Poker Loyalty Programs

Online poker rooms offering loyalty programs to thank you for showing patronage as well as the fact that they know there are oodles of other card rooms out there and they want to make sure that they retain you as a customer.

While each loyalty program is unique to each pokerroom, generally speaking, many give away points which can be redeemed one or more of the following: poker books, apparel, travel, free entries to high stakes tournaments, free credits to your account, poker room gear and we’ve even seen some poker rooms giving away a Harley!

While a loyalty program isn’t the sole reason you should be signing up for a poker room account, it is indeed a nice perk to know that you’re accruing points while you’re playing a game that you enjoyed in the first place, even if the points and prizes weren’t offered!

Listed below, you’ll find the best on line card rooms offering the best loyalty programs. Enjoy!