Tennesee Titans vs. St. Louis Rams Point Spread – Pick Against the Spread

Tennessee Titans (3-4SU, 4-2-1 ATS) vs. St. Louis Rams (3-5 SU, 3-5 ATS)
NFL Week 9
Date and Time: Sunday November 3, 2013 1pm EST
Where: Edward Jones Stadium, St. Louis MO
by Tim, Football Handicapper, Predictem.com

Point Spread: Ten. -3/StL. +3
Over/Under Total: 40

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The Rams escaped humiliation on Monday Night Football falling 14-9 dropping to 3-5 on the year. The Titans are coming off a bye-week after getting ceremoniously spanked 31-17 by the San Francisco 49ers in Week 7. Both teams have lost their keel and seem to be teetering between drowning and lethargy with fans crying in a sea of Budweisers! Yes, Tennessee is a little bit country, but St. Louis is Blues not Rock N Roll. Lets see who will be the Pied Piper in this train wreck waiting to happen under the arches, in a bought and Paid for Arena by the Best Little Brokerage House in Mizzou >>> Edward Jones Stadium! Edward Jones >>> Soooo good, we bought a stadi.umm, NAMED a Stadium after It/Him/Them!! Lets see whats cooking under the Silver Arch along Old Man River!

The Titans looked absolutely fantastic in Week 1 beating the Steelers 16-9right up until we found out the Steelers were horrible!!!!! The Titans looked fantastic and efficient in a tough Week 2 OT loss to the Houston Texansright up until we found out the Texans were horrible!!!!! The Titans are 27th in total yards and the Rams are 30th. We thought the Titans were good at the beginning of the year and we though the Rams would be decent. Both teams have faked us out like former Oklahoma RB and Indianapolis Colt Great Joe Washington! Lets take a closer look these teams seeinghowever murky—the Most Clear Choice between these 2wellTitans!

Surprisingly, the Rams are 17th and the Titans are 13th in total defense? Perhaps this is why both teams are not tossing goose eggs into their Win columns! Rams QB Sam Bradford is lost for however many games and Titans QB looks like an aging Joe Pesci tossing one-liners instead of footballs. The Rams Forever Backup Kellen Clemens showed some fight in him on Monday Night against the Seahawks but the Rams need something the equivalent of a tactical nuclear warhead to score TDs behind! Titans QB Jake Locker is good, bad, and okay most of the time but some of the time, Locker has been a little musty, rusty, and crusty with his passing decisions. Locker returned from a hip injury to throw for over 300 yards in a LOSS to the 49ers. Locker might wish to find the sidelines in this contest! Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher will not tolerate a losing team and I promise you as he prepares the Rams for the Titans, Fisher will tell his rookies and marginal players; This is your time to WIN a job in the NFL! with that type of attitude, these unproven Rams situational and special teams players will get a look by the Rams coaching staff. Expect the Rams to abuse people on the field and across the boundaries with late hits and assorted aggressive plays.


Fisher will not lose quietly and he doesnt like the Titans; it is why Fisher left the Titans! Fisher will pull every double reverse circus toss and misdirection now you see him, now you dont up-the-jersey-football-hide that he can think of! What do the Rams have to lose??? Nothingabsolutely nothing and they might find a playeror an offense to finish the season with! The Titans are just sitting in that Limbo area where Are we good?Are we not so good?simply too many question marks for the Titans to pull the trigger and commit to somethinganything—to get out of the NFLs Doldrum Division (those settling for sorta good or sorta bad ending up .500!). The bright spot, Chris Johnson, has rushed for 366 yards and new 72 electric orange Caprice Classic with 22 Spinners!!! Chris was worth the money!!!! Holy Cow! Chris Johnson is averaging over 51 yards per game!!!! Looks like the next stop for Chris is the Pro Bowl (after the 20 other RBs better than him announce their withdrawal!).

Im usually by the numbers here but truly, this game is a History Lesson game. The fading Titans will fade further, Jeff Fisher will not permit losing, and Rams QB Kellen Clemens showed FIGHT! I was shocked! Rams cover and win hereClemens is not ready to go back to the water cooler!

Tims Pick to Cover the Point Spread: St. Louis Rams +3