Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues Explained

So many of us have the best aspirations on fantasy football draft day. We did our homework and there was no doubt in our mind’s that we were taking 1st place this year. Then reality hit..

Your big name quarterback is throwing nothing but picks and has fumblitis.

That darkhorse running back is mired in a timeshare situation and getting his touchdowns vultured.

The only thing your tier 1 wide receiver is receiving is tier 3 targets. Or worse yet, you drafted a guy, he did well but is now on the DL and you couldn’t grab his backup off of the free agent wire because some other team owner made a horrible pick and drafted your players backup. Even worse, you laughed at the guy during the draft for making such a stupid pick!

I’m here to tell you that those days are over! You can now draft a fresh team every week and should you win, you’ll get paid after MNF is over!

This new-crafty way of playing has taken the fantasy football world by storm and is growing like a weed.

How to Play

There are multiple formats in which you can play. The first and most traditional is a snake draft. Snake drafts are conducted the same way as your local drafts. Team 1 picks first and so on and the guy who picks lasts takes two picks and it goes back and forth until all rosters are filled. Weekly fantasy football offers snake drafts from 2-12 people. The cost of these leagues range from $2 to $420.

The second and most popular way to play weekly fantasy football is a salary cap league. You’re given a $100,000 virtual bankroll to fill 10 roster spots. You can do head to head leagues all the way up to 1000 players (these big leagues are called guaranteed prize pool leagues.)

The third option is pick’em leagues. This is the simplest form of playing weekly fantasy. The fantasy site gives you groups of players to pick from and you select the guy that you think will do the best out of his group.

In summary, this new way of playing fantasy football gives you fresh new life each week with an opportunity to draft a new team from scratch. You can enter as many leagues as you want too. It’s 100% legal in the USA too and you can use Visa and Paypal to deposit!

Furthermore, you can also play weekly fantasy college football, daily fantasy baseball, daily fantasy basketball and weekly PGA golf.

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