Online and Growing

Note: This article is badly outdated and much of the information contained within, is no longer valid.

Online and Growing
by Hank Cashman of

About a year and a half after the anti-online poker laws were passed, online poker is still growing. I see no end in sight. Congress was able to pass another useless unenforceable law. To date the law has not been enforced or tested in the courts.

Back in late 06 everyone was in a panic over the proposed laws meant to end online poker. We wrote letters to our congressmen. We wrote letters to editors. We were all concerned that the government was going to take away our game.

The House did pass a version of the law and the Senate snuck in their version as a rider on a port security bill, cowards. All during this time the poker community knew that there was no way to stop them. So, the players rolled over and offered to help with government regulation and taxation. This was simply the easiest way to get to the inevitable.

After the law was passed many online poker sites ran away. Party Poker was the largest poker site in the world. They gave in and stopped taking American money. A new giant emerged, Poker Stars.

Find the one you like best. They all have elements that will appeal to you. Some graphics may appeal to you more than others. Each displays stats and histories differently. Each of them offers bonuses and tournaments to suit you.

While there is still a battle going on for the right to play online poker, theses sites continue to support us. We should also support them. Personally, I will not support a site that gave up on us.

We are not alone. The World Trade Organization, the Poker Players Alliance, many poker sites and other governments are fighting to get these laws reversed. In the end we will have to live with taxes and regulations. As much as I hate another arm of government in my business, it is inevitable. When the politicians can get their hands on more money, they will embrace on-line poker.

Some of the other governments are wanting to take this issue to the World Courts. Their point is that it is an anti-trade law. It takes millions of dollars out of the international markets. Good point and I hope someone is listening.

If you want to help keep online poker alive and growing, stay informed and support these sites that are fighting with us. The PPA is a great source of information. Keep playing and supporting you favorite sites.

Keep the cards and chips flying.