Superbowl Squares: How They Work and Where You Can Bet Them Online

Superbowl Squares: How They Work and Where You Can Bet Them Online
by Staff

While reading some articles, forums and emails I kept running into the same question… “Where can I bet Superbowl squares online?” We have the answer and it’s a good one as well. The reason that it’s a good one is that one of the oldest sportsbooks on the web offers this wager. That’s important because you wouldn’t want to send your hard earned loot into cyperspace to somebody that doesn’t have a good track record.

With that being said, you can find Superbowl squares from $10 to $500 at Carib Sportsbook. This is a GREAT online sportsbook and has a very solid track history and is actually on our recommended list as well.

For those of you not familiar with how Superbowl squares work, we’ll explain what they are:

Draw a big square on a piece of paper. Now draw 9 lines horizontally and 9 lines vertically. (left to right and top to bottom). This will give you a grid-like box with 100 squares in it. Often times somebody in your office will start one of these and sell spots for anywhere from .25 cents to 1.00. Sometimes more if you work in an office full of highly paid employees lol. Each person puts their initials in a box. Once you’ve got your 100 squares filled, you will draw numbers from 0-9 and list them across both the top and down the left side. Lastly, you list a team name on the left and the other team on the top.


When plaing “squares”, only the digit furthest to the right matters for scoring purposes. Let’s take a look at an example:

So let’s say you have the New York Giants on the top and the New England Patriots on the left side. Let’s say the final score of the game is Colts 33 and Saints 30. You would look at the colts side of the paper which is at the top, then go to the 3 since their last digit is 3. Then you go to the left side and look for the zero. Use your fingers to find where the two coordinates meet and whoever’s name is in that box wins the pot.

There’s other ways to do prizes too. Some office pools use the final score at the end of each quarter and create 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter smaller prizes with the biggie being the final score.

No matter how you decide to run your squares pool, one thing can be said for sure…. It’s exciting has hell because you’re rooting for something with every score.

May your squares all be winner!