8 - 1/17

Monday: New Orleans Pelicans +5. (4PM EST) - 1/16

Sunday: Brooklyn Nets +13. - 1/15

Saturday: Los Angeles Clippers -11. - 1/14

Friday: Philadelphia 76ers +4.5. - 1/13

Thursday: Brutal loss yesterday with teams shooting a combined 30% from 3-point range and the Hornets only hitting 57% of their free throws. Disgusting. Today's play is the Brooklyn Nets +4.5. - 1/12

Wednesday: Memphis Grizzlies/Oklahoma City Thunder OVER 203 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** - 1/11

Tuesday: San Antonio Spurs -10.5, Utah Jazz +2, Los Angeles Lakers +2. - 1/10

Monday: New Orleans Pelicans +3.5. - 1/9

Sunday: Phoenix Suns +8.5. - 1/8

Saturday: Dallas Mavericks +1.5. - 1/7

Friday: New York Knicks +5.5. - 1/6

Thursday: Indiana Pacers -10.5. - 1/5

Wednesday: Orlando Magic +2.5. - 1/4

Tuesday: Philadelphia 76ers +4.5. - 1/3

Monday: New Orleans Hornets +9, Washington Wizards +8.5 and Phoenix Suns +5.5. - 1/2

Sunday: San Antonio Spurs -4. - 1/1

Saturday: Charlotte Hornets +2.5. - 12/31

Friday: Boston Celtics -9.5. - 12/30

Thursday: Phoenix Suns +9. - 12/29

Wednesday: Brooklyn Nets +9.5. - 12/28

Tuesday: We don't like anything on today's short card so are taking a pass. - 12/27

Monday: Indiana Pacers +1.5. - 12/26

Saturday: No games scheduled. - 12/24

Friday: Dallas Mavericks +6. - 12/23

Thursday: Orlando Magic +5. - 12/22

Wednesday: Dallas Mavericks +5.5. - 12/21

Tuesday: Milwaukee Bucks +3.5, Blazers +1.5, Denver Nuggets +8. - 12/20

Monday: A 28 point second half by the Magic yesterday. Did that really happen? Today we like the Detroit Pistons at +2.5. - 12/19

Sunday: We've got a live dog today! We're usually happy with taking an underdog spread but in this case we're going to recommend rolling with a hybrid bet of 75% on the Magic at +6 and 25% on the moneyline at +190. The Magic have a legit shot of winning this game straight up. - 12/18

Saturday: Minnesota Timberwolves +3. - 12/17

Friday: Brooklyn Nets +7. - 12/16

Thursday: Denver Nuggets -1.5. - 12/15

Wednesday: Washington Wizards -1.5. - 12/14

Tuesday: Phoenix Suns +2. - 12/13

Monday: Milwaukee Bucks +8. - 12/12

Sunday: Detroit Pistons -13.5. - 12/11

Saturday: It's nice to be back on the winning track! Let's keep it going with the Portland Trailblazers at -1.5 tonight! - 12/10

Friday: Another brutal beat yesterday as the Nuggets get a 5 second call while trying to inbound a pass. Just when you think you've seen it all. Today's play is the Phoenix Suns at +2. - 12/9

Thursday: Denver Nuggets +5.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***. - 12/8

Wednesday: Pretty ugly game yesterday. The Magic have been playing great D lately and in their last 11 games had gone under 199 in 10 of 11. Go figure nobody plays any defense on either side and the game goes 240. Big card with lots of value today, we'll have multiple plays. Today's picks are Orlando Magic -1, Houston Rockets -13.5, Portland Trailblazers +1.5, LA Clippers +4. - 12/7

Tuesday: Orlando Magic/Washington Wizards UNDER 199. - 12/6

Monday: Philadelphia 76ers +4.5. - 12/5

Sunday: Sacramento Kings +2. - 12/4

Saturday: Miami Heat +6.5. - 12/3

Friday: Minnesota T-Wolves -1.5, Sacramento Kings +6.5 and Detroit Pistons +2.5. - 12/2

Thursday: Houston Rockets/Golden St. Warriors UNDER 231.5 points. - 12/1

Wednesday: Los Angeles Lakers/Chicago Bulls UNDER 209.5. One of our projection models shows that this game could possibly go under by as many as 20 points. We would never come out with a bold prediction as such, because with betting, anything can happen, but thought it was worth sharing. - 11/30

Tuesday: Milwaukee Bucks +7.5 and Magic/Spurs UNDER 195. - 11/29

Monday: Ever dug into a really good hamburger and you're chomping away and unexpectedly bite into a bone and wonder if your tooth busted in half? That's kind of what happened last night with Orlando. The Magic were a REALLY good hamburger catching the Bucks in a great spot where we expected them to have a very low scoring output. And then the bone, Frank Vogel, changes his starting lineup minutes before tip-off. Vucevic, Green and Payton ended up being Biyombo, Gordon and Augustin. BIG difference. It fouled up the team's chemistry and they flounded all game. Tough loss. Monday's play is the Washington Wizards at -5. - 11/28

Sunday: Orlando Magic +1. - 11/27

Saturday: Congrats on the big hit last night! Hopefully that will wipe the bad taste out of your mouth from Tuesday's debacle where we got creamed by bad beats. Today's card didn't turn up any advantage plays so we're going to take a pass. Enjoy your Saturday! - 11/26

Friday: Detroit Pistons +6.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** - 11/25

Thursday: No games scheduled. - 11/24

Wednesday: Phoenix Suns +4. - 11/23

Tuesday: What a brutal day yesterday. T-Wolves up 13 going into the 4th quarter, get outscored 31-12 in the final frame and end up losing by 6. Towns was unstoppable yet Dieng and Lavine were launching up wild shots. Poorly coached game costs us an easy win. In Detroit, 80% FT shooter Caldwell-Pope clanks a free throw with seconds left to blow it for us. Washington wins by 5, while being outshot from the field, the three point line and the free throw line. Pretty crazy day. Today's pick is the New Orleans Pelicans +8.5. - 11/22

Monday: Wizards -8.5, Pistons +2, Timberwolves +1.5. - 11/21

Sunday: Sacramento Kings +3.5. - 11/20

Saturday: 76ers +3. - 11/19

Friday: Phoenix Suns/Indiana Pacers OVER 216.5 (we forecast 228+), Brooklyn Nets +9.5, Celtics +7.5, Blazers/Pelicans UNDER 215.5, Kings +8, Lakers +7. - 11/18

Thursday: Milwaukee Bucks +3.5. - 11/17

Wednesday: I sure hope you didn't watch the Nets/Lakers game yesterday. In the final seconds the Nets drove in for an uncontested layup and the guy lost the handle on the ball and it bounced off his leg out of bounds. One of the worst beats one will ever suffer as Randle had even backed off allowing the free-easy basket and we lose by a half point. That's NBA basketball! Believe it or not, we'll win that way sometime too. It all balances out. It's just rough when something like that happens. Wednesday's pick is the Indiana Pacers at +3.5. - 11/16

Tuesday: Brooklyn Nets +6.5. - 11/15

Monday: Detroit Pistons +1.5. - 11/14

Sunday: Passing. - 11/13

Saturday: Minnesota T-Wolves +4.5. - 11/12

Friday: Philadelphia 76ers +5. - 11/11

Thursday: Miami Heat on the money line at -140. - 11/10

Wednesday: Washington Wizards -1. - 11/9

Tuesday: Phoenix Suns +8. - 11/8

Monday: Golden St. Warriors -17. - 11/7

WELCOME BACK for another great season of NBA basketball! We'll be assessing teams, their style of play and team chemistry over the next handful of days. Once we have a good feel, we'll start making daily picks. Please set reminder to check back on Monday, November 7th!

Spurs Star Hangs'em Up: Tim Duncan Retires - 7/11

Sunday NBA Finals Championship Game 7 Pick: Posted gameday morning. - 6/19

Thursday NBA Finals Game 6 Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers on the moneyline at -130. - 6/16

Monday: With Draymond Green out, we're not really sure how this game will play out so we're taking a pass. - 6/13

Friday Game 4 Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers -2. - 6/10

Thursday: No games scheduled today. The NBA playoffs resume Friday. - 6/9

Wednesday NBA Finals Game 3 Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers -1. - 6/8

Sunday Game 2 Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers +6. - 6/5

Friday: No games scheduled. - 6/3

Thursday NBA Finals Game 1 Pick: Golden St. Warriors -6. - 6/2

Tuesday/Wednesday: No games scheduled. - 5/31 through 6/1

Memorial Day: Golden State Warriors -6.5 - 5/30

Saturday: Oklahoma City Thunder -3. - 5/28

Friday: Toronto Raptors +6. - 5/27

Thursday: Golden St. Warriors -7. - 5/26

Wednesday: Cleveland Cavs -10.5. Get on this quick as we expect the line to rise throughout the day. For those who are nervous about laying points this is a great game to get down on an open ended teaser. You can knock the number down 5 points (or more) and pair it up with something else down the road. This type of wager can be found at 5Dimes. - 5/25

Tuesday: OKC +1.5. - 5/24

Monday: Toronto Raptors +6. - 5/23

Sunday: Oklahoma City Thunder +3. - 5/22

Saturday: Toronto Raptors +5.5. - 5/21

Friday: No games scheduled. - 5/20

Thursday: Tonight's Raptors/Cavs spread of -12 offers absolutely no value. Toronto is a very unpredictable team on the road that can play well and lose by a bucket or get blown out and lose by 30. When situations like this arise, it's imperative that a bettor remain patient and take a pass. We get that many feel like they "need" action, but that approach prevents you from ever having a shot of beating his game long term. If you're a guy that absolutely has to get down on games each day, we recommend scaling your bet size down to 1/10th our normal bet. That way you still have something to root for while not wrecking your precious bankroll. Hitting the ATM or redepositing into your offshore account is miserable. Be smart and play it safe, only making a move when we feel that the advantage is on OUR side! - 5/19

Wednesday: Golden State Warriors -9. - 5/18

Tuesday: We'd like to see how these teams match up prior to taking a position. We're going to pass tonight. - 5/17

Monday: Golden St. Warriors -7.5. - 5/16

Sunday: Heat/Raptors UNDER 188.5. - 5/15

Saturday: No games scheduled. - 5/14

Friday: Congrats on last night's big win! We don't have a take on today's Raptors/Heat game. It really could go either way. With no advantage to be had, we're taking a pass. Enjoy your Friday! - 5/13

Thursday: Oklahoma City Thunder +1.5. - 5/12

Wednesday: Miami Heat/Toronto Raptors OVER 188.5 points. - 5/11

Tuesday: Rough beat last night with Portland blowing a fat lead and Curry catching fire. We think tonigt's OKC/S.A. line is right on and there is no value to be had, so we're stuck with having to take a pass. There's never any need to force the action! - 5/10

Monday Game 4: Portland Trailblazers +4.5. - 5/9

Sunday: Atlanta Hawks +5. - 5/8

Saturday: Portland Trailblazers +3.5. - 5/7

Friday: Spurs/Thunder UNDER 200.5 - 5/6

Thursday: Toronto Raptors -4.5. - 5/5

Wednesday NBA Playoffs Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers -7.5. - 5/4

Western Conference Semifinals Game 2: Portland Trailblazers +9.5. - 5/3

Monday Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 1: Cleveland Cavaliers -7. - 5/2

Sunday: Miami Heat -6. - 5/1

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