Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams Point Spread – Pick Against the Spread

Seattle Seahawks (6-1 SU, 5-2 ATS) vs. St. Louis Rams (3-4 SU, 2-5 ATS)
NFL Week 8
Date and Time: Monday Night Football, October 28, 2013 8:40 EST
Where: Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis MO
by Tim, Football Handicapper,

Point Spread: Sea -11.5/STL +11.5
Over/Under Total: 42.5

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NFL Monday Night Football is back with the visiting Seattle Seahawks
facing the St. Louis Rams. Was that Monday Night Football with the Vikings
last week? The Rams will be pleased as a pickle on a hamburger bun to get
their tails back home. St. Louis got manhandled, crushed, beaten, and beaten
up by the Carolina Panthers and specifically; Steve Smith! Holy Lord! Ram
DB Janoris Jenkins better bring a crew to look in the bushes for Smith before
entering the Football Stadium Dome of the Rams. Seattle? They are smilin
and dialin their way towards another Playoff spot. Lets check out these
two teamsand the bushes for Smithand see who has a chance of re-igniting
one of the greatest spectacles in Sports Television; MNF!!!!

On paper, this game is no-contest. On plastic, this game is no-contest. On ANY material known to mankindthis is a No-Contest! But; Its why they play the game! Usually, when a team (the Rams) and a big-mouth like Rams DB Jenkins gets smoked on national TV, the team doesnt get better; the team gets worse! The football game between Carolina and the Rams came very, very, very close to being Pacers-Pistons 2004!! But, cooler heads prevailedsortaand in the end, the Rams lose face, lose respect, composure, and Sam Bradford for the rest of the season! With Sam Bradford, this game is a -10 point Seattle game. Without Bradford? Oh My!! I wonder if Josh Freeman might be rentable? Kellen Clemens is going to be leading the Rams, the city of St. Louis, and his home town of Walla Walla, Washington (I dont know his home townsatire) into MNF infamy this Monday! Lets look at the numbers and pick us a winner!

Backup Rams QB Kellen Clemens will be facing the 2nd ranked passing defense in the NFL and the 6th against the run defense in the NFL. Not to worry! Kellen has thrown balls before in the NFLto the tune of 382 of them!! (balls; that is.) Hes completed almost 51% of his passesthats good?! Clemens has thrown 7 TDs since 2006unfortunately; Kellen has been picked 13 times and sacked 46 timeswhich makes him Joe Pisarcik! HA! But I wouldnt want to smear Pisarciks name with the connection. Kellen is fine, wholesome, upstanding, citizen andhe Gives Good Signals, along withNot Stepping on the Head Coachs Head Set Wires. Kellen is good at those things, and newly crowned Starting QB Clemens will be sorely missed around the sideline water-cooler this Monday. The Rams have a decent defense. The Rams are 3rd against the run but16th against the pass. The Rams will be stretched from sideline to sideline by the Seahawks offense. The Rams defense will also be Gassed by the endless supply of 3 and Out the St. Louis offense will most certainly supply the defenseThank You Very Much Offense! I believe I have a Hammy flaring up on me! YES!! The injury bug will start along the Rams defensive line, then it will creep into the Ram secondary becoming Targeting Fouls and Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties and Blown Coverages. Yep, weve seen this infection beforeand if you think last weeks performance by the Rams was undisciplined and chaoticAre You Ready for Some FOOOOOTBALLL! (oh, thats right, they dont sing that anymore!).


Seattle is a class organization with a fantastic person and QB Russell Wilson. The only knock against this Seahawk team is their Pass defense rating; Seattle is 31st! But Daddys bringin home the bacon and crawfish pie this Monday Baby! Theres gonna be more picks, near picks, tip drills, and fun in Man-to-Man disguised as Cover 2 than at any time sincewelllast Monday Night featuring Josh Freemans Coming Out/Go Back In party!! Lets see; 11.5 points and a 42.5 point ceiling? I dont think so! Bet Seattle and get ready to have a Blast watching the Head Coachs play sheet get tossed more than an On a Bender Billy Martin!! Seahawks coverin the 1st half!!

Tims Pick to Cover the Point Spread: Seattle Seahawks -11.5