Online Poker Chat Lingo

Online Poker Lingo and Abbreviated Lingo
by Jason Green of

It is important to know the rules and strategy of poker, but it is also important, when playing poker online, that you know the lingo of the online game. Just like when playing poker in a live land-based game, players online will look for beginning players and take advantage of them. One of the ways that players can spot a beginning poker player online is if they do not know the lingo of the game and the abbreviations that go along with them. Because of this you not only need to know poker lingo, but the abbreviations that you use in the chat box when playing.

Here is some poker lingo that you should know before playing poker online.

All In – This is when a player bets all their chips on one hand. In No Limit Texas Holdem a player can go all in on any hand, and in Limit games the bets, as well as the raises, are for fixed amounts.

Bad Beat – A bad beat is when a player that has a weaker hand beats a player with a stronger hand, but hits a luck card on the board. Bad beats usually happen when a player with a strong hand makes a big bet and then a player with a weaker hand calls and then the player with the strong hand is outdrawn on the river.

Blind – The blinds are bets that are mandatory to the 2 people to the left of the dealer. The 1st player that is left of the dealer is the small blind and the 2nd person to the left of the dealer is the big blind.

Check – When a player does not want to bet, but does not fold, they will check. A check gives other players the possibility of seeing cards for free.

Heads Up – Heads up is when there are only 2 players left in the hand.

The Nuts – This is statistically the best hand you can hold with the other cards that are on the board.

Off suit – 2 cards that are of different suit. For example if you are dealt an 8 of Clubs and a King of Hearts you would have a K-8 off suit.

Pocket Pair – When you are dealt any pair with your 2 hole cards, such as 2 Kings or 2 7’s.

Short Stack – The short stack I the player at the table who has the least amount of chips.

Tell – A tell is an action by a player that shows how weak or strength their hand is. For example, a player that rubs their nose every time they are dealt a very strong hand would be a tell.

Here are some abbreviated poker terms that you should know before you play poker online.

NH – Nice Hand
VNH – Very Nice Hand
NB – NB can be either Nice Bet, Nice Bluff, or Nice Buy, depending on the action that is taken.
NP – Nice Play
BB – Bad Beat
PP – Pocket Pair
GG – Good Game
STBY – Sucks to bet You!
TY – Thank You
ZZZZ – Boredom and telling a player he’s taking too long to act.